How to Make Money Online Selling Digital Art, Graphics, Crafts, Printables, Logos, & More! | Part 2

Hello, everybody andwelcome back to my canal, Jennifer Marie VO, where I teachyou different ways that you can make money online cultivating fromhome. If you haven’t already, make sure to subscribe to myYouTube channel for more videos on how to earn an income online.I too have a brand-new YouTube channel called Studio Jen whereI will be focusing more on videos about creating contentand videos for YouTube, and everything related to creatingand designing for the web. So make sure to subscribe to thatas well. A couple of months ago, I initiated an opinion poll on my channelasking my readers if you are artistic or if you would beinterested in learning how to make money online utilize yourskills as an creator or as a crafter or decorator. And themajority said that they would like to learn how or that theyalready are inventive and want to learn how to make money onlineusing their imaginative skills. So this is the second part of mytwo segment video series on how to make money as a designer, somake sure to check out part one.And I’m going to discuss threemore programmes in detail. Make sure to watch the full videobecause I’m going to show you some really cool websites toanalyze the kind of money you can make as well. So let’s getstarted. Okay, so the fourth procedure Iwant to show you because I’ve already discussed culture, sixred bubble, and 99 schemes in my first video, is Etsy. Now, whenpeople think of Etsy, they normally “ve been thinking about” peopleselling little workmanships or little artwork projects, and then shippingthem around the world. And yes, Etsy is basically a marketplacewhere you sell your own intends and your own starts and youcan send them to parties. But there’s a whole other part ofEtsy that parties don’t commonly think about, which is digitalprintables. So on Etsy, you can sell original or digital artworkdesigns or printables. And open up your own online shop. Whatthis mean is that if someone buys a printable, they’rebasically buying a PDF file that you’ve created.And Etsyautomatically will send them to your clients, I actually havetwo Etsy patronizes. Now I’m not going to share those with youbecause oh mostly giving away my niche. And Idon’t want more entrants than I already have. But I have beenmaking passive income with Etsy for probably over four years.And even if it’s just a duo dollars a day that really doesadd up over time, you can get paid via PayPal, or via Etsypayments and Etsy pays is available to a hand-picked schedule ofcountries.So I want to go ahead and switch over to Etsy and showyou a few examples of craftsmen and people who are selling theirwork online on Etsy, specific, digitally, becausea lot of my subscribers are from all over the world. And ifyou’re from India or the Philippines, you are well aware, it’sgoing to be really difficult for you to sell your artwork topeople in the US because they don’t want to pay those shippingcharges from the Philippines or India to the US. But if you sellprintables you don’t need to do anything. etsy willautomatically send the principles to your purchaser oncethey buy it. Sometimes your customer might contact you, which is happening to me and say, Oh, I you are well aware can’t open theprintable, then I’ll send them the PDF file immediately to theiremail. And you can be making money automatically withouthaving to do anything once you’ve rostered it on your shop.Because you can make it so that your shop lean willautomatically reincarnate itself.So if someone buys one printable, you could positioned that there’s 500 accessible so it’s going toconstantly automatically remain directory your work so you don’thave to do anything once you’ve already set up your browse. Solet’s switch over to Etsy now. Okay, first before I evidence yousome examples, I only want to show you there is a beginner’sguide to selling on Etsy. Basically, what you have to dois you open up your own shop, you do not have to have abusiness license to sell on Etsy. How do you get paid onEtsy you can get paid with Etsy remittances. With Etsy payments.buyers can use most payment methods to purchase from yourshop, you get direct situates to your bank account.And then alsothere’s PayPal. So if you’re based in a country where Etsypayments isn’t available, you can have that buyers compensate youdirectly through PayPal, here how to enroll in Etsy payments, you must be in one of the eligible countries. So these arethe countries that are eligible for Etsy pays Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, and it just goes on andon and on. So make sure to if you’re, you know the Philippines as wellas now, I know I have a lot of people who are customers fromthe Philippines. Now, if your country is not listed here, thenyou will have to get paid via PayPal. I know that there aresome countries that don’t proposal PayPal and they’re probably noton this list.So Etsy probably won’t work for you unless youcan somehow get a PayPal account. But there are other methods I’mgoing to teach you after this video that you can get paid foryour artwork that’s