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hey welcome clickfunnels come on in my name is Russell Brunson and also I’m here after-hours right now with you since I’m very special offer I wan na create you yet first I’m curious how do you know about click funnels just how have you read about this was it you saw one of our ads online as well as you saw this read what on the planet is this is a site building contractor is it something different or second maybe in a possibility to check out among my books or you saw the ads for publications on-line and also you’re questioning what this channel point is or number 3 perhaps the sauce on

Facebook Instagram YouTube Twitter everywhere for advertising and marketing because we’re so thrilled out funnels regardless I’m below today to make you really special deal yet before I do I just want to take you inside click funnels headquarters to reveal you something really truly cool and afterwards assist you get started today okay so welcome within the headquarters of click funnels right here this is where all the magic happens actually it starts right below this is the start of the two common club walls this is where we were hanging awards individuals have made at the very least a million bucks inside of a funnel they’ve obtained two commas

so if you’re wondering like just click funnels actually function well it’s helped every one of these individuals right here now begun in as a matter of fact you wan na see another thing actually cool this is a corridor that we initially started hanging it to common club honors as well as within a pair months the entire corridor got completely loaded with individuals that would certainly strike the to karma club so it’s worked for every one of these individuals too fine now with that said I wish to take you over below due to the fact that I intend to reveal you guys the stats can click kinds individuals always such as well it’s gon na be around for a very long time it’s in fact working for individuals therefore this is the real head office where we reveal our statistics to every person on our group so they can see them all the time so since tonight we have ninety-eight thousand 6 hundred as well as eleven individuals nearly a hundred thousand users Nats that’s tonight by the time you guys are viewing us I’m undoubtedly more than a hundred thousand I’ll post the real number down below so you can see it and celebrate with me yet the reason that I reveal you that is since it’s not an issue if you’re gon na be making use of click funnels this damp ok yet tell individuals this for over 5 years such as this is the future of entrepreneurship this is where things require to

go therefore I want you to take a look at the other practically hundred thousand participants who are similar to you who are utilizing this as well as now it’s time for you to use it as well and also this is the other number I wish to show you as of tonight over 4.1 billion bucks isn’t in process with click funnels so it does it work indeed it functions actually truly well 4.1 billion bucks has been processed through it’s simply it’s outrageous okay so I in fact wish to I want take you back to my office cuz back below I wish to make you guys a special deal however do I see another thing real fast this is our cooking area after wall surface ran out within the restroom we started bring him here inside the cooking area therefore currently all these walls and here are covered too and I’m the one point to observe is these wall surfaces right below all-too-common Club Awards those ones over there the silver records those are individuals that to Carmel Club X indicating their phones transformed 10 million dollars and so yeah they’re there all over the place so does this stuff work yeah it helps all them too okay so with that said claimed my workplace is back here this is where I construct my funnels is where I believe as well as brainstorm like what can we do for every one of our clickfunnels members as well as we have a great deal of fun and tonight I have actually made you men a truly special deal inside of here a person take you men inside my own personal workplace so come on in fine now in my personal office so below is where I’ve been resting for the last pair hours conceptualizing what can I do to see to it you’re successful like that’s all I respect within this company is making sure my very own Spurs succeed as well as I’m presuming if you see this for one reason or another you’ll have a clickfunnels account yet if there’s ninety 8 thousand individuals your peers individuals just like you who are doing this that have a success with it and also I wish to make certain you achieve success also so due to that I’m gon na make you a very special deal when you reach click funnels trial today now even if you take them to trial in the past somehow you know you try to feel a while and you left whatever that is I intend to see to it that tonight me and you we can work through this and make certain that you have whatever you need to be effective that’s unfair all right so the initial point one of the most standard component of this deal is that I’m gon na offer you men a free 14-day test to clickfunnels that’s gon na provide you four days that’s 2 complete weeks to enter there as well as to have fun with it and to attempt it out and also see if it’s gon na work for you and also for your details company that seem great so that’s the very first thing now the second thing and this is something that my group does not find out about yet I’m sure they’re gon na go nuts in the morning when I when I describe this to them however lately desires and also we released a new system call the channel flicks inside of channel flakes are countless hrs of training from top marketing and also sales as well as business minds worldwide channel individuals that simply scheduled for our highest possible end clients and so what I intend to do right down tonight is actually open up a network inside the funnel flicks simply for you to give you access to some of these remarkable