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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

Welcome to Tube Core’s casualContentSnap OTO videos, but hardcore knowledge like this video is available.Subscribe to our channel by pressing that bell notification. Let’s start the video content. Snap review, namaste friends, and welcome to your channel tube core. In this video We will be talking about this.

So this is the content, snap review, and right now we are on their sales page and the demo video is not out yet, so the demo video will be available in the next few days. It’s launching on the 2nd of August. I think I’m doing an early review, so I will leave the link to the demo video below my YouTube video as soon as it is available. So right now, let’s only do the review based on the sales page, so it says, “ Finally say goodbye to paying huge You will never find the fullContentSnap OTO form of these two words: technology that creates limitless, high-quality seo, optimized, unique nil, patel style content and studio quality podcasts for your niche blogs, business websites, article sites, and backlinks in just 60 seconds. Your visitors will boost your search engine rankings and convert leads into buyers without wasting time or money. Before, We can talk about anything. Let me try to explain this in very simple English.

Content Snap claims to generate some articles and unique content which you can publish on your website so that your website can start getting some traffic. Okay, now in 2022, you do not need to go and waste your time and money on this. Okay, what this software is going to do, you know, only time will tell, but I want to bring attention to some of the facts. Okay, because I do SEO, I rank websites, and I produce content. I write my content manually.

That’s what I used to do, but nowadays I am doing everything on autopilot. I want to show you This is one of my websites here, and if I go to posts right, let’s give all posts here and you will see how many posts I have on this website. Okay, so let’s hang on-and here you see published right how many: 111 000. Okay, I have 111, 000 posts on my website on this one. Okay, and this website has a domain rating of 53, and your website will probably have a domain rating of zero. So this domain, you can see,

This has a rating of 53, and I have well over a hundred and eleven thousand posts, and do you know how much I am making with this website or how much I am making with all my websites? I have three websites: okay, I’m a company website. I have this blog and I have one technical website. Okay, I have three websites and I have Adsense approved on all three websites, particularly on this website. IDo you know how many hundred and eleven thousand you have?

ContentSnap OTO

It’s now time to see how much money you can make with AdSense on your website.Even if they do rank, your website will never rank because your domain authority is zero.Okay, let’s give you the surprise. How much money did I make in July by using AdSense on my website?Here is the surprise: four dollars. Okay, I made it. My websites have made me four dollars and eleven cents so far with adsense on them.

Okay, so you see here, I have a hundred and eleven thousand blog posts, including my two more websites. The total money I made with Google Adsense this month was $ 107. It’s 4.11 [ music ]. Are you trying to understand what I’m trying to tell you here? I’m trying to tell you it’s not easy and it’s not going to make you rich.

Okay, if you want to make money with a website that has blogs with Google Adsense, you need to get a lot of traffic. It’s like you have to get, like, maybe 100 000 visitors per month. That equates to about 3,000 visitors per day. Okay, so people who make money with blogs will not get there for the next 510 years. They had been doing this.

You know, even when Google didn’t understand what SEO meant. So, when do you give an example of Neil Patel’s whereabouts on the sales page? Here you go, so you give the example of Neil Patel. Is he the number one SEO guy in the world? That’s what he thinks.

That’s what the world thinks. I have my own different opinion. Neil Patel uh, Neil Patel. This guy started doing SEO in 1998, I’m saying. Understand 1998. At that time, Google did not even know what SEO was, so he did

You know, he was like in the pilot batch. You know what a pirate bash means? You know how, when you do something for the first time, you become an expert? So if you are running a startup, if you’re going to open a startup, and if you join that company as a newbie, then in the next five years you will end up becoming the, you know, manager, or maybe even the ceo of the company, because you joined As you know, in the pilot batch. Similarly, Neil Patel started doing all this SEO in 19.

You know, in 1998, 99, 2000, and by the time 2002 and three came, all of his websites were ranking like crazy, and at that time, seo was nothing at that time. All you have to do is just go, and you know, copy and paste your keywords on the website onto your blog, and your blog will start ranking on the first page of Google. Just go and stuff your keywords on the page and that’s it. That was just you back then, so becoming Neil Patel 25 years ago was very easy. I challenge anybody, including Neil Patel,

I challenge Patel to not use his uh-power right. Now, Don’t think you own the internet marketing industry, because you do right now, but if I say Neil Patel goes to zero, you know, start from scratch. Do not use your name anymore. Then, okay, I’m going to go and link from my blog and give myself a backlink. So if you do not use your power anymore, I challenge Neil Patel to a duel.

You know him: you can’t be New Patel again in the year 2022 because everything has changed.Everything has changed. You know, Google has changed its policies. The algorithm changes every two months.

ContentSnap OTO Demo

So a new algorithm comes, so I am challenging anybody on this planet right now. If so, You do the right thing at the right time. You become a billionaire. Okay, so Neil Patel did the right thing at the right time in the 1990s or early 2000s and became the god of seals, and I completely understand why; you know, I admire him for doing what is right.Now, but everything has its own time, and right now, in 2022, I will not suggest you go and start a website for making money. You can go and start making it. Apologies

You can go and start a website for your brand right now. You have a company and you want to show off your brand. That’s fine. Go ahead and start a website. Okay, But if you have something in your mind that says, Okay, I’ll go and write some blogs or I’ll write some reviews and I’ll make some money with blogging, getting some sense in your brain.

I have shown you the proof here. Okay, this is how much I made yesterday. I made 21 cents in the last seven days. I have made one dollar and before that I made only three bucks. So this is the total income for my websites. Okay, and this is like, I earn more from my YouTube videos in one day than this:

ContentSnap OTO upsell

Okay, so this is my point here: if you really want to make money online, do not start a website. Do not worry about SEO. Do not worry about it. You know, Writing blogs worries me.

How will you make a video because YouTube pays you for all these ads? You’re watching my video, and you’ve probably seen some advertisements in it.Okay, the ads which you have seen in this YouTube video Those ads make me money, and they make me more money than anywhere else. So.I forgot this question. So do not go crazy.

Okay, everything has its own time right now. The world is using videos wherever you go. Facebook, twitter, linkedin, instagram, tick, tock, youtube, everywhere. We are, you know, watching videos all the time. Every day, someone records videos of their dog, their daughter, their children, their cooking, and so on.I don’t know if even these days, criminals record when they shoot somebody.

ContentSnap OTO upgrades

Everybody is on videos, whether they’re criminals, whether they’re politicians, whoever you are, you have to be on videos. Why the hell do you need to go and write some content for your website? I have experience in proof, and I know how hard it is to rank websites for the keywords you need. You either need to be a hard-core SEO expert or you need to hire someone. Somebody like me, who will charge you two thousand dollars per month?

You can’t afford that. I know, so here. Let’s get back. My advice is to watch the video till the end. It’s free to watch.

Okay, and after that, you can decide if you need this or not, because if your end goal is only to make money online, there are better ways than this. If you go and buy the software, and even if you know that this software is going to generate some unique content after that, and you know nothing about SEO, You will only go and publish the html blocks on your website. After that, you don’t know how to index your new blocks. You know, we have a tool here called “ Google Search Console.”

Here you go, so you have to go, and you know, index your backlink index, your blogs from here using this tool.

ContentSnap OTO

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