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NFTcollectionMaker v2 OTO  –  What is NFTcollectionMaker v2?

NFT Collection Maker is a very needed tool and there are no others like it on the market.

This product is super easy & straightforward to use for artists and anybody who hires artists on fiverr,, upwork etc.

Version 1.0 allowed the creation of images and metadata using proprietary TTC AI tech but all related deploying NFTs to a blockchain like Ethereum was not in the app.

Images themselves do not become NFTs until they are on blockchain, and this is what the version 2.0 does.

Version 2.0 not only creates NFT images but includes built-in customizable NFT blockchain contracts which people can deploy to Ethereum and other blockchains with a click.

After a contract is deployed from the NFT Collection Maker 2.0 dashboard, users just need to copy/paste provided code to their website to start selling NFTs right away.

In short, NFT Collection Maker allows everybody to have their own NFT collections created without any technical experience.

There is nothing like this on the market. No other product supports the entire process from generating NFT collections, through deploying NFTs on the blockchain, to delivering done-for-you code for NFT sales on the website.



The Demo

Product Overview

OTO1: Pro Edition $67

Automate Images Upload To Free File Hosting & Automate Inserting Links To NFT metadata, Upgrade To 10,000 Images Max Collection Size, And Create 30 More Collections


OTO2 : Agency Edition $147

Upgrade To Agency License And Start Selling NFT Collections Creation Services To Others, Get An Ability To Create 250 More Collection, Upgrade Max Collection Size To 20,000 Pieces, Deploy NFTs On 3 More Blockchains & Change Max Mint Amount Of Deployed Collection


OTO3: Flex ContractEdition $37

Give Your Ethereum Contract the Ability to Both “Burn” Unsold NFTs & Increase The Max Mint Number Of Your Collection

OTO4 : NFT Whitelister Edition $47

Skyrocket Your NFT Collections Marketing & Community Building To Unheard Of Before Level

OTO5 : Motioney Edition $37

Groundbreaking App For Non-Artists Makes
Motion NFT Crypto Art Which You Can Sell On eBay-Like Sites To Collectors & Speculators.
Forever Automatically Collect Passive Perpetual Royalties Every Time Your NFTs Get Resold

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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video


Invite back everyone, Pixal 2.022 OTO we get to discuss an additional android phone, this moment around and also this time it’s the google pixel 2 … Currently this was a very interesting launch from google. This was coming from the heels of i assume they’re, pretty successful, original google pixel, and also the intriguing thing was that google pixel the initial one was an actually fascinating side action from google.

You know before they really focus on software and also type of a little bit about you understand, spending plan phones and also this and that with the nexus lineup and afterwards with the pixel schedule, they actually focused in on the cams and also despite the google pixel 2 google really Concentrated know the cameras and attempted making the best video camera of that year, although i don’t assume it was like the best electronic camera generally, due to the fact that we did have phones like the apple iphone 10 that had a double camera arrangement and also even like a samsung galaxy. Note. 8. This was still a really excellent option and also for it being a little bit less costly than those other phones i noted well, that’s still a really cool thing that you recognize this one type of had going all out without a doubt now Pixal 2.022 OTO i wouldn’t really advise getting a google Pixel 2 anymore. I would very suggest buying things like the google pixel 4a or the pixel 5a, particularly the pixel, 5 and also 6, however this pixel 2.

I suggest you can still tailor it. You can still root it and also i do assume it still has some ability. There, so if you wish to get those other phones, i mentioned web links are down in the description you can obtain them from. There aid sustain the network. At the exact same time now, in the front of the google pixel 2, we had a 5 inch amoled display.

It’S a 1080p panel, no 120 hertz, no 90 hertz, yet we also have a great deal of bezel around this phone also now we did have a front-facing speaker collection, which was really nice, however we did have quite thick bezels it. Currently. It didn’t go around the phone. It simply kind of was the leading and also all-time low. The bezels are, you recognize on the sides of the phone were rather thin, but the top bezel was big.

The bottom bezel allowed and it truly doesn’t look Pixal 2.022 OTO very new right now. It does look pretty dated, however i simulate the truth that they slim down the bezels on the side, and i like the truth that they included some front-facing speakers, so it made it look a bit much better because method. It kind of looks like a video gaming console to be sincere now, yet in regards to the bezels, i’m not truly that huge a fan of it. However this phone began in 2017, which honestly there’s no justification either, but the pixel 2 xl looked much better than this phone for certain. Now, under, we have the usb type-c port, which is truly great, as well as on the back, we had this light weight aluminum back and aluminum structure, which behaved, and we had a bit of a glass back up top a little.

Maybe it resembled glossy plastic or something i’m not as well certain, but overall the phone felt sort of premium. It really did not feel inexpensive. However again, when Pixal 2.022 OTO i took a look at the phones like the galaxy s8 that came out early 2017 and also the apple iphone 10 that appeared, you recognize around the exact same time as this phone. I’M surprised, google didn’t, you, recognize, place a glass back on this phone or anything like that. They’Ve just now begun doing that with the pixel 6, but i marvel i didn’t do it, after that you know i feel like they can have truly changed up the pixel lineup then.

I rejoice they learned the lesson from after that, but that was a really big thing. In my point of view. Now we did have that single video camera configuration on the back, which you’ll go as well as hit on right now it has that single 12.2 megapixel vast angle lens. It also has a front-facing, 8 megapixel sensor currently, like i mentioned at this time, that time year or whatever 2017 a lot of people were thrilled regarding this camera, because the original pixel on the pixel xl had an outstanding camera arrangement.