training programs assist you be successful that’s noises amazing allow me inform you about what things inside the funnel flicks have actually opened up for you especially all right so the initial thing I opened up is the training course that we call product secrets okay and also the reason why I’m gon na provide you people product secrets is because all individuals that use click funnels that do not stick for whatever reason every someplace Russells is awesome I like click funnels it’s so very easy to make use of to construct funnels and relocate points about on the page the issues that have an item to market yet I don’t desire that to be excused for you any longer so the first training course I’m gon na offer you people totally free tonight is the item keys training program you can see video clip there right here this is what it appears like your chance to undergo this as well as this will instruct you to create your extremely first product in a weekend break fine therefore there’ll be no more excuse for you like I do not have an item yet like simply see that training produce a really first product and return and start developing your channel okay to ensure that’s the really first thing I wish to offer us tonight alright number two I want to provide you guys access to a training course and this is one of my team is gon na freak out when I tell them we’re offering this year free of cost right now however there’s a training program we created called channel builder secrets this is a training program we launched with click funnels in the last couple of years we have actually offered over 10,000 copies of it at 2,000 bucks or more and I wish to give you people this entire training program for free and also the reason this is so essential this is the specific very same training course that Brandon and also Kalyn Poland from woman boss went through when they began their journey 3 years earlier as a matter of fact I wish to show you guys truly fast video clip so you can hear in their own words what they did when they got the training course as well as just how they eat it to make certain they achieved success so check us out now what’s up Russell men my name is Brandon this is my better half Kaelyn and we just wish to share actual fast literally three years ago we resembled to the end of ourselves we had no cash our checking account she resembled am I gon na be able to buy grocery stores and also it was insane we were transitioning out of a past job as well as we wanted to do something online we intended to take our interest for health and fitness as well as help people on the internet yet we didn’t recognize exactly how to do it and also luckily I met a good friend via an insane link wound up getting in touch with clickfunnels as well as we bought this point he had this webinar we spent the last cash in our savings account like legit yeah the last money we had in our bank as well as I didn’t also want to press the button since I was also terrified yeah and also she did so the best essentially the very best point that we ever before did we’re actually being in the car park of having you can see it well of Wells Fargo now about to no that’s so crazy we resemble essentially ready to get our like desire villa at a lake and also it’s simply nuts and so we’ve been able to assist over a hundred thousand women with our program called lady boss as well as well as we’re simply we’re just so delighted so literally what we did is we got Russell’s point and we I literally made a sit down in the living-room every yeah and also we needed to stop the video like every 20 seconds every single time Russell would state do something we would certainly stop briefly the video we have these big white boards when you would certainly map it all out and it take us like 8 hours and then we come back we played the video 30 seconds you ‘d say to do something else we would certainly pause it we ‘d map all of it out take another 4 hours as well as we simply did that until it was done yes so actually we knew absolutely nothing like the level of my online marketing experience 3 years back as well as we signed up with Russell was I believe I could play computer game and I can attach a Video Cassette Recorder right like essentially and so we went from like that to such as now helping over a hundred thousand individuals with our on the internet online company as well as utilizing Russell and click funnels and as well as just taking his training he literally just maps it out for you it resembles it resembles you simply stop it do this fine fantastic next action it’s like going to mosting likely to school other than way much better so Thank You Russell and also thank you click funnels you’re impressive yeah man we appreciate it so much and also simply do it do it do it you created that hashtag incidentally how’s shake see you men is that remarkable I’m so fired up for many years to get access to this so the very first point you obtain is the product secrets educate program to show you how to construct your item as well as the 2nd point the media accessibility the exact same course I provided Brandon and Caitlyn they paid a lots of cash for it you did it absolutely free today when you get going in second training courses channel building contractor secrets okay so the 3rd thing individuals constantly asking for it seeks the other item developed after they got their channel built the 3rd point you need is traffic right now a pair years ago concerning a decade ago really I had my very initial individual was available in did a teaching fellowship for me his name is Justin Brooke he flew her two children he functioned me completely free for an entire month to learn internet marketing and also after I went home and also he determined he was gon na geek out and master web traffic therefore he started figuring just how to get website traffic from YouTube from LinkedIn from Twitter from Facebook from Instagram from all the major ad systems and also over the last decade he’s mastered that process and a couple of years ago he began coming out