not Etsy. Even if you are from A country like Pakistan, you canget paid through Payoneer. So I will discuss that afterwards. So now let’s look at someexamples of different Etsy shops. Okay, so here we are onEtsy, it’s And I simply typed in now, printable wallart. So if you look here, all of these are rolls, I imply, andsome of them are quite beautiful, like, look at this, look at this, these are real artists. But I’m not trying tobe mean to Lunas loft 91. But look at this listing, scribblelove middle, I imply, I could do this on Microsoft Paint. Andlook at this, these are all the people who’ve bought this, andthis woman is selling this one as a digital register , no physicalpurchase is likely to be shipped, you will receive two large PNG fileswith this purchase, which will scale for you to print thefollowing sizes.So she’s literally, you know, sending onefile of this and people can print it themselves and announce iton there, set it on their wall, and she’s charging for Euro, which is like, you know what,$ 5 or something like that just fora PDF file. And “womens issues” has started has manufactured over roughly 7000 marketings. Let’s look at her patronize. She’s also went lots of othermore beautiful things too. But some of these are quite simple.You are my sunshine, “hes just” a yellow-bellied curve and sometext. And these are quite simple as well. Nice bum, like theseare very, very simple. Some of these too, mixed, like all ofthese are really, really simple that you could design yourself.And this woman is from the United Kingdom, but anyone fromall over the world can buy her wreak because you’re just buyinga downloadable printable, okay, here’s another master, thiswoman has essentially 25,000 sales.And she’s only been on Etsysince 2016. Again, a lot of these are really beautifulartworks that you can sell, and people can print out and put ontheir own wall. So if you are a real artist, like undoubtedly, “womens issues” now, some of these are beautiful, then you couldturn your artwork into digital, you are well aware, PDF, or PNG data thatpeople can buy and put one across their walls, and print themselves.Butlook at this one, for example, this printable rainbow art.Again, it’s very cute. But it’s very simple. This is somethingthat you could easily create in, you are well aware, a free illustratorprogram online or even Microsoft Paint, actually, it’s very, verysimple. And this has a lot of auctions, like regard, all of thesepeople have purchased this. And again, it’s a digital part, itsays here, look here digital download for JPEG, one zip. Andthis is basically she’s selling these for people to put in theirnursery. So again, these aren’t unusually, you know, involved. And but she can be making a lot of money off of allof these marketings, I convey, sound 25,000 marketings, if she’s making$ 5, for more or less or more this is, you know, I’m trying tothink of the conversion a little bit closer to $ 8. Think about how muchmoney she’s making from her patronize, peculiarly if all she hasto do is upload the PDF file and then it’s recurring income.Andshe doesn’t “re going to have to” coat the same drawing over and overagain, it’s really an amazing action for creators to sell theirwork and less duration devouring than having to create tons oforiginal artwork. Here’s another example. This one’s more textbased, maybe you’re not really an master, and you don’t knowhow to draw and depict things. But you could find a beautiful, you are well aware, verse online and create something like this. And thisone, basically, she’s selling it like it’s a piece of artwork, because it’s connected, and you and the person or persons will print twodifferent ones and set it on their wall.And again, you’reseeing all these people who’ve who’ve printed this off and putit on their wall and there’s fund for this. You know, rather than them obliging it themselves I am a somewhat craftyperson. So I could create this by myself for free. But a lot ofpeople don’t know how to do that. So it’s worth it for themto deplete $10 on a beautiful artwork. And you can go aheadand type in for example, dockets. Again, a lot of these calendarprintable you know some of these peopleare selling merely simply calendars for its first year. And again, it’sjust a printable. This is a weekly planner to do inventory. Thiswoman’s made 719 auctions. So she’s just caused this in some sortof graphic curriculum and it’s only two pieces of article but peopleare buying it.So these are just some suggestions for you. If you are acreator you can sell on Etsy and make recurring income. It’s aslow start, you put up your browse, gave good prices, framed goodcontent promoted on your own Facebook and maybe you have somefriends and family who will buy your work. And slowly but surelyyou build up your store and you start getting money so I reallyrecommend this website.I’ve made quite a bit of money fromEtsy from my own browses. So I definitely recommend youchecking this out as an excellent option to make money Again, affiliate my path StudioJen, if you want to learn how to do this kind of nonsense, maybe youdon’t know how to layout a PDF page, or