A lot of individuals like that phone and also even me you recognize, i still think that’s a wonderful phone. I believe it has a lot of ability, however with the pixel 2 that cam was actually amazing also. You understand i just keep in mind a lot of individuals hyping this video camera up as well as i believe much more so than the back cam the front electronic camera. A great deal of individuals specified that google was actually focusing on the front video camera high quality as well as the front cam equipment to make that a far better phone and also virtually in this way. I think that was an incredible thing that google did and i do Pixal 2.022 OTO believe one of the very best attributes concerning the you know.

Pixel lineup at this time was the electronic camera. Now i do think ever since some points were a bit odd here and there i really feel, like google could have taken it up. A notch like i mentioned, yet i do believe with the google pixel. You know two. I think this electronic camera is still rather good.

It does not really have a lot of attributes, however i do assume the biggest downgrade is the absence of 4k 60 on the back no 1080p at 60 or 4k at 60 on the front, which is pretty typical for 2017 phones. Yet i additionally do assume with the lack of any type of sensors. You recognize they just placed one vast angle lens. Nowadays we do have telephoto lenses and also ultrawide sensors as well as all that things, and the reality that we really did not have it on this phone kind of makes me really feel. Such as this one’s a little obsolete, it’s nothing poor or anything, but it is one of those points to keep in mind.

So in terms of that, that pretty much covers it up currently in regards to the total software and also durability. An additional huge thing about this kind of phone is that it was supply android, which was one of my favorite features of this. You know android phone. Back then. I love stock android.

I don’t like a lot of bloatware, but i additionally like having you understand a great deal of software updates and with the pixel 2, you actually did get a great deal of updates, which was cool as well as one of my most preferred things that i did probably like 2 years Back or a year earlier, currently at this moment was that when android 11 appeared for this thing, i was really able to install it day, one which was amazing in regards to the beta. There was the developer beta. That came out for this point as well as i was able to mount it on my pixel 2 as well as my pixel 2 xl, which is so insane having that kind of simply ability of just setting up updates the first day without having to wait like i have my samsung galaxies and also It’S bothersome often because you need to wait so long for these updates as well as there resembles various variants of service providers. So if you have like an att or an opened one, those come at various days, it’s extremely, very annoying with pixels.Pixal 2.022 OTO You know if they’re supported they’re appearing day, one which is lovely this time around.

I basically just mounted it on my you recognize at android 11, as well as it was an excellent experience. Of course, there were a great deal of pests and also fifty percent my apps weren’t, opening or anything, however by the time it was officially released, it was in fact rather decent and also i just like having those updates that just come out for this phone. So that’s like my favorite aspect of it without a doubt now you can still custom-made ram it and also root it. There’S a humongous customized Pixal 2.022 OTO rom community out for these phones and also it appears, like a bulk of the you know, roms that appear they natively support. You understand a lot of pixels day one as well as the pixel, 2 and 2xl are sometimes included, which is outstanding.

So if there resembles a brand-new beta or if there’s someone making like a brand-new version of a custom rom, they often sustain. Essentially, all the pixels, which is so awesome, sometimes there’s very little – it appears like galaxy phones that are supported. Oneplus is just one of those suppliers that you know are assistance constantly also, but it’s really cool having that type of capacity for this type of phone. So, in regards to the general software program that covers it up there now in regards to the performance, this device has that qualcomm snapdragon 835 chipset inside as well as four gigabytes of ram on each of the versions that this phone came out with and also, like i mentioned at this Time i’m stating it now: this phone had an actually great performing chipset. I assume at that time i mean it was the very best chipset of that year, the snapdragon 835.

You understand if we’re not, if we’re not counting the a11 bionic, which is also amazing, and this point had four gigabytes of ram, which is pretty good.Pixal 2.022 OTO I don’t think that any of the 2017 phones besides the apple iphone 10, were surprisingly insane or they weren’t such as insane. I believe that’s alright, you know, i assume that was kind of what occurs when you obtain. You recognize this near 2018, particularly 2019, when a lot of phones were beginning to ramp up and those were outstanding phones, too. 2017 was a year of essentially hardware.

You understand physical changes and i believe this phone still carries out pretty well. I don’t want to rest below and also claim it’s like impressive. It’S really not that wonderful of a performing phone, it’s still quite smooth, even without a 120hz display due to stock android. It makes these phones feel that a lot more smoother, which, as i discussed before, is actually really essential. You do not wish to have a phone and have it feeling exceptionally slow or anything also from another location near that and also with a phone such as this, that is virtually.

What’S going on, which is a really great feature of this phone now i will tell you in terms of the total efficiency: it’s not actually as terrific i indicate if you’re, comparing it to the pixel 6. It’S not also close. There’S truly no factor in doing that, since you’re not mosting likely to be obtaining that smooth of an experience with this sort of phone. Nevertheless, with phones like you understand, the galaxy s8 that appeared this year, this phone possibly feels a bit smoother and also a little quicker than it actually the only phones, Pixal 2.022 OTO that’s not defeating resembles the iphone 10, however i still believe this is a quite Good phone in terms of efficiency, when you consider the age, the price as well as everything else that i typically state so in regards to efficiency, that practically covers it up there in terms of battery life, probably among the weirder aspects of this phone. It has a 2 700 milliamp hr battery and, like i discussed, i do not actually think this was the factor to get a phone similar to this.

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