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AppointBee OTO  –  What is Appoint Bee?

AppointBee is an Advanced Appointment Booking System housed in a professional business website that fits any type of niche and works across all devices + It comes with Extensive Client Finder to search for Websites missing with appointment system.
Comes with Agency License, So you can Create Appointment Booking Websites for Any Local Businesses to help them Get Tons of Appointments using AppointBee.
Packed with great features to land Appointments and help them get more Leads, Sales, and Profit. Easy 5 mins Setup to Skyrocket Appointments And Minimize Booking Cancellations!


The Demo


Product Overview


OTO 1: (2 Options) AppointBee Leads – $47

AppointBee Pro Pack gives unlimited access to campaign creation and website license packs. You also get to grab unlimited no. of leads with this upgrade. It also includes amazing features like Leadlock Pro, Facebook Pixel Integration, Google Tag Code Integration, My Convert Lab, AppointBee hosted Quiz URLs, Build Custom Audience Funnels right inside Facebook and Google and more.


OTO 2: AppointBee DFY – $67
10 DFY Themes + 10 DFY WhiteLabel Videos + Sales Training to Profit from DFY Themes
The upgrade version includes 10 Done for you Appointment systems along with a bonus training: How to sell done for you systems for $1,000 – $3,000.
The done-for-you appointments include – 1) Dentists, 2) Lawyer, 3) Salon, 4) Spa, 5) Chiropractor, 6) Chartered accountant, 7) Clinic, 8) Optometrist, 9) Veterinary, 10) Dermatologist


OTO3: AgencyBee – $47

Save thousands on coders, copywriters, designers, and expensive tools and use this ready-made Agency Site to win trust, build your list and sell your AppointBee services on autopilot!
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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

Hello, Rachel, and thank you for taking the time to view the Point B demo video. Point B is an easy-to-use appointment booking solution for developing any local business’s appointments online. It’s really simple to set up and has amazing functionality, as well as an agency licence on the front end, so you may use it for any of your companies or customers. It now takes just five minutes to allow appointment booking on any local company website that interacts with clients on a daily basis. Businesses such as physicians, for example,

dentists, spa chiropractors, architects, schools, engineers, day care facilities, and any other company that has daily contact with clients

Now, before we go into all of the setup and how to acquire appointments, let’s take a look at what an end-user experience looks like, so we’ve created this example site with a clinic in mind. This may now be reproduced for any kind of company.

So everything you see on the screen, such as headlines, a red line, and these drop-down buttons, is completely customisable. It, anytime a new visitor comes to the clinic website to make an appointment, he may do so in three easy steps. The first is the decision. He is welcome to come here and choose a doctor.

He is in town. Let’s start with Dr. Alex Dean and then go on to the essential service. In this instance, we shall consult with a general practitioner. The next step is to appropriately schedule it.

He will see a calendar showing Dr. Alex’s monthly availability. When he clicks next, he will be able to choose an acceptable day and time to arrange his appointment. He will reach the last stage, where he may go through everything again, submit the necessary information, and click Confirm Appointment to schedule. His slot is simple; it just takes a few minutes for the user, and he receives an email with reminders, allowing him to be on time. Let’s have a look at the back end and how to configure it for any company. We’ve arrived to the backend, so let’s begin with the basic settings. Okay, so in general, we have time options where you may specify the minimum amount of time necessary for one session.

You may optionally enter an extra time zone in this area. Then there are accessibility options. The first is auto-confirmation. If yes is chosen in this situation, it will immediately confirm all appointment applications with no money necessary. In this instance, the customer is free to cancel their own appointments. Then, anytime they cancel the appointment where they are supposed to go, it might be reported here.

Okay, then there are display options if you need certain information from your customer, such as their name, email address, or phone number. You may choose this if you wish to address the city as well. Then there are the payment options. Some companies need advance payment, therefore that option is also available. So just change this to yes and you may take PayPal payments. Then there’s the notification options.

These are critical in ensuring that your consumers arrive on schedule. A confirmation email should always be sent. Over here, we’ve chosen yes. Then, over here, you may customise your confirmation email. This is a basic email template that you may customise, and there are placeholders included. At the bottom of the page, all of the placeholders are listed. Okay, then there’s one box that says: send reminder email to your clients, so it’s critical that you send reminder emails to your customers, and you may send them many emails reminding them to do so.

They have a meeting at a specified time that they must not miss. If necessary, send a reminder email to the service provider. In this situation, Dr. Alex will get this email around two hours before their planned appointment. So, so, so patient, and that concludes the main settings. Let’s go ahead and explore additional Google Calendar options now in case you want your guests to save their appointments in Google Calendar so they can arrive on time. You may just enable it from this tab. We’ve already turned it on.

As you can see, there are two sorts of settings: the standard Google calendar button and api settings. You may investigate further after you get access to this one. Then there are working hours, which are established by each firm and may only be planned within those hours. So you may come down here and set up working hours and break times.

You may also choose particular service providers, such as Dr. Dean in this scenario, and establish working hours for Dr. Dean or, if you’re operating a spa, you can do it for your spa expert, as well as your professors and so on. Then there is a tab that specifies services, since each local company offers a variety of services. All of these services are defined here. Their daily capacity, as indicated by the length of a certain appointment,

Then you may assign a pricing point. If the payment is necessary throughout the year and you may add as many services as you desire, then service providers, like any other local company, exist. Have many service providers on staff, such as clinics with various physicians and former saloons with multiple experts, experts, and spy experts. That’s why you need a place where you can add as many service providers as you want for any business that you’re booking appointments for, so you can just come over here and add as many service providers as you want, and you can also, you know, associate them with the specific services that they can render, so people can come down and, you know, select a specific or probably their favourite service provider in their business and they can directly book appointments with them. You may also send SMS reminders to everyone who will be visiting your establishment. Then there’s the mailchimp configuration.

You may also send all of the data to Mailchimp, where you will collect all of the leads. Then there are appearance options where you may adjust the overall look and feel of the widget that you see over here. Everything is changeable. These colours may be changed. You may change the font and other elements on this page. All of the options are located here.

We now have a form position. This appointment, booking form, may be shown in four different ways. First and foremost, we have We’ve only seen the first one. This one will suffice as a demonstration, and then we’ll go on to the second. The second method is to embed as a pop-up.

As you can see, if you click on it, you may make appointments from here. The third is similar to the greeting bar at the top of this page. You may completely customise this inside the programme settings, which you can get by clicking on this. This may be shown as a pop-up. The last option is to use this button to trigger a pop-up. So there you have it: four different ways you can position this form to boost appointments for any local company.

When you’re through adjusting settings, return to the main page to view current appointments, pending appointments, completed appointments, and remote appointments. You will see them over here once you have several appointments. You can verify them. You can finish them. You may designate them as paid.

You may also sort and filter by utilising various services or service providers. So you can quickly see how many visits Dr. Alex Dean had on a certain day and hour. You may also look for a customer straight from this page. There are also outstanding appointments that have not been completed. That has yet to be validated by the clinic administration, which will arrive here.

To confirm, alter the status. Then there are finished appointments, and that’s all there is to it. There is also a transaction page where you can see all of the recent transactions that have occurred for your company using this appointment booking system. So that’s all, and thank you very much for seeing this A Point B demo video. On the inside, I’ll see you.

AppointBee OTO

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