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ManyAds OTO  –  What is ManyAds?

ManyAds is the complete solution to unlimited content, allowing users to copy & paste actual campaigns, copy and advertising creatives for Facebook ads, Google ads, Youtube comments, and more.


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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

hi there guys johnny rose here and welcome to my many ads review with my exclusive many ads bonus if you pick up many ads today the latest and greatest product

from the internet marketer, the veteran multi-millionaire madison hat internet marketer Jamie lewis you can see just next to me next to my head right

now, if you do pick up many ads through my link below by clicking the link below not only are you going to get 90 off the front end product amazing

savings already 90 guys I’m also going to give you because I’ve gone and spoken to Jamie i spoke to Jamie last night, and he has given me exclusive privileges to give away

the sixth and seventh upsell oto six and oto seven there’s a deep funnel behind many ads, which is just good business. It’s why Jamie’s a multi-millionaire, and you’re not um for this many ads products, so i hope

that’s interesting to you. If you pick up many ads today, you’ll get 90 off using the link below, and you’re gonna get the sixth and seventh up

ManyAds OTO


so I’m gonna go through all the upsells to let you know what happens what’s in the funnel what the products and offers are but you’re gonna get the sixth and seventh upsell for free through me by clicking the link below today so

actually, it’s a real steal, even just off the bat. If you just pick up the front end product, you will get through me the sixth and seventh upsell completely for free as well as 90 off

so I hope that’s really exciting to you, so let’s now dig into the actual product now I’m going to go through the sales page I’m going to actually

take you into the backend so you can actually see what’s inside of this incredible product and then I’m going to walk you through the actual funnel itself so

you know once you purchase using my link below what are the offers that you’re going to be getting and faced with and how much they are and if you feel they’re worth it for you but again do not worry the sixth and seventh upsell

do stick around to hear what that is is coming to you automatically if you purchase this today from the great Jamie lewis now what is mini ads well check this out basically um many ads is a repository of Jamie’s

best selling you know best producing highest produced it’s just free ads it’s a library of free ads free comments free content that Jamie is personally using right now in multiple niches crypto internet marketing hair loss green environmentalism these are all ads and ad content and comments basically he’s

running right now, and he’s going to give you a complete library, so you don’t have to do any copywriting yourself. You don’t need to pay someone to create

ManyAds OTOs

ads for you you don’t need to um you know do some any original thinking he’s done all the work he’s going to give you his highest performing ad campaigns ad copy facebook comments facebook posts all of the story writing all of the copywriting all of the ads for google ads

for bing ads for youtube, he has written it all out, and he’s going to hand it over to you. That’s what you’re getting in many ads a library of his best selling over two across over 200 niches he’s making every month between a hundred

thousand to two hundred thousand dollars, and he’s gonna hand them over to you templates for you to use so that you can make the same amount of money. You can just put these into play immediately on the same day, and there are great case studies of people who are doing this right now, as you will see if you click the link below and come through to this so

that’s what you’re getting. I’m gonna go into a little bit more detail in a moment, and I thoroughly encourage you to click that link below and watch this video. It’s a very long sales video because it it’s a lot of

information so you can see what he does really works and that you know what he’s a great Jamie lewis at this point you should know who he is, and if you don’t do google him, he’s definitely got a great

pedigree and that’s it you’re basically going to activate hundreds of free ads personally created by an actual super affiliate for insane commissions you’ll never need to write anything again now again I’m going to show you

what those are in a moment we’re going to actually dive and we’ll have a look at some of the examples now there’s a lot more that comes with this it’s not just ad copy and facebook post examples and templates and youtube comments and stuff

there’s a ton of stuff in here you’re going to get an article spinner so that your templates are all original because you know if obviously thousands

ManyAds OTO links here

of people are going to buy this, you don’t all want to be using the same ads, so Jamie’s going to give you a tool which you upload you literally just copy and paste his templates into and the software’s

going to change it and make it original just for you there’s ton there’s traffic software in here there’s all sorts of stuff and again you’re getting 90 off and you’re getting the sixth and seventh upsell for free through me do

not forget that keep that in your head the sixth and seventh upsell I’ll be free if you click the link and purchase many as they this is great for all of you whether you’re running ads or not running ads whether you want to do free, you know the content

marketing on facebook, where you write posts that get people to click on your offer. It’s all in here, guys this will save you never having to as it says you’ll never need to write anything again, so let’s go through the sales page first before

I show you actually what’s in the back end, and again I hope you’re watching this video to my left because it’s just very interesting Jamie’s

got a great way of selling so copy and profit no need to be creative ever again actual campaigns complete with ad copy keywords and settings these are real campaigns which again he’s making

100 200k with pay once you’ll never need a copywriter again internet marketing make money online fitness hair loss and over 200 niches extremely clever ads top youtube comments you’re gonna get emails you’re gonna

get headlines you’re gonna get everything you need ever need you know to ever write in internet marketing he’s handing you what he uses and what he’s profiting with so you never need to spend any money on it or learn how to do

it yourself proven to convert click the link below come through look at this sales page and you’ll see done few templates no more generic non-converting copy this is really fresh this is very exclusive you only pay once and save a ton

ManyAds OTO Bonuses

for years and years worth of content you’re going to get so many ad copies so many Facebook post copies some youtube comment templates so many email subject headers for all these niches like i say over 200 niches

worth of content is in here 200 nitrogen whatever niche you’re in whatever business you’re starting up whatever product you wish to promote Jamie will have Facebook posts email subject lines um youtube po

youtube ad uh comments posts there’s there’s copy here for everything so look step one copy my campaigns by logging into my cloud-based members area start getting clicks from my campaigns as they lead the way in season

visitors preparing them to buy from you rather than just click off the page and profit and send me a testimonial

i love it this is very important to me as I’m addicted to people so these are the three steps of you know using this today now as you go through you’ll see proof of what he’s making with these ads i mean he’s a known guy

James a known guy he’s not like a young up-and-coming marketer who’s try has to prove themselves this guy knows how to get great conversions his copy works 16 conversion rate do you know-how

hard that is to get on ads paid ads in google you can even rock google ads 8.9 5 um conversion rates i mean this guy’s just a genius many ads you’re going to get the best performing ad copy original ads copy and content ever these have been road-tested this is really really epic because you’re

going to be making tens of thousands of dollars with these you just need to copy and paste upload these to google upload these to Facebook choose and use these ad copies wherever you wish you’re going to make guaranteed money

with me just decide on your niche and then you start using now here are some great testimonials i know a couple of these people cafe nandina George Paula Marie as well so these are good people

ManyAds OTOs details

these are other internet marketers who are up and coming who benefit from us and of course here’s Jamie himself now I’m gonna go through the rest of this sales page

at this point you can read you know what you’re getting i just want to get you to the good stuff let’s jump in and actually show you what’s inside many ads so once you jump into many ads this is what you’re going to get once you purchase using my link getting 90

off you’re going to get this and like i said the sixth upsell and oto seven the seventh upsell the sixth one time offer and the seventh one time off will be coming to you you just need to email me once you’ve purchased with proof of purchase

and we’ll send you I’ll connect you to Jamie so that he can send those to you so look here you are you’re going to jump in to many ads and you’re going to meet Jamie here obviously just here chilling in the laboratory then you’re going to see here let’s have a look to look you’re going to just basically see

pay attention here to what’s happening on the left you can see that there’s a many ads manager video tutorials traffic suite graphic editor article rewriter custom offers then here are the upsells those

otos i talked about so let’s just jump in very quickly and I’m just going to show you exactly some examples of what you’re going to be getting so for a start you know so

ManyAds OTO

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