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hi there you might already recognize Google are on a goal to get all internet sites on the net onto SSL and also HTTPS as well as they progressively presenting a growing number of ways to force you to make your website secure very soon they’ll show warnings on all website in chrome that aren’t HTTPS currently you don’t desire your own or your clients sites blinking up frightening not secure warnings that is absolutely bad for business so the outcome is if you have not already you need to switch your WordPress website to SSL as well as in this video clip especially targeted at you as a non programmer I’m going to show you precisely how to make a switch as easily as feasible and prevent all the numerous possible pitfalls that journey so many people are currently switching to SSL is much easier and also method less expensive than it used to be actually it’s now totally free however it’s a procedure that you still require to be really careful of some issues I see all the time you make the switch and you still don’t see the secure padlock I’ll show you exactly how to avoid that you lose a website internet search engine rankings if you don’t manage the switchover properly regarding thymes will certainly make sure that doesn’t happen you shed all your social counts if you have those on your site which absolutely damages your ego if absolutely nothing else additionally individuals frequently fail to remember to upgrade actually critical outside solutions that can be a bit of an issue when you or your customers realize too late and future so in this video clip I will rapidly describe what SSL is and why it’s an actually great concept for your sites to be on HTTPS I’ll tell you precisely what Google are doing to require you to make the button and also I’ll reveal you precisely just how to change your WordPress websites from HTTP to HTTPS truly conveniently avoiding all the typical gotchas this will be focused on you as a non coder who uses WordPress with devices like the aspects or page builder SSL represents Secure Sockets Layer but all you actually need to know is that if a websites is using SSL after that when you visit it it’s HTTPS in the address bar not HTTP and you see a wonderful padlock which gives visitors to your sites that heat unclear feeling of security if a page is using SSL implying its LINK starts with HTTPS after that all data pertaining to as well as from the website is encrypted not just passwords and also charge card details however all the material and also code now there are lots of good factors to have your entire website on SSL also if you’re not transferring delicate data and I’m not just speaking just because mr.

Google is telling you to do so although I admit that is fairly a kick up the jacksie to get on with it however data transferred to and also from your website can not be obstructed or changed so for instance when you log into WordPress your username and password is generally just sent as ordinary message that anyone can read if they want to that’s bad is it SSL supplies a significant degree of count on as well as trustworthiness in your web site normally you know visitors they see that padlock as well as they have a better individual experience because of it and a large reason is in fact performance and speed if your site utilizes SSL after that it immediately works on HTTP – if your host supports it I will not go into what HTTP 2 is in this video but just know that it’s way faster than uninteresting old HTTP 1 websites not on SSL simply can not utilize HTTP 2 at all indicating you lose out on a great deal of web page tons speed advantages so Google are bent on see to it all websites of course including your own are on SSL as soon as possible he started back in 2014 when they announced that safe sites would certainly have a little bit of a rankings improve also back then they said that their objective was to have HTTPS Anywhere as soon as possible starting in October 2017 any pages consisting of type fields will trigger and not safeguard caution and that’s not just password or bank card fields we’re talking points like search boxes blog remark forms are asking for your name in an assistance discussion forum now this is simply in Google Chrome however viewing as Chrome is utilized by 60% of internet customers that’s a big large offer I’m pretty quickly most likely 2018 Google will ultimately show not secure on all HTTP web pages so even if you have no types on your web pages in any way your site can still be flagged as hazardous in the Chrome internet browser ouch so here’s just how to switch a WordPress site to HTTPS aimed especially at non programmers like you and also this is the most convenient method I can think of while still seeing to it that you do it the right way so to start with right here’s a review of what we’re going to do firstly we will certainly get an installer free SSL certification to ensure that your website can operate on HTTPS after that we’ll switch over WordPress to utilize HTTPS and also we’ll redirect all the old HTTP web pages to your glossy new secure HTTPS versions instead will then update any type of hard-coded links to the old non safe pages that are in your web content your article your web pages will certainly then deal with the dreaded combined content error that stops your wonderful new protected website having a padlock in the address bar will fix some setups in your CDN if you’re utilizing one do not fret if you’re not as well as lastly we’ll deal with troubles with outside solutions like recovering your social matters Google Analytics Google search console XML sitemaps points like that I’ve