5 of the Best Medium.com Alternatives Where You Could Blog And Make Money Through Writing Online

Hello people, my specify is Amal Kumal and in this video I will discuss what are some locates that are similar to medium.com so if you are writing on medium if you are and want to conclude more money from your writing or If you are not writing on medium and still want to make money to some other ways to your writing Then you can do that I’m going to mention 5 areas that will help you to represent more money from your writing So if you are writing on the medium is quite a very helpful website for people who want to get more traffic I hope areas mentioned under these videos where you can Know about how much coin I have made at the end of this video. You can also watch this video or in the description section so tell discuss some websites that are similar to medium.com the number one site the first The area that is very similar to the medium is vocal speck media so the vocal is basically paying you for Getting that the business model of vocal and the business model of the medium is quite similar They bribe you per to become more and more thoughts from Vocal plus+ representatives, so if a person buys a subscription of Vocal plus then you can and he predicted your Article, then you will get paid based on a thousand goals So four thousand vistums they are paying something like 3.6 dollars per thousand vistums per for people who are not part of the vocal plus members are And and and they will pay you six part eight dollars if you are part of the vocal plus the the problem with vocal is that when you write your section and you then you need to submit your section to the vocal unit vocal editors if they abide your section Then you will make money.There is no guarantee that your clause will be accepted. So there are a lot of on medium where our medium you only need to write with write article and Your article will be published in no time Second medium alternative is hot sheets So if you want to make money on sizzling pages You have to make an account on top pages allay and then connect your stripe chronicle stripe report Get paid how they what is their monetization model how them how the website offsets money and how they compensate you They actually operate Google Adsense ads and Amazon affiliate Beside your content. So beside your blog berths So if you get more traffic from external sources, like Google search or from foreign media they offer you based on eight clicks or the people who buy affiliate makes to your associates so this hub pages is one of the best alternative for Best alternative to Mediacom the third website is Cora So Cora has to partner curricula. The first partner program is Which is called Cora partner program in which you get paid based on the question you ask in the more until you receive the more fund you make and the entender And in a second program is Cora space monetization.So Cora spaces is like Facebook sheets so They are now starting a porous room monetization program, which you will deter paid based on you will make a pill a chorus glue and then you will have to meet sure-fire eligibility criteria to get paid from ads guiding beside your answers or Affixes or or anything you share on your chorus seat the fourth is sub pace so sub step is Email marketing platform a in sub stake What you will do is you have to write a lot of useful material there are two types of newsletters you construct The one is the free newsletter in insurance premiums newsletters you can anyone can to delete your material and the compensate newsletters you will You will get an annual rate of return a monthly rate of return on your on your on your on your Newsletters to send newsletter to lose to our suffering representatives. They will offer you based on every month So if let’s say you have twenty Paid readers and each of them is fee a further five to you.That means that you will every month you will generate $ 100 on regular basis. So the more useful the content you write the better the many more Paid email subscribers you will get so you can also use substate is a free email sell tool if you have a list of email emails and you want to Send a amount of email for free Then export it to the sub stick and refer emails without a single cent to other Email marketing platforms like MailChimp or convertkit calm The last website is which is based on cryptocurrency with the call of steam it so steam it is a Decentralized system where you get paid based on Number of views you get and based on a practically virtually courtesy word HP So will you get more series you get the SP shows you the credibility? how credible is you are so with experience your SP multiplies so the more Active you are on the platform the higher HP you get and the more XPS you get you will establish more coin The steam it they use.This is the cryptocurrency plate whatever it is you get paid based on the current price of steam on on on cryptocurrencies sell so this is all about The all about writing make money on writing And in conclusion, I would say that Medium is on the best platform for writing if you the five black epoches I have mentioned Local open media are four pages Cora substrate and steam it Medium is one of the best platform in all of these So if you are writing if you want to make a lot of money to your writing then then Medium is on the best platform to start your writing with and It takes time to build your following on medium is you know medium membership how the medium business prototype toils medium don’t led ads medium don’t have anything other than Like they don’t have any affiliate marketing or anything other than monetization model Their monetization model is based on those interested readers who paid as a five every month I am a medium representative myself and the quality of the the quality of the medium Articles is way beyond dollar five.We invest every month on medium so if you are if you want to start learning something online if you want to learn something little to your Industry industry you are working in then medium is the best stage. You can write on medium and make funny you can read a lot of content and There are some other thing like like medium is a good arena Authority your pole get ranked very easily So I hope this will helps you to understand different alternatives of medium.com if you have any question about any of the scaffolds that I have mentioned please comment it below I will definitely reply like this video and subscribe to this channel for more blogging and Marketing related videos.Thank you and how and I say ?.

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