So are you not yet monetized on YouTube, butyou want to start making money? Well, you’re in luck because today’s video, I’m going to teach you seven directions, natures that you can make money without being monetized. Hi, my refer is Morgan Stradling and I’m avideo strategist that learns content, creators, financiers, and small and medium-sized companies, how togrow their businesses and online presence squandering YouTube. And one thing that I’ve realized in coaching, other material pioneers into growing their YouTube channels is that so many people thinkthat AdSense is the only way that you can monetize your YouTube channel. It will come to an end all be all. And that’s why so many people focus on it. I actually have a video that talks about howI get monetized on YouTube and the whole process. And there are so many comments in there ofpeople who are still waiting to be monetized, but what they don’t realize is that they don’thave to wait to be monetized to make money.So that’s where I genuinely wanted to make thisvideo. So let’s mount right into it so you can startmaking money from your channel. All title. So the very first way that you can monetizeyour YouTube channel without AdSense is affiliate curricula. This is the number one, number one, numberone mode. And every content author should be usingthis. What affiliate programs are, is basicallyyou get a commission for directing marketings to another company’s commodity or serviceplainand simple. So if you talk about different concoctions inyour videos or you’re doing make refreshes or anything like that, there may be an affiliateprogram where you can get compensated for people who end up acquiring that productthrough your join. These are called affiliate tie-ups and so manyYouTubers and bloggers and influencers use affiliate relations because it is one of the easiestways to make money and also to monetize your YouTube channel.Now, affiliate links are so great becausethere are affiliate platforms for nearly everything out there. Obviously physical concoctions and goods, butthere’s also relation for software and for programs and for digital routes. The sky’s the limit with affiliate attaches. So obviously start looking into differentaffiliate planneds that work for you, your direct and your public, and start includingthose in your video. So you can start making money. You don’t have to have thousands of subscribersto start using affiliate associates. All you need to do is apply and get acceptedto the program, and then you can start sharing the produce and sharing your affiliate links.So two examples on my path, the first oneis Tube Buddy. This is a program that I use to do all ofmy SEO research for my YouTube videos. It has so many features for YouTubers andcontent developers that reorganize your process when it comes to making and uploading yourYouTube videos. I absolutely desire Tube Buddy And I’ve talkedabout it in a bunch of other videos. And so as a result, I’m a part of their affiliateprogram. And in the description box of all of my videos, I include a section that’s tools that I used for my business or my YouTube channel. So I include the link right there. So people can click on that link and thenpurchase a license to Tube Buddy. And then I will get a commission. And actually I is cooperating with two buddy and Igot a special code for you guys.So on top of using that relation, if you use thecode morgansbuddy, you can get 20% off whatever container you end up going with. So again, that is a very easy way to makemoney because I exerted TubeBuddy and I promote TubeBuddy. And so I’m getting offset when othersuse TubeBuddy by tick my associate. Another one that I use is the Amazon Associatesprogram, which is their affiliate program. Everybody shops on Amazon because they literallyhave everything. So it precisely compiles sense that I’m a part oftheir affiliate planned for different things that I talk about. So beings always ask me, What gear do youuse? What do you use for this? So in the description box of all of my videos, I have a little section of all of my camera paraphernalium and you better believe every single oneof those are affiliate links.So if you sounds and end up purchasing, I geta commission. Now, of course, anytime you are using affiliatelinks, it’s important that you disclose that they are affiliate connects, especially if you’rein the United Commonwealth where I am, this is very important to do. So I only have a little disclaimer at thebottom of all my videos, letting people know that some of connections in my description couldcontain affiliate attaches. And I do get paid a commission if parties purchaseusing those pretty plain and simple. I visualize at this part, beings are very familiarwith affiliate attaches. And a lot of ages parties really do want tocompensate you for all the hard work that you’re doing. And the great thing with affiliate ties-in isit doesn’t expenditure them anything. All it genuinely expenses them is just the timeto click on the link.And there “theres going”, all right, the next mode thatyou can monetize your YouTube channel without AdSense is business. So these are things that you render peopleas a service. So for example, these are consulting, coaching, scrutinies, anything like that. Through your YouTube videos, you may havepeople reach out and say, Hey, I love your work. How can I working in collaboration with you one on one? And that’s where a coaching platform