really made the button process much easier for you by making an useful list for you to comply with oh no I’m also great to you head over to design develop web Co reduce SSL pop your email in the box on that page and also always the list over to you alright blaster cover allowed’s split on so for your site to use SSL it needs an SSL certification it used to be that if you wanted your site on SSL you had to pay for a certificate for at the very least $100 approximately each year and you can still pay for a certificate if you want to but the most convenient as well as cost-free means these days and also most of us like free is by means of a service called let’s encrypt allow’s finish grip offer totally free SSL certifications in a name to simply eliminate any kind of reasons for making your site safeguard you obtain your totally free certificate through your host control panel so your host needs to in fact support let’s encrypt it’s not something you can establish yourself now two of my favorite host support it psych round and flywheel slightly your hosting firm does Tim as an example SiteGround usage cPanel like several numerous various other organizing so you ought to simply have the ability to log in to your cPanel most likely to let’s encrypt and also follow the directions simply select the domain name you desire from the list fly will have their very own beautiful customized control board yet you can quickly get your SSL certification for your domain there free of cost as well as also if your host does not seem to sustain let’s secure just inquire among my customers asked his hosting business to arrange it out for him and they did although that they in fact do not market assistance for allow’s secure yet to make sure that need to now have your SSL certificate installed for your domain which suggests you can actually visit your web pages with HTTPS on the front of them today however that’s just the begin of it we now need to inform WordPress the website is now on HTTPS as well as we likewise need to redirect the old HTTP Links to the shiny brand-new HTTPS versions instead now this is particularly crucial for search engines like Google if you do not do this bit right they won’t recognize that all your site’s URLs have actually now transformed which can cause huge issues with your online search engine rankings and prior to we do anything else there are three points you require to look after top clear any type of caches that you may have running with caching plugins and afterwards shut down those caching plugins or caching that you might have working on the server you can transform it back on when this is all finished second if you utilize a CDN a content shipment network like crucial CDN or CloudFlare I would certainly encourage in the meantime transforming that off on your site as well it’s a separate concern that I’ll pertain to later on and after that number 3 take a back-up I make use of the updraft plus plugin to backup my WordPress websites but whatever you use backup alright you just need to do it when however I’m just telling you three times so it sinks in you have actually taken a back-up right there are a few ways of attaining this step if you’re a non programmer and also you aren’t comfortable messing about on the web server first if you’re with a host that has a pressure SSL alternative then it’s finest to utilize that choice for instance SiteGround have a plug-in called SG optimizer as well as within that there’s an option to require HTTPS so you can simply click that and your site traffic is rerouted to a safe and secure HTTPS connection you might likewise have to go to Setup General and transform both your LINK settings here to HTTPS similar to this however if that’s currently arranged then wonderful I’ll stand out a link under this video clip to a support tutorial on website ground site if you’re on flywheel they have a force SSL choice as well this likewise redirects all traffic to the new HTTPS version at the server level which is best once again sign in Settings General as well as transform both URLs to HTTPS if they have not been changed currently if the grayed out and also you can not transform them then simply connect with flywheel support and also ask them don’t stress though whatever will still be functioning effectively they do the redirects before this setting stage anyhow I’ll additionally stick a web link listed below to a post on flywheel website with more information talk to your own hosts to see if they have a similar alternative to compel SSL simply realize that if your site is packing in content that’s not secure that means that there are web links in your code or web content they’re referencing unconfident HTTP URLs still you know eye pictures are adverse then that web content won’t fill any longer so you may have disappearing pictures for instance we will certainly repair that following in the meantime though if your host doesn’t supply a pressure SSL choice after that you have to utilize a wordpress plugin rather and also if that’s you then just install an active a the truly easy SSL plug-in this likewise transforms your WordPress site LINK setups as well as it additionally redirects old HTTP Links to the new HTTPS ones and also it also does some smart look at just how you offer a set up so that it sets things up the most effective method for you just do not install truly straightforward SSL if you’ve activated a force SSL alternative in your holding control board or in a plugin supplied by your holding company you do not wish to loss of redirects taking place at the same time so it’s either the Hosting’s choice or the really easy SSL plug-in option not both there’s a