how to, you know, intend a little vector graphic Well, on my Studio Jen YouTubechannel, I will be focusing all on that sort of thing, designingcontent with the purpose of selling it with the purpose ofgoing on your website, on YouTube, and so forth. So makesure to subscribe to my studio Gen channel so you don’t missout on videos related to this.Okay, let’s go on to the secondway you can make money online. Okay, the next one, which is afreelancing website that I’m sure everyone has heard abouthis Fiverr. With Fiverr, you create an offer gigs, sellingyour services. So on Fiverr, you can create and sell customdesigns like emblems, maybe for businesses, infographics, digital derives, portraits or paints and more. So let’ssay you are saying I’m going to for $20, I will designed threedifferent badges for your business, person will compensate youthe $20. And then you will design the badges based on whatthey want. You can set up with your gig, you can set upexamples of your work so they know what they’re getting. Somepeople you know, you are able to say, Hey, I’ll draw a picture of youfor $5. And you know, you can offer any sort of gig you wantrelated to design. Okay, with Fiverr you must pay via PayPalfiber revenue card, and a fiber receipt placard is supportedthrough Payoneer and powered by MasterCard. So this is anexcellent option for those countries that cannot usePayPal, they will use the fiber revenue card because it issupported through Payoneer and MasterCard, you can do a banktransfer, or if you’re from the US, you can get paid via directdeposit. So now I’m going to switch over to fiber and giveyou a few examples of gigs that are related to art and designthat you are eligible to, you know, create are set up to sell your ownservices. Okay, so here we are on Fiverr.As you can see, you know, this is if you want to start sellingjoin our freelance society Are you a decorator, make, columnist, video editor, I’m going to click on I’m at designer.You can see here there’s fourcategories and graphics and designing and there’s almost 12,000 customers in 136 different countries. So how does it use? One you createa gig, you sign up for free, we set up your gig and furnish yourwork to our world public to deliver great work three getpaid, it’s free to join Fiverr there’s no subscriptionrequired, you prevent 80% of each transaction. So only if you, youknow blaming your service for$ 5, you would get to keep$ 4 andFiverr makes one so they take a 20% Commission. Now let’s go ahead and searchunder fiber works. Let’s type in intend. Let’s sort in logodesign. So you can see here I will do amodern minimalist business motto blueprint, they’re creating logos.And they’re going to start their expenditures at virtually 27 euro.All of these different peopleare selling their logoes. And you can see here for example, thisperson is a level two seller, I will create your modernminimalist badge blueprint and they started the prices at merely over2 2 euro, let’s look at their gig. So this would be an exampleof the gig that you would list. This person has basic standardand payment alternatives. So for this one, for example, they give theyoffer one initial abstraction. They furnish regional transparency, highresolution and they volunteer it for this much money. And the moreyou offer, the higher you can price it let’s go up and unionize it bygraphics and layout. And you can look here all the differentcategories. So there’s you could sell insignium start-up if you’rereally good on graphic motif. You know, there’s game design, art and illustration. So let’s say perhaps you’re not good atgraphic design, but you are good at drawing. Let’s go ahead andgo to portraits and imitations. So some of these people are justreally good at drawing and I entail some of this is amazingsome of this work.So let’s say you’re really good. For examplehere at proceeding charming little caricatures. This one says I willdraw a cute cartoon photograph for being duet or family. So sheright now you can see she has three line-ups in queues. So she’sworking on three different orderings. And these are someexamples of the cute little likeness she composes. Shecharges 31 euro and she initiates the full colour likenes and I’massuming with no revises with one change included. And thenyou know if you want two people in it, she billed 35 and thenpremium that could be for beings in it. Okay. And you can seeshe’s had, you know, 48 people left open her reviews and I’msure she’s had even more sales since then.And this woman hereis from Portugal. She’s an illustrator and decorator. This guy does parodies. This one does a minimalistflatline vector avatar. You know, there’s all sorts ofreally unique options for people who are either, you know, stunning masters, like this person does really realisticdigital painting, or something that’s a bit more simple. Okay, so just depends on what your style is, you are well aware, certainly, Icouldn’t do any of these, because these are really amazingwork. And I’m not an creator, but I could design a simple logo. Again, there’s Photoshopediting, maybe you’re really good at Photoshop, and you’regonna Photoshop