can comein, where you can work with someone individually and truly dedicate a lot of attention tohelp them achieve their goal. I obviously do this in my business and I haveso much merriment working with my clients and helping them use my strategies to grow their YouTubechannels. I actually have opened up a few places in myYouTube coaching program. So if you are interested, go to youtubecoaching, and you can apply it right there. So with these services, the style that you canmonetize your channel is basically you’re using your videos as a style to make peoplein, to introduce them to you, and then they want to take it a stair farther and work withyou.Individually. Services are perfectly enormous. I is undoubtedly consider them if you area subject matter expert or there’s something that you focus on because there will alwaysbe parties that while they do love your videos, they want to rush to the front of the lineand simply get the information. So that’s where your coaching and your consultingservices come in. Another service that I render is I actuallymake YouTube videos for other companies. So they’ve seen my YouTube videos and theylike the direction that I present things. And so we are really pay me as a freelancerto cinema and record YouTube videos for their channels. So that is pretty fun and stimulating and anotherservice that I render, so that direction I can make money with YouTube.All claim, the next practice that you can makemoney without AdSense is digital commodities. These are your concoctions that you can selldigitally. Think eBooks, feel digital trends, thinkonline, planners, templates, worksheetsyou name it, there is a digital product out there. And I actually did a video all about 15 differenttypes of digital make minds. So if you’re struggling as to what even adigital commodity is and what are the different types, emphatically check that video out becauseI go into all of the details and hopefully that will get the paraphernaliums spinning in your headand give you some projects. But as a YouTuber or a small business, thesedigital products are great because you can share a lot of tips-off and programmes in yourvideos.But if people want to have something tangibleor take it a pace further, you are eligible to direct them to your digital commodities. So for example, if you have a finance YouTubechannel all about planning, you can have a budget spreadsheet that someone could downloadand then use to use your budgeting programmes that you share in your videos. And then they can apply it in their real lifefor their monthly budget. So for example, a digital make that I amworking on right now, and I am so excited is a digital course all about getting startedand growing on YouTube. While I do got a lot of YouTube tips on mychannel, my best good approaches and all of my workflows and my templates and everything, all of that. I save exclusively for my one on one coachingclients. But since my epoch is limited, I is impossible to havefull of consumers at a time.So that’s why I’m launching this digital course, because it is going to then teach you everything that I educate my clients so you can grow andscale on YouTube. I am so excited for it. So if you’re interested in signing up formy course, be assured to go to waitlist, and that are able to direct you to the waitlist formy digital course. Of direction, the link is also in the description. All freedom, the next nature that you can monetizeyour channel is through merchandise. This is classic. Everybody knows merch, particularly with yourYouTubers( Hi, sisters! ), everybody has merch that then there selling. And there is a reason people want to be apart of you and your label, and they want to support you in the way that they can doit is by wearing your gear.And you do not have to wait to be monetizedto do this. There is a big spectrum on merch. Doesn’t precisely have to be tshirts. It can be sweatshirts, hats, cups, pencils, rods, all sorts of thingsthe sky is the limit. But you certainly don’t have to have a certainnumber of readers before you start offering merch. You can print sell yourself and thenmanage and sell it on your own. That’s really expensive and timely. Or you can use a company like Teespring, whichbasically is a print on involve product shop, which is really, really great. I’ll include a attach down below for Teespringand unlike digital concoctions, merch is a little bit more complicated, especially if you areprinting and finagling it and placing the inventorying yourself and carrying it yourself, it’s goingto take time away from your YouTube channel.So that’s why I would definitely recommendsome of these other firms that where they’re publish on expect, or they will manage the merchfor you. So that nature you are eligible to merely focus on what youdo best, which is preparing YouTube videos. All claim, next up is sponsorships. You do not have to be monetized or even thatbig to have sponsorships. Sponsorships are where a company will payto have their concoction or service or firm roared out in your YouTube videos. It will be promoted immediately in your YouTubevideo and they compensate you for doing so. And certainly the large-scale misconception is that youhave to have thousands of customers before you can be sponsored. And that is not the case. I actually haven’t had any patronizes on myYouTube channel yet, but I started going probes from patronizes before I even hada thousand customers. I