little issue with just how we’ve done things so far the force SSL options from either your home in or the plugin they only really do those rewrites on the fly so the actual URLs in the data source still continue to be as the old HTTP ones so for example any type of hard-coded links or photos in your material will certainly still be the old HTTP now it’s not a trouble thus your website is still on SSL those web links do get redirected however it’s better to transform the real Links in the database to the brand-new HTTPS variations to not simply redirect them you’re redirecting them at all times is slower and also susceptible to issues in future oh the answer is currently to run the much better search replace plugin once it’s mounted the settings are under tools right here all you do is you place the old web page LINK right here so I’ll pretend my old URL was HTTP that’s it no ahead slashes on the end after that in the replace with field I’ll put the new HTTP variation as well as the way I’ll do that is in fact to copy the very first one paste it in below and after that stick an S on the end of the HTTP that’s it and also I only advise duplicate as well as paste in because it simply prevent you making any type of foolish typos choose all the tables in the data source leave the situation insensitive and change GUI DS boxes unattended you can do a dry run first which just replicates the find as well as replace procedure or you can untick that to do the actual run see to it you have a backup since will certainly currently change all mentions of the old HTTP URLs in the entire data source to the brand-new HTTP ones as much better and also it’ll deal with a great deal of mixed web content problems which we’ll pertain to quickly now if you use components or pay attention up there’s one more extremely important job in the same blood vessel as this pertained to elemental and devices then the replace LINK tab after that in upgrade website address right here the same as with the better search replace plug-in you pop your old HTTP address here and your new HTTP version right here as well as again copy and paste it in and then simply add the s/he simply prevents any kind of troubles with typos currently this is necessary you will certainly if you don’t do this you will likely get combined web content warnings things like missing pictures in aspects or in addition to other possible problems as well now if at this point you visit the web pages on your site and also the padlock gets on congratulations put yourself a congratulatory drink take the rest of the day off inform your employer I said it was alright you’ve made it however if you find that you don’t have the padlock yet or you have actually missing or damaged web content on your web pages like missing out on photos after that my friend you likely have mixed content problems this primarily suggests that while your site is attempting its best to be all protected in your site source code you’re still calling in maybe photos or CSS data or JavaScript using an HTTP link not HTTP and also since your page is calling in troubled material you do not win the lock reward so instances of this may be links to background photos in CSS documents web links to obsolete scripts web links pulling in adverts from a various web server things like that great to repair this well the initial point go to why no lock com popu sites URL in package and it’ll inform you what the troubles are on your web page so that you recognize where to want to fix them an alternative is this SSL mosaic from JIT bit which in fact crawls up to 200 web pages on your website and after that records on what’s causing the blended content problems as well as finally you can also try mounting the SSL insecure web content fixer plugin which assists discover and also deal with these concerns as well nevertheless if you previously set up actually simple CSS you won’t need this plug-in due to the fact that really straightforward CSS will certainly have done so this for you as well as honestly if you can not repair it yourself especially if you’re not really techy some it’s best just to hire in some assistance to do the job at this stage if you more than happy all is well you can turn any kind of caching plugins back on this next phase only applies to you if you use a CDN or material delivery network the outcome is your CDN LINK has to likewise be HTTPS – so as an example I make use of vital CDN and also when I switch my website to SSL I had to install a free allow’s secure SSL certification in my vital CDN control panel as well so that my CDN below domain URL properties design/build webco was likewise https if you don’t do this as well as your CDN LINK is still making use of HTTP after that you’ll still have combined content problems now I do not recognize which CDN you’ll be using if any type of so if you are making use of one it’s best to check your very own CDN documentation and also find out what you need to do it’s why I suggested earlier that I think it’s best to turn the CDN off on your site till you have actually arranged this out currently if just an unique reference for CloudFlare if you’re making use of CloudFlare it can in some cases trigger a couple of various other problems you just need to be knowledgeable about if you use the actually simple SSL plug-in after that there’s a write-up from them about CloudFlare that I’ll connect to under the video and also if you get on website ground they additionally have an assistance write-up regarding CloudFlare – once more I’ll put the web link under the video clip at this moment your website need to currently get on HTTPS and everybody mores than happy including mr.

