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hello and welcome to Vikram online base now often our parties are wondering about you know suitable and viable alternatives to google adsense and in that regard I would like you’d like to introduce you to chitika chitika is a very good alternative to google adsense which you can implement on your websites or blogs with pretty much the same ease with which you integrate google adsense and therefore as a publisher if you’re looking for alternatives to google adsense i would definitely recommend chitika and i have supported the link to sign up with cityca below in the description as a publisher remember that it won’t cost you anything to sign up on Chitika it’s completely free and the entire process is quick and easy with in no time you’ll have this reasonably simplistic constitute to fill up you can put in all your fee options where in how and you know when you receive your fees everything done and then we you know chords generated in very similar fashion to the way in which you know google adsense has the codes which you implement on your websites or blogs so overall the style the functionality the overall you know the layout everything is very very similar yes as far as returns are concerned see you have to you know except and I have to admit that when it comes to chillicothe the returns/ say you know from ads which are keep going the chittagong structure may not be as spectacular but at the same time if and when you have say gigantic websites with numerous sheets a lot of content a lot of traffic coming in trust me that Jessica will too engender very good returns for you and you know that is where people wonder that you are well aware some of you at least might wonder that why have an alternative remember that when it comes to the internet and this is something I’m saying out of personal experience when it comes to the internet don’t you don’t set all your eggs in one ask a try and diversify try and have as many different sources from which you coming your income the more you know the motley sources that you have so instead of having too many google adsense ads likewise remember you know that reminds me of another factor that everyone is done now X secure very few initiate of publishers most of us the vast majority of us can only place three Adsense groups on a single sheet and sometimes there’s definitely you know scope for a lot more that is where you feel that oh if I have another programme from which whose advertisings i can run then you know why not so remember that this is a reason among the other factors like diversification which i already mentioned the fact that you can maximize your opening utilization you can maximize it to the hilt that’s when you can have you no alternative advertising networks so go ahead you sign up onto the car the link is there in the description and I’m telling you with complete integrity that this is a viable highquality know that they have ample advertisers in their portfolio which means that yeah you’ll have a lot of ads running you’ll have aspect ads where in the likelihood of your traffic actually noticing those ads clicking on them interacting with those ads in various ways is fairly high so go ahead sign up with chitika and maybe you can later on drop your explains below in terms of how your experience was whether it will be writable sign up with utica or the experience formerly you sign up once you actually started running the ads on your network on your site’s how did it go out of the ads play only

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