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AI-Based Explainer Video Character Generator Platform to Make Endless Explainer and Animated Videos for Any Niche in Few Clicks+Thousands Of Pre-Made Video Templates With A Unique Inbuilt Video Editor

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ExplainerVideoz  – Text From This Video

Want to learn how all these YouTubers are creating these fancy whiteboard animations? Well, then, you’ve come to the right place. I’m not just going to show you how we use it; it’s called video scribe, by the way. I also walk you through step by step how the video process goes by making a whiteboard animation in one day. Here’s what you’ll need before we get started:   If you want to do this in one day, as I do, you’ll need a lot of energy to focus for about 10 hours.You’ve got a pretty good idea of what you want to talk about in your video for $29, 5 but you’ll need to subscribe to my channel, yep.You know how to subscribe by clicking that button right there. This is pretty much all you need to succeed. Make sure you do the last step.

ExplainerVideoz OTO Product Overview

It’s probably the most important all right. First things first: let’s go get the whiteboard animation software. You can Google video scribe or go to video scribe dot.” Oh, by the way, I’m not sponsored or paid by this company at all. It just happens to be the software I use; let’s not waste any time with the free trial, which limits you to poor quality video and has a watermark. You can go for the twenty-nine for a month or the 144 for a year. If you plan on using it throughout the year, I personally did the 144 because I knew I’d be using it online.   With that downloaded, we have everything we need to make this whiteboard animation. Let’s begin at the first step of video creation: organizing your ideas. Keep in mind that this is how I personally do things at the moment: “Okay, you’re going to need a lot of focus, so put your phone out of sight. Choose your workstation wisely and prepare for some hard work. So we start with our main idea, fleshing it out and outlining what we want to talk about by writing it all down. Yes, observe my really crappy handwriting. I like coming up with the title ahead of time.   So my video has a focal point: [, music]. After I finished my outline, I began scripting using Google Sheets. I keep a pretty simple structure of what I’m going to say on one side and a rough idea of what the visuals are on the other side. Sometimes I imagine what I’m seeing for the animation while scripting, but other times it’s easier to do the voice-over. First, decide on what you see based off of the timing and how you set it. If you’ve never done a voice-over before, I suggest you wait until after to fill in the visuals, which is what I’m going to do; I usually just write them down.

ExplainerVideoz OTO Bonuses 

Whatever comes to mind as a first draft and then I come back and revise it afterwards, one of the best ways to revise your script is to simply say it out loud and see if it sounds okay. Alright, the script is done now; let’s head to my sound studio downstairs and check it out guys, my sound station. The next step is super simple: just record yourself using a recording device while reading the script. Mine is a blue Yeti mic. If you don’t have a very good mic, just use your phone. If getting a Yeti mic is out of the question, There are some cheap mics.   You can find devices on Amazon that connect to your phone. I record using audition, but any digital audio workstation works perfectly fine. A tip for voice recordings: usually your first time reading off the script is going to stink, so don’t be afraid of judging your own voice and repeating the lines until you feel satisfied. I know early on I cringed every time I heard my own voice, but you get used to it after a while. I highly recommend you keep it under 4 minutes.   Unless you have the entire day here, we’re guys. If you’re still on the same day, you’ve done some majorly good work. I usually split what was just done with the final part into two days, but for this video, let’s finish it. Alright, let’s open video, scribe, and sign in. Click to create a new scribe, and here we are. I actually managed to figure this out and start making. My first principles video the first day—I downloaded it, so you guys can do it too, especially since you’re watching this video. Here’s how it works. We can add text or images using these buttons over here.

ExplainerVideoz OTO AIUpsell  

We click the play from beginning button, and then a pre-recorded hand just pops in to draw for us. I don’t know what people consider this—whether it’s legit whiteboard animation, blah blah blah. I don’t really care as long as it serves my purpose, and my purpose is to give information to you guys with good supplemental visuals, and I thought this was a good place to start. Ok, back to the instructions: another option is to pick a spot. To start the video from, you can move the objects around, copy them, and paste them.   Let’s get into the options and check out the properties of this object. You can change the rotation, mirror it, and change the drawing options. Sometimes it’s cooler if it’s written without the hand; if it’s just text, you can change the color. Probably the most important options are drawing time, pausing time, and transition time. Drawing time is the duration; how long the hand draws it for or how long it swoops in for pause time is the duration after the drawing finishes, and the transition time is the time it takes for the camera to move between objects.   Let’s go ahead and leave this scribe for a second to go to the options. Most of the time, it’ll look best when there’s a small amount of pause and transition time. So, let’s go ahead and zero out the pause time and do 0.5 seconds for the transition time. Okay, cool! Let’s go back into the scribe, so there are a couple other options for the paper, such as a different color: Let’s go ahead and make this video blue. Since it’s my favorite color and here is the option to add the voiceover, you just click this button over here and then go look for it inside your finder.