someone’s face or see person gaze skinnier orhotter in their situation. You know, people are likewise sellingtheir photoshopping skills.So I foster you to go And really browse through all the gigs, go tographics and pattern and just look through all of thesedifferent options. My next video that I will be creating will bea tutorial on Fiverr. And not sure when I will release it, because it’s going to take me some time. But I want to teachyou how opening hours an account on Fiverr or how to create a gigand everything you need to know related to Fiverr.So that iswhat I’m hoping to release as my next lesson. So make sure tofollow along and subscribe to this channel for that. Okay, thefinal programme of making money online as a decorator or creatoris YouTube. So YouTube is one that you’re not going to startmaking money right off a lot of epoch with YouTube, you have tocreate a lot of videos and do a great deal of work before you evenstart to see money. But then once it starts, you startgetting observers, it gradually starts to grow, your channelmight be zero or 10 readers, and then a year’s time last-minute, you might have 5000, you know, you really need beings to startseeing your videos.And then they’ll start subscribing aslong as you’re providing good material that people like. So that with this method, theidea is that you would gradually build a YouTube channelfeaturing your artwork, choosing illustration, compiling craftsmanships, DIYprojects. So let’s say for example, “youre ever”, you are well aware, designing something for a fiver consumer or for someone on Etsy, even if you film yourself doing the process, parties love towatch those period indiscretion videos where someone is, you know, composing, you are well aware, painting and depicting and you attend them doingit really fast.People adoration watching those kinds of videos.People charity seminars on how to form something you know how tocreate a Harry Potter one, how to form some sort of figuringout of polymer clay from Game of Thrones. People love to watchtutorials on how to do things that they are also interested indoing, like rapport bangles, I was doing somefriendship bracelets for my nephew. And I watched a wholebunch of seminars on how to make friendship bangles. And alot of the issue is teenagers that were that were doing thetutorials and making money on youtube with the ad income whenI’m watching their video. So the idea is that you build anaudience and eventually give ad income, the reporting requirements. Sofor this, you do need to have a laptop, a camera and amicrophone. You don’t need to have an amazing camera and youdon’t need to have an amazing microphone. And you know, peoplewill still watch videos where the microphone and the cameraquality aren’t amazing.You can do things subsequentlies, you are well aware, to improve the audio quality. So to receive remittances onYouTube content builders must have an account on AdSense, which is Google’s advertising platform. Depending on yourpayment address, the following payment alternatives may be availableto you checks electronic monies transpose EFT via single europayments area rafidah or cable transportation. So getting paid viaAdSense is pretty much international to every country.There are a few country exceptions, which I will discusslater. Okay, so again, now we are inthe adsense help for Google. Again, these are the methodsthat you can get paid from AdSense with. There are somecountry restrictions. So if you’re from any of thesecountries, then AdSense is not available.But I’m pretty surethat all the other regions, all the other countries in theworld, you can get paid via AdSense. So I want to firstly showyou a few examples of what I represent. Let’s look at thischannel. This is a channel announced of clay jewelry, polymerclay gratuities, pranks and tutorials. Now this woman has 7,410 subscribers. If you look at her video register, she doesn’t evenhave that many videos. She only started her direct five monthsago, but she’s already at you know, seven and a half thousandsubscribers and she’s only cause 10 videos. And in her videosshe’s mostly depicting you you know how to create somethingcool look she has how to sand polymer clay jewelry, how tostart a plane business, how to prepare polymer clay jewelry holes.I intend these are these seem like really small, simple littlepolymer clay lessons. So then I thought well how do we know ifshe’s making any fund? How can we even taken to ensure that, well, whatwe can do is if we go to her direct, we find the video link.So what I’m gonna do is I’m going to click on one of hervideos.And I’m going to liberty click here and on up clayjewelry and exit copy relation address, and that will link meto her path address, then I’m going to go to this website, which is called And we can doan analysis more or less of how much coin she’s making permonth with her website with our YouTube channel. So we’re goingto title clink, go paste, and then we’re going to go search. Now here, I know, it says zer dollars, but that’s no accurate. If you click on it you’ll see here, the estimatedpartner earning monthly is between $ 48 and $150. With