Formatting content & images to mimic ads, or align with ads | AdSense Program Policies

Hello all My name is John, and I head the outreach effort I represent the Trust& Safety team My role is to assist you as a publisher To better understand publisher restrictions and policies Importantly, I likewise work with our internal units To help them better understand the challenges facing you I’d like to talk about Google’s plan today Which proscribes the formatting of the information contained or portraits to simulate ads Or link to it Why did we name such a policy? We are always working on providing An integrated and successful digital marketing plan Importantly, this means that we create policies and enforce Restrictions on publishers to accommodate customers’ needs And advertisers and publishers so that everyone feels protected And the ability to trust the integrated plan This is more efficient when users click on ads out of genuine interest On websites with special material Customers call publishers’ websites To insure the content mainly When useds see ads They are not presented as ads or related in a manner that is Suggest that it is an advertisement This may trick the subscribers into clicking on the ad When the ads are placed in a way that confuses users This can lead to decreased user confidence and consumed spend Advertiser due to unintended clinks User notions led to an increase in ad blocking Why is this important? Simply gave, we have established these policies To ensure that users are not deceived And that advertisers gain value from their investment In digital push The success of our sphere depends on confidence When publishers situate ads on sheets With the intention to deceive or ruffle the users This reduces confidence Publishers may not implement Google ads in a way that was Hide ads in any way This includes formatting contiguou content To loom similar to ads Publishers may not associate specific portraits with individual ads That appear on their website These implementations can lead to confusion To useds who expect the image is directly related Advertiser furnishes In short-lived, if the publisher plazas any ads On sheets where content is formatted So same to the ad that it’s hard to distinguish Difference between the two, this is a policy violation All of our policies and restrictions on publishers Designed and implemented to build trust In the integrated digital announce ecosystem The future of Google is linked to the future of our partners We believe in promoting an environment Allows users, advertisers, and publishers to all thrive In an integrated and successful digital announce plan By value each party, we help ensure sustainability Our sector We hope this video is contributing to get to know me better On our program considering linking portraits or content with ads You can find other videos asking Our Plan and Restraints on Publishers In the playlist on our path Thanks

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