ExplainerVideoz OTOs Linka 

Once that’s added, we can go back to our visual notes, or if we want to freestyle scribe, that works too. You can also grab photos from online by finding them online and pasting the URL. Another important element of describing is the camera view. Videoscribe will default to zooming into an object. If you don’t set a camera position, I recommend you always set a camera position because, honestly, I just think it looks better and is more awesome. That was a lot of information, but it’s actually pretty intuitive, and you get the hang of it pretty quickly. Now, let’s build this thing, okay? So the idea is to always keep the visuals as interactive as possible.   This means that there should be no long pauses between visual movement—no longer than about 3 to 4 seconds—which is a good rule to try to follow. There is a consequence to high-density animation, though the higher the density, the longer it’s going to take. I averaged about 40 minutes to an hour of working in video scribe for every minute of video; a beginner may average closer to 1 hour to 80 minutes for every minute of video, so be prepared to sit for a very, very long time. I like doing it like it sounds while taking breaks. It really gets the blood flowing into the head.   If you know what I mean, here are a few tips. While I do this, if you’re going for a really logical, organized video, I suggest you do things in sort of a fox formation, so you think of it as having this one frame and then adding a lot of information to this one frame. That’s what I’m mostly doing for this video; you can see from the subscribe that devii zooms out that there are basically four to five sections, where I transition between ideas. If you’re trying to connect ideas, you might want a more fluid interactive approach—maybe create a linear path or a shape and have the camera move to complement it. What you’re trying to say is that if you repeat an idea, it’s easier to just have the camera pan back so that already created scribe versus making a brand new one. It’ll say sometime: “Here’s the technique for panning!

ExplainerVideoz Local OTO  

You create a blank object and set the camera position to where you want it to look, and then you make sure you adjust the transition time to a higher number of seconds and make sure you’re playing the video back, sometimes, to make sure that everything looks good here. We have it, guys, the near-finished product. You can add some music using this button over here. After that, it’s best to watch through everything at least once it’s been spell-checked and make sure the timing is solid. Now we press this button over here to render this thing. I personally sent my subscribed videos at 1080p and 25 fps; choose a folder; and finally, we are done. It takes a while to render, depending on the length of the video, so we’ve got to be patient as a bonus. This is what I usually do with the video afterwards.   I take it to Premiere Pro, kill the audio, and then add the original audio back. After that, I add a small vignette using Luma Tree color, then adjust the sounds to the right levels, export the video, and lastly, schedule it to upload. Well, that’s it, guys. Thanks so much for sticking through the entire video. This whiteboard animation in a single day took a lot of energy, but I hope that the video can help you do the same, if not in one day at least a complete and good whiteboard animation. This is the first video in a series that I call the creator tool series. I started this series because I believe people often have ideas for projects but don’t know about the tools or how to use them, or they think it’s too difficult to learn how to use them.   So they never start. I’m here to help by making these videos and showing you, step-by-step, how to finish the projects that you guys have in mind. Let me know in the comments what you might like to see from this series and consider liking and subscribing to the video help. I’ll see you guys next time, [, Music, ],

ExplainerVideoz Frequently Asked Questions


1- What is ExplainerVideoz?    
AI-Based Explainer Video Character Generator Platform to Make Endless Explainer and Animated Videos for Any Niche in Few Clicks+Thousands Of Pre-Made Video Templates With A Unique Inbuilt Video Editor
2- I’m new to this; can I still use it and earn money with ExplainerVideoz?
yes you can to use ExplainerVideoz and its very easy to use it
3- On which devices does ExplainerVideoz work?
Yes, ExplainerVideoz work on both Windows and Mac.
4- Can I receive a refund if I don’t like ExplainerVideoz?
Yes . With our 30-day money-back guarantee for ExplainerVideoz, you are completely risk-free.
5- Does ExplainerVideoz charge a monthly fee?
No, no any monthly fee for ExplainerVideozyou can to Pay once for ExplainerVideozand there will be no recurring charges
. 6- Do I Need Previous Experience or Technical Knowledge to Use ExplainerVideoz?
no, its very easy to use it for beginner, no any tachnical you need for ExplainerVideoz
7- Does ExplainerVideozinclude training? The ExplainerVideozhave advenced training for you to knew all things about it

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