speculate when I had 800 readers, a companyreached out. And companies continue to reach out, but Ihaven’t yet found one that I think are a really good fit for you guys or a product that Ireally truly believe in.So I haven’t had any sponsored videos on mychannel more, but I will be soon. And that’s really, really exciting. But if I wanted to make that first sponsor, it was a pretty good company, but it only, wasn’t a hundred percent of a fit I definitelycould have. And I could have done it with less than athousand customers. Also with patronizes, you don’t have to waitfor sponsors to come to you. If there’s a company that you really loveworking with, or you use their makes, you can reach out to them.Now plainly because your audience is muchsmaller, the rate is going to be much lower, but you may find that companies are willingto pay that. So obviously don’t discount sponsorships whenit comes to monetizing your YouTube channel. All title, the next mode that you can monetizeyour YouTube channel is with fan fund. This is where your supporters and your audiencewill support you monetarily through onetime or monthly subscriptions. So this can be as simple and easy as havinga PayPal or a Venmo button where people can exactly donate a couple dollars here and there. Or you can use more sophisticated websiteslike Patreon. Patreon is really one of the most popularand fastest growing ways of having love fund. And with Patreon, you can have different levelsand tiers that people can donate. You can do this as a onetime basis on a perproject basis or on a monthly basis.And it really is a great way that you canhave income into your direct to help support you and your business. Patreon has become incredibly popular. I use Patreon for my podcasts and what wedo with the is depending on the different peers that you’re at, you get different benefits. And so for my podcasts, even on our basictier, you’ll get access to our podcasts ad free. So if you time don’t want any ads ever thensubscribe to there, and if you demand even more engagement than you’d go to a higher level, and even on our highest level after they’ve been a patron for X number of months, theycan actually be a guest host on our show. So there’s a variety of ways that you canstructure your follower fund through Patreon. It’s really cool.It’s exciting. And if people truly are supporters, they will wantto support you sometimes even if they’re not getting anything at all. I know some founders where they just haveone tier, Hey, thanks for supporting me and the patrons don’t get anything. And that’s okay. So it’s up to you how you want to structureit, how complicated you want to make it, but I’ll definitely include a associate down belowwhere you can sign up and start your own Patreon on if you’re interested in originating and monetizingyour direct that nature. All freedom, the next room that you can makemoney with your YouTube videos is by licensing videos. Yes, you heard me accurately. You can have person pay to have a licenseto use your video on their scaffolds. There are a few companies and websites outthere, for example, Junkin Media, where you can submit your different videos into a databaseor a library. So that channel, when people are looking at videosto license, you can show up there.So that is one way a common instance. I should be considered when I think of this is the Chewbacca. If you remember, a number of years ago, there wasthis viral video on Facebook of this mama who bought this Chewbacca mask that whenever youstarted talking, it would shape Chewbacca tones. And she was just laughing and having a goodold duration. She thought it was the most amusing thingin the world countries. And her reaction was quite funny and it justblew up and what she pointed up doing, because it became so popular is that she would licensethe video out to the different outlets and bulletin business who wanted to use it. And she made money that highway. So emphatically don’t think that you applied a videoon YouTube and that is the only place where you can gave it. Utterly not. You can use that video and make money fromthat video in other styles. And licensing is a great way to do that. There, you have it guys, seven access that youcan make money right now with your YouTube channel and not even be monetized with GoogleAdSense.If you think monetizing your path withoutAdSense is pretty awesome. Then give this video a like, and be sure tolet me know in the comments below which of these seven ways to monetize your direct, you attained the most interesting and what you’re going to start doing right now to make moremoney. And I did mention this earlier in the video, but I am working on a digital route, all about YouTube, my best tips-off, quirks, and strategies, all that is I use with my oneonone clients to really streamline and change their videos. I am going to be sharing it all in my firstdigital route. I am so exciting. So if you are interested and you want to knowmore, be sure to check out the waitlist at waitlist the links foreverything I mentioned in this video, of course are mentioned down below. Be sure to agree, to join the tribe.And that’s all I have for today. I’ll see you next time, their online attendance. So then people can click it and then purchasea license Tube Puddy. Tube puh? To be sure to check out the waitlist I choose. And until next time, I’ll see you next time ?.

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