Google it’s constantly an excellent suggestion to maintain him pleased and also this last is an essential one though as well as one that a lot of individuals neglect until much later when they recognize that specific points are damaged so you need to make certain that you upgrade any exterior services you use as well as there are a couple of essential ones take note initial job is to sort google search console or web designer tools as it used to be called if you utilize it that is and also you truly should to develop a brand new profile for your HTTPS website different to your existing HTTP account resubmit your XML sitemap if you have one remember your sitemap will certainly currently have all your HTTPS URLs in it not the old HTTP one if he using a Search Engine Optimization plugin like Yoast or the Search Engine Optimization structure they instantly create an XML sitemap for you do you just grab the URL pop it right into search console additionally if a disavow demand was ever before sent for this website in the existing account after that you should redownload the existing disavowed txt data and afterwards resubmit it to the brand-new https profile if you do not know what a disavow file is don’t stress you can ignore this little bit it’s truthfully not something to be happy with all right as soon as that’s done you can safely remove the old HTTP profile in search console next ensure to log into the Google Analytics make up this website or whatever analytics package you’re utilizing as well as in the setups under admin modification the site URL from HTTP to HTTPS you’ll have one under residential property settings and likewise one under view settings as well as you might have numerous views to change unlike search console do not create a new analytics profile or anything just up de unsaved as soon as you have actually done that you can currently reconnect your analytics account back up to a search console again yet this time around to your brand-new HTTP account so go into building settings then scroll down to relink search console up right here I additionally like to add a comment to analytics which is just a notes on the day that the site moved to SSL so that you can spot any problems in future alright that’s your analytics information arranged currently if you use a plugin like the great social war for social media sites sharing symbols then you may have social counts such as these huge issue though once you move to HTTPS you’ll lose these counts reset to zero throughout the board that’s truly not wonderful for the old vanity is it so you require to proactively recuperate them with social war to do this you require the professional version however it’s very low-cost and worth every cent I’ll pop a web link to it below then in the plug-in settings under progressed you turn on share recovery right here and afterwards set your previous connection procedure to HTTP not HTTPS you require to pick HTTP here and also Save Adjustments which’s it also if you make use of go over for comments as opposed to the WordPress comment system after that you’ll also need to recoup those too I’ll stick a web link below to Brian Jackson’s superb tutorial revealing you just how to do it additionally see to it you update the LINK to HTTPS in the site’s numerous social profiles like Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube and finally do not forget to update the site’s URL in the setups in any kind of other outside tools that the site utilizes so for instance in e-mail marketing systems like MailChimp and split screening devices keyword ranking trackers etc to make sure that’s just how to change a wordpress site over to SSL if you require a helpful list to follow to make this even simpler jump over to create develop web Co reduce SSL pop your email in package on that particular page and I’ll send it over to you it’s not a hard procedure actually yet it’s something that you need to take your time over to do it thoroughly and not miss any kind of actions good luck with a switch if you located that video handy do me a big huge support please offer me a thumbs up on the video listed below and leave me a comment and also subscribe to my youtube channel so you’ll get to know when I’ve got new videos out such as this now my e-mail customers always obtain my absolute best things so to get in on the activity go to develop construct internet Co lower my best things pop your email address in there and I’ll keep you informed see you soon [Music]

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