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OrangeDrive OTO


OrangeDrive OTO  –  What is OrangeDrive?

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Unlimited Cloud Storage and File Hosting: 1 Insanely Low Price

Everyone needs more online storage
…especially as video and image files really eat it up fast…
But talk about expensive… DropBox, iCloud, MediaFire can really put a dent in your budget with their monthly fees…

…not to mention all their limitations…
Well, today, you can say goodbye to ALL of that and…

Store unlimited files. without limitation…
Get easy thumbnail preview of files in any format…
Never worry about storage and data backups again…Not to mention living with the constant fear of losing your data stored locally on your computer or mobile phone – think family photos which may never be recovered…
Built-In Drag and Drop File Manager – VALUE $197

End-To-End Encryption Keeps ALL Your Data SAFE – VALUE $997
1-on-1 Support From Leaders In The Online Storage Industry – VALUE $197
Cloud Storage For Unlimited Files (Documents, Photos, Videos, ANYTHING)
1-on-1 Support From Leaders In The Online Storage Industry
All inside one newbie-friendly interface even an 8-year-old can master!



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Video review for Front End only.

Text From This video

hey, what’s going on? Everyone, this is akin here. Welcome to my orange drive review. In this review, we’re going to be taking a close look at orange drive and also, most importantly

I’ll be revealing the high-value custom bonuses that I’m giving away to get you the best results with orange drive launches on the 27th of

march by 10 a.m eastern time, and you are going to find the link to this bonus page in the description of this video she . The orange drive is a storage platform this basically gives you storage space to store your files, and this allows you to

store different types of files, basically, all the type of files you may want to store, including videos, audios images documents, pdfs and different types of files. It actually allows you to store these on this cloud-based

OrangeDrive OTO


the platform you can actually use this as a backup for your files uh and generally this is a storage uh software so right now I’m going to be showing you the custom bonuses you’re

going to be getting from me in addition to orange drive, then I’m just going to take you to the dashboard to actually show you how this works, and this is pretty

straightforward and also easy to use my first bonus you’re gonna be getting access to a collection of 2000 plus HD royalty-free images that you

can go on using any project video making or web projects also bonus number two you’re going to be getting templates video templates that can be customized in PowerPoint meaning you don’t even need any extra software

to customize these videos, customize text images, and then once you are done, you can actually hit the export button, and you get an mp4 videos that

you can go and use it on any social media platform like Twitter, Facebook tick-tocks, and the likes. Also, bonus number three you’re going to be getting access to 200 mega music tracks that you can actually use in your projects, including video

creation and stuff like that also bonus number four you’re gonna be getting training that shows you how to set up your own website using WordPress

be it your affiliate website or even an e-commerce website, this takes you through the process of getting a domain, getting hosting, and even creating your website, even if you have zero experience with website creation. Also, bonus

number five, you’re going to be getting access to a WordPress plugin that allows you to track your links. This is also a link rotator, and this allows you to distribute traffic

OrangeDrive OTOs

between different links, so this allows you to actually rotate, and this allows you to also do split testing on your links ,bonus number six, you’ll be getting access to cloud-based software that allows you to create squeeze page templates

you’ll be getting access to some squeeze page templates you can actually use in affiliate promotions in any niche. All you need to do is slap your affiliate links

and then you are going to be creating some high-quality squeeze pay templates, which basically allows you to get people’s email address people are going to be able to fill in their email address and then

they’re going to be redirected to your affiliate offers, and then you can get these email addresses straight to your autoresponder, or you can download these and also exports and go and upload these to any autoresponder you

are also using bonus number seven. We are going to be getting all the vendor bonuses in addition to my own bonuses, and there’s a ton of them. All you need to do to claim all these bonuses is click on any of the red buttons on this bonus page

and if you click on any of these red buttons, it’s going to take you to the sales page of the orange drive where you’re going to be able to pick up the orange drive and where you’re going to be getting full information about this

so it says businesses have already moved their data to this breakthrough app that helps you store, host and share, and backup unlimited files, videos, images, and more on ultra-fast servers for life

at an unbeatable one-time price, the only cloud storage solution you need in the post-pandemic world move over expensive and restrictive tools like google drive and dropbox uh so what you get in this front end is actually [Music] 350 gigs of upfront data, and they also claim that you get

OrangeDrive OTO Links

the free bomb when you reach the limits of 350 gig, so just bear in mind that we are getting uh is 350 gig of space, and then this comes with just this comes at just a one-time fee meaning no monthly payment which

is actually great uh for 350 gigs of storage uh space uh so feel free come check out this sales page in your own time in order to get full information uh about orange drive so right now I’m going to take you to the

dashboard and this is easy to use. You can go ahead and create a folder. Let’s just create a folder right here. Click on create, and then our folder is created, and if you double click on that, you can go ahead and upload your files right

OrangeDrive OTO


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