theestimated potential earnings of each video at 260, she joinedYouTube in March, and we’re only in August. So she’s really, youknow, built up quite a nice little direct with exclusively 10 videos quite quickly.If you click here on Channel tools, then go on YouTube calculator, and then you’re going to pastein again, the canal that we’re going to check. This gives you amore accurate assessment of how much she’s making per month. Sothey’re calculate it at $99. Now you might consideration, well, that’s not a great deal of money in a month. Well think about it, ifshe’s making that money. Now, she hasn’t exhausted, she hasn’treleased any videos for 2 month, she’s still performing $99 amonth based on the videos because she’s amassing moreviews.So if she was making more beliefs, more videos, you know, perhaps two a few weeks, for example, that were all related to theclay jewelry, this digit would be increasing and increasing andincreasing. So what I’m trying to say isthat even a small channel can utter some money because $99 youknow, over a year is a lot more money than you’d have withoutthe channel. All it makes is a channel to start flourishing and youcan impel some serious money and $99. For a country like theUnited District may not be a lot of money. But for anothercountry, it is a lot of money. And the knockout about YouTube isthat you can do this sort of thing from both countries. So ifyou have a hobby or something that you really like you reallylike to draw, you really like to make friendship bracelets, youlike to put on makeup you like to do whatever it is you want todo if you learn beings how to do it. You know, you will have anaudience you don’t have to be on YouTube earn silly videos andbloopers and prank videos, parties go on YouTube to learnthings and to get ideas and inspiration.Think aboutsomething you’re good at start a YouTube channel and you can makesome money do it. Let’s look at an example of someone who’svery successful. This one and it’s quite simple look, learnhow to draw this isn’t anything you know, I’m amazing theirgraphics or anything, they have 753,000 customers, you knowhow to draw a charming child kitten how to draw a Labrador. Nowthese, you know, I’m not good at pull. And I probably couldn’tdraw any of these. But I have friends who are amazing artistsand could easily do something like this.Again, let’s click onone of their videos, we’re going to right click on happy drawingsand click on copy link address. And you can see here an ad hasjust sounded up. And this is how this person is making money withtheir ad revenue. We’re going to go back to nox influencer and his time we’re going to type in his canal. Again, it says zero but that’snot accurate click on it to get the accuracy assessment Look, they are estimated at obliging between $6.4 thousand and $19,000 per month.That is crazy. That is so much money.They have 236 videos, and they started this channel in 2015. Say you start a direct now, in 2025, you could have thousands and thousands andthousands of readers if you are consistent, and your channeland your videos are all related to your direct. If you start achannel on how to draw, don’t start uttering crazy prank videosand putting it on that channel.Keep your direct related andpeople will subscribe to you. Again, we’ll go to channel toolsYouTube calculator will type in the YouTube channel. And the more accurate assessmentis how much how much they’re making is $13,000. Again, I’mshowing you two examples of a smaller channel with 7000 and abig channel with 753,000. Because Can you imagine obliging $13,000 every month you could have you could live like thedream life. All right. And with YouTube, this kind of money ispossible when you gradually build a channel and eventually it growsand grows and changes over meter. Eventually this money you’remaking whether it is possible you oblige brand-new videos, and this is a reallyamazing way that you can make money doing whatever it is you “ve been wanting to” doas an creator or as a creator. So this has been the final partof my streak on how to make money as an master designer Or a creator.I hope thisoffered you, you are well aware some revelation a little bit ofinspiration and you know, get your rotates turning in yourhead. Think of things you’re good at make. Think of thingsyou’re good at teaching you are happy to do. And these are some ideasfor how you can really make money online, doing what youlove to do and using your own talent and your own talents. Ifyou like this video, please click LIKE, COMMENT below. Sharesome of your sentiments with us share what you love to do, what you’regood at doing, what your art type is. And make sure tosubscribe to my channel here and my channel at Studio Jen formore videos. at Studio Jen will focus on how to become aYouTuber and how to make money on YouTube. So especially if youare interested in creating a YouTube channel, make sure tosubscribe to my Studio Jen channel for gratuities on how to growyour channel and how to make money on YouTube.Thank you onceagain for watching and I will see you in my next tutorial ..

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