with a training program called add skills and also include skill started training media buyers for individuals’s groups and so what occurs I in fact bought his training course for my group I claimed okay you recognize you’re gon na be driving Facebook Advertisements my funnels go watch Justin’s training you’re gon na be doing Twitter me doing YouTube advertisements so I had other people watch this training the training got so great really called Justin up and I paid him cash to license it from him so I might give it to you to make sure that suggests that your funnels live you’re not gon na be wondering oh just how do I obtain website traffic you just visit and you can go see the Facebook modules as well as find out specifically just how to obtain Facebook Ads we’re gon na obtain Twitter ads or Instagram ads or you to that whatever type of website traffic resource you desire the training remains in there for you once again this is the precise very same train that at first I make use of to educate my team so even fear I do not wish to learn how to drive traffic they can provide this to a person on your team and also provide it to among your children provide it to your to your spouse go work with a person as well as say look you’re in charge of getting website traffic and give them these training modules and also assist you obtain web traffic into your funnels so that’s the 3rd thing you’re obtain after your product tricks funnel home builder hunters you also get the include abilities training platform to assist you or your team to drive website traffic right into your funnels number 4 and this is what I’m so fired up to provide to you due to the fact that what I located among the biggest troubles individuals have when they’re attempting to grow a firm is not a lot like I don’t have this skill set to do it I don’t recognize how to exactly how to create a product and just how to drive traffic exactly how to develop a funnel I’m gon na provide you a light score anyhow the largest trouble many people have is generally in between the airs it’s their mindset they fight with like how do I in fact have success and also I have actually been fortunate sufficient in my very own individual life to be close friends with Tony Robbins now for over a decade he’s come as well as smoking at funnel aking live several times I’ve had a possibility to be company companions with some good friends with him and he was someone who I met when I was battling in my own company and also my marriage in my life and also he literally came and assisted to re-wire my brain to help me come to be extra successful I assume a lot of times it’s not so much just how do I expand a business it resembles exactly how do I get all the stuff out of my head that’s holding me back and so lately I paid Tony Robbins not enabled to talk about just how much we paid him but it’s well over a quarter million dollars to find to funnel hacking live as well as do a presentation for our channel hackers concerning how to obtain all right stuff out of our heads we can be effective in our organisations and effective growing our funnels as we was available in he did a 4 and a half hour presentation which was crazy he walked around he essentially did an intervention on Kaylin and other individuals inside of the channel cyberpunk community resembled among the coolest points that I’ve ever seen I can possibly see some video of her back here therefore he did that whole point as well as I asked her I claimed can I provide this discussion to all of our funnel hackers they have some huge settlements he ultimately said yes fortunately he stated as well as incidentally right here’s a lot of my other personal collection or several of the very best things I believe people need to go through in your area too so as a result of that we have our Tony Robbins individual collection which once again is the significant training heated up a channel treking online as well as a whole lot of various other training videos from him to aid get your attitude fixed so you can be successful in not simply your company although we desire you to be successful in business but in all facets of your life therefore that’s the following thing you’re gon na enter of the special deal when you begin with the test today okay so what that suggests is when you get going today you’re complimentary click funnels trial I’m gon na give you a number of things top I’m gon na provide you product candidate so you recognize exactly correspond your item number two where you provide you channel building contractor secrets you understand exactly how to in fact build your channel number three will give you the add abilities educating system so you or a few of your group begin driving website traffic and all your channel number 4 we gave you has access to the Tony Robbins personal private collection of all the training you require to assist re-wire your mind so you can be effective in organisation as well as in life and I obtained two other bonus offers as I wish to give you also the very first perk is something my group created for you due to the fact that a great deal of people begin utilizing click funnels than like well I do not really recognize which type of funnel I ought to be using for my very own company so I had them build out an entire lot of design templates of a layout for if you’re attempting to create leads like lead channels a whole number of templates for cart channels if you have physical items book channels you’re offering a book webinar funnels high-ticket funnels product launch channels whatever sort of channel you require my group constructed several of one of the most impressive magnificently designed themes worldwide you simply click a link it’ll put that holy place inside your click funnels account and also you can just alter it place your logo design and put your video clip within a couple of minutes your channel be ready to rock-and-roll and also it’ll be real-time to ensure that’s the second bone or the initial benefit and also the second bonus offer is we have an exclusive channel