How To EARN MONEY From YouTube WITHOUT Being a PARTNER 💥 YouTube Monetization Alternatives

with the recent changes to the YouTubePartner Program a lot of tiny channels are looking for access on how to earnmoney from YouTube without being a partner in this video I will show youseven ways to monetize YouTube videos without being a partner I’m pretty sureyou haven’t heard of this first YouTube monetization alternative which is calledbrave brave is a web browser that enables YouTube makes to monetizetheir content I’ll show you step by step simply download the brave browser thelink is in the description below then you need to add your YouTube channel tostart making money click on get started give your email address then check youremail and attest next give your name to complete registration then you need toadd your YouTube channel so adopt your YouTube channel and give access to weaveyour note now you verify my channel added now whenever someone watches yourYouTube channel on the brave browser you will start making solid clues affiliatemarketing anyone can include links to commodities and when audience members clickthrough and buy them you get a commission for those sales many youtubeusers use amazon’s affiliate curriculum although there are plenty of more tochoose from I use Clickbank product it’s the best acces for me to earn money fromYouTube without being a partner I have created in there videos in the past onhow to make money with Clickbank I’ve added the links belowin case you have missed those videos patreon is another good way to makemoney on YouTube without partnership patreon is a membership platform forpeople support designers by paying monthly fees you can create variouspackages if you can offer a special reward to your steadfast advocates they mayprovide a few dollars each month all you need to do is simply post a tie-in in yourdescription as well as mentioned your patreon attach in your videos compose yourown produces if you have an idea and a passion to see it through get it doneyou can promote it we are you to here you investigate Tiffany who initiated her own lashline product she has about thousand six hundred readers at the time ofrecording this but this video has over forty eight thousand viewpoints anotherYouTube income method is to generate results “thats one” of my favorite methodsbecause it’s effective I create video lessons where I communicate beings to asqueeze page to collect their contact information meaning emailsI then related to the follow-up with them by advocate my products and servicesvia email so far I’ve treated five different ways to earn money fromYouTube keep watching the next one is to find sponsors you can get sponsorshipsfor your YouTube channel or for a series of videos or for a single video and yoursponsorships can stray from free products in exchange for a review to asignificant amount of money in exchange for product and label advertisement thetypes of YouTube partnerships you get will depend a lot on how large-hearted youraudience reaches and how much you want to do to promote the firebrands that sponsoryou if you don’t have specific labels in thought then you want to approachsponsorship watch the previous video I established on five websites that connectyou to authors with brands that want to partner with them no matter how smallyour channel is there is something that suits everyone merchandise creating aselling merch and apparel for your path might sound like a big endeavorbut it’s really simple there are a lot of websites that proposal printing ondemand you can create your own indications to upload your designings and let your fansbuy merchandise with those business I will create a feature video onstepbystep details on compiling merch for your YouTube channel subscribe if youdon’t want to miss out on that I upload videos every Saturday now you know howto earn money from YouTube without being a partner if you are a YouTube creatorand has been affected by the changes to the YouTube Partner Program and givethese YouTube monetization alternatives a try

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