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so there’s genuine quick pay attention a lot of you guys have been requesting for me to do an update video as you individuals recognize myself as well as my wife we had our kid Simeon this past October 25th so all you men have been asking do an upgrade video clip what does Simeon resemble currently so allow’s do that I obtained a will certainly bring him on in a little before that listen this turning up week which hold on it’s yeah guy the fifth now this showing up week into the following week which it ends on the 15 or 16th of April is I presume is

considered Holy Week a lot of like Christian people they commemorate Easter I do not I don’t celebrate Easter however what I celebrate it’s called Passover right Passover and also banquet of unleavened bread they’re at Harley children if you will certainly I really did not know I’m not Jewish these are taken into consideration Jewish holidays I’m not Jewish yet you understand I don’t concerning me we’re gon na be concentrating on Passover what you do is for a feast of unleavened bread we don’t eat bread with like yeast in it so we actually crackers for a week it’s really pretty enjoyable this is our 2nd year doing it we’re excited regarding it so yeah I’ll be submitting throughout this time just perhaps out two of those days due to the fact that they’re taken into consideration like rest days so yeah aside from that dance will certainly be doing Passover and also if you’ve never ever looked

right into Passover examine it out it’s pretty sick they’re actually truly cool holy day so check them out if you enjoy you know spiritual things if not it’s not your thing you recognize it’s amazing besides that let’s go what I wish to do initially I wish to enter into this video clip that I posted in December this was five weeks after Simeon was born I wish to check out this but look at him he looks so different in a minute look just how different he oh my god you guys do not know what I’m claiming yet however he looks so different from this he’s so tiny it was currently 12 meter off right stuff he was he was 12 extra pounds

during the production of this video clip I’ll inform you just how much he considers in a little his head is so drooping because he claimed he’s only five weeks right here so his head is like his neck strength isn’t there yet but you’ll see currently how just how sophisticated he is take a look at him consider his hair look at his hair he had a he was going bald like me his hair is I his hair is expanding in a great deal you people will certainly see it check out that and also I believe I assume that a person point he starts talking homie see if I can obtain him speaking friend listen you’re currently training are you claiming struck

that like switch he’s so tiny hair below his hair hasn’t grown in oh gosh I imply look just how confused he looks take a look at confused he suches as yeah after that the montage oh yeah if you individuals really did not see this last video at the end take a look at this he in fact took a dump on me yeah I’ll obtain it yep he just pooped this is him 5 months or 5 months 5 weeks old he’s presently 5 months old this is him at 12 extra pounds let’s go obtain Simeon allow’s see how he check out him hey something what are you gon na claim it looks so much different let’s go obtain see me allow’s see how he checks out five months old look at how big years he

is a chunk consider your eye me simply checking out him here on the video and look hi thanks to this mine yeah men again this is Syrian Luke is Kurt take a look at him he is significant he’s currently 21 extra pounds I assume at 5 months I’m pal it’s so concerned up that’s little you do you see little you that’s little you right there check out you you’re so teensy can you say he’s so overwhelmed now with since I have large lights up here like a guy’s told you prior to it resembles actually brilliant for him yeah you wish to rest below here let me wipe your face you’re drooling right here so he’s Curt oh look

at his face he’s currently teething as well as his two bottom teeth are coming as well as I’ll show you some pictures of that take a look at just how much as hair is grown in hi pal is this just as well overwhelming oh yes there’s hope you men enjoy this montage that Russell made we have a number of video clips in there of Semien in fact being I silly so inspect it out additionally I’ll be taking a couple of days off throughout Passover to serve as several of those days or day of rest so

yeah I’m gon na be relaxed doing my thing wish you men enjoy the montage hey what are you doing [Music] we need you in baseball [Music] growing up is just a pattern [Songs] Oh finally saw me you really did not see me that entire time oh it’s been a few hrs he’s resting are you better oh you’re so big are you gon na be a youtuber here right here what’s practice state hi look there’s a microphone he’s so uncertain regarding this you’re such a good boy though yeah guys this is seventy

is twenty-one pounds he’s a giant yeah well we’ll obtain him on video camera reluctant whenever we pull out our phone he like stops doing whatever he’s doing so I will certainly obtain them utilized to YouTube at some point yeah but yeah guy that’s how Syrians doing he it’s getting huge so thank you for all the support many thanks for being here dudes a day he’s gon na be a huge youngster see you people following time as well as also click this next video to see the next video clip please love you