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CloudSquad OTO  –  What is CloudSquad?

Frontend CloudSquad ($14-$27)

Unlimited Media, Files, Images Storage & direct Delivery to the website
Embed Media from CloudSquad using embed code, forum code, and link
✓ Get started with your storage journey at the lowest one-time cost
✓ Doubles-up as a cloud drive for easy use and collaboration
✓ Auto-Storage Expansion as per usage
✓ One-click third-party sharing enabled
✓ 100% protection of data with free End-To-End SSL Encryption
✓ Backup all your information, including images, videos, and documents
✓ Keep your website graphics, videos, and data secure using our super-hosting feature
✓ Directly deliver content from the cloud on the website

OTO#1 Enhanced Security ($37-$47)

264-bit encryption
Full File statistics ( visitors/country/Top Referrers/browsers/OS
Private and Public folder option
Enable watermarking on the preview file
Password-protected file
Commercial License

OTO #2 DFY Service ($97)

We will move Your Files & Data to CloudSquad and set it as per your wish.
Sit back and relax because you don’t have to wait for your cloud to be ready with all of the data that you need. You might have an internet speed issue; personal works to finish, so we will take care of your Data Migration work and do it diligently.

OTO#3 Trilogy (unlimited commercial version ) ($37)

Get our 3 best selling Products- Hosting, eMail AutoResponder & Webinar Software with Commercial License.

OTO #4 Agency 

You are going to get 250 accounts of CloudSquad.

OTO #5 CloudSquad Reseller
Resell CloudSquad and Keep All the Profit



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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

Sonority OTO Hey, this is Chris, with, as well. As in this video, I’m going to do a sonority evaluation for you currently. What is ranking? Is it’s, an application or an online tool that lets? You turn a message into speech, uh with really top quality, and after that, allow you to add unique and copyright-free sound to that as well.

So you can utilize these for video clip sales letters. You can use them for product evaluations, uh narration, whatever it may be. I’ve really produced numerous trials that I intend to. Allow you, people, to pay attention to – as well as I’m likewise going to enter below and also reveal to you how to develop a complete audio track with background songs making use of sonority.

So before I jump into this, there will be a link below this video clip. It’ll. Take you to my website, where you can learn more about sonority, the upsells prices, as well as also get some benefits if you happen to purchase it with my web site.

So allow’s, go ahead and also jump in below; all right, so when you sign up for sony, this is what you’re, going to obtain currently, depending on the upsells that you purchase. You might or may not have everything that I have.

You might have more than what I have, so be sure to look into those upsells and also what they get on my website. There’s also a choice for a limitless version. Okay, so when you visit, this is what you’re, going to see, you’re going to see the voice tracks that you have actually produced songs tracks, you’ve created, and afterwards, when you integrate these 2 together, you additionally have it, creates audio tracks. Therefore all those are going to be listed here, where you can check out all of them each of them, therefore what you wish to do initially is when you are available below.

You want to produce a voice track, so when you click a voice track, you’re, going to provide it a name. You’re mosting likely to search for an audio speaker or and also their language. So there’s. All different kinds of languages here, as you can see for me, I’ll just use American.

You can select male or women, and then you can also Sonority OTO search by tag. You’ll notice down below they have tags under their name. So if it’s a person who you understand maybe an adult, someone who sounds ecstatic or whatever it is, you can place that in there, and also it.’

Ll, help only show those. I generally leave this empty, and also I’m. Going to click search, all right, so you can see we have 28 various speakers currently there are a lot of these. Some of these sound incredible, some of them audio robotic.

So, with most of these other devices that you obtain their text-to-speech, you’re, going to have a little of a mix, and so just to sort of give you a suggestion of several of them. That seems a bit different.

I’ll play a pair for you. Oh, there I’m, among many human life voices from hello there. I am among lots of human life voices, so this resembles an anime character. Hello. There I’m. Among lots of human-like voices from this set sounds robot, but you can experience right here, and also you can discover some that sound truly excellent, and I’ll.

Give you an instance of one that I really like, as well as this set below Christopher jones. I desire you to pay attention to him just for a 2nd. Let me turn my quantity up. Hello there. I am one of the lots of human-like voices from the sonority.

You can make me read a script, a post, or pretty much anything you like; I would be alright, so his sounds actually good, so, relying on which one you obtain, uh, and it also depends upon what you’re trying to create.

Maybe if you’re trying to produce a kid’s publication, you would certainly want more of a cartoonish voice, or if you’re developing a ghost story like I’m, mosting likely to show you below in a Minute you ‘d, wish to create you would certainly, intend to utilize, possibly the first one, which is the one that I utilized when I developed mine, however all you have to do when you established among these.

So let me return to the beginning right here. If you’re, going to select your audio speaker and afterwards below, you’re, going to enter your manuscript, that you desire him to speak and then when you do that you’re mosting likely to click produce voice, and surprisingly it Doesn’t take long in all to produce these, and so some of the ones that I have actually currently done.

I’m going to let you listen to this set right here. You’ll see it Sonority OTO states. Vsl that represents video sales letter it’s, just a couple short sentences that I included for a mail. This for a woman. This is a ghost tale, audio track, and after that, I have actually done one for a story for cinderella, so I’ll proceed as well as play these, so you can listen to them.

Have you ever wanted? You might work from house and make a full-time revenue, think of being able to travel the world and also functioning from any. Have you ever wanted? You can function from the house and make full-time earnings.

Think of being able to travel the globe as well as functioning from anywhere is a Santoy figure. Composes his field of vision. This feeling of fear, as well as the objective, is washed over cinderella – is one example of a traditional fairytale for youngsters.

That’s one I really didn’t care way too much, for I wish to delete that. One Cindy relic is one example of a timeless fairytale for children. Once there was a tireless girl with a heart of gold as well as a worthless stepmother that a person seems truly excellent.

Cinderella is one instance of a timeless fairytale for children as soon as there was a tireless woman with a heart of gold. Cinderella is one instance of a traditional fairy tale for children as soon as there was a hard-working woman with a heart of gold and also an evil stepmom, alright.

To make sure that provides you a couple of concepts of a few of these various voices in right here, and also there are a lot of different ones. I believe there’s a total of around 150. Most of them are American, but you can also choose Australian, male or women, and then there are 3 speakers in here for Australia, as well as there’s.

Additionally British. You can see here for male there’s 5 and afterwards you can pick female, and afterwards there’s six here for that, so, however, the most effective ones that I have actually located are American. Yet obviously, if you select a different language right here, you’re going to locate a few other great ones there also.

Okay, so as soon as you have your uh, your audio right here created for the text-to-speech, you’re going to provide it a name, and also as soon as you locate one you want, you’re, going to create voice, and it’s. Going to wait for your vocal tracks anytime you want to see your voice tracks.

You can show up here and click my tracks, and also you can see them; however, prior to we go and proceed to that, we’re, mosting likely to return to the dashboard, and now we want to develop a music track to include in the voice Track so it just truly makes it pop and also stick out.

CloudSquad OTO

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