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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

Paid 2 Play OTO hi there everybody as well as welcome to every little thing voice over comm. My name is Justin D Torres. Today, we’re mosting likely to be evaluating voice, one two, three voice, one 2 3 is a pay-to-play site and also for those of you who don’t understand what pay-to-play is you give them a subscription fee, usually a yearly take off charge as well as they offer you tryouts and also those auditions are For actual jobs, and afterwards if you are chosen for that job, you go ahead as well as do the job and afterwards you make money for it and then you’re done and you might have a repeat customer. Who can who will be there to ask you for work? Increasingly more so it’s basically a means for a person with the residence studio and also recording devices as well as a capacity to do voice over to make extra money.

That’S what a pay-to-play website is and the big played play sites.Paid 2 Play OTO Our voice is tranquil voice. One two three and also the voice realm: there may be a couple of other ones available like voice, bunny and there’s a couple of other ones, yet the large players are definitely voice is tranquil as well as voice, one two three and also an up-and-comer in voice realm. Now. Last last week we did a review of voices tranquil, so I assume it’s only suitable that I do a testimonial of voice one 2 three, unfortunately I have actually.

My views on voice 23 have constantly been extremely comparable. I’Ve been an extremely uh. It’S been pretty adverse due to how individual experiences I have actually had with voice one two three, Paid 2 Play OTO yet you know I came at it with an open heart once more and also truly assessed it once again as well as type of have the very same verdicts, however let’s just jump into it. The here’s, the everything voice over comm testimonial of voice, one two 3: currently, allow’s start with the pros, if you want tasks and you wish to get auditions voices, one 2 3 does that voice? One 2 3 provides you auditions the numbers wise.

It depends. I possibly get 15 auditions a week, maybe less often auditions pop in and afterwards they’re gone in two hrs. I don’t recognize just how that functions or why that happens. They have actually obtained a little unusual smart spreading feature, yet they do have a lot of tasks in there. I it’s nowhere near the quantity of tasks that voices.

om has, but there are a number of work and also the top quality range of work are wonderful. You know you have little tiny jobs for greater than newer people, Paid 2 Play OTO and you have really large excellent quality tasks as well as I have actually had a number of truly good work take place from voice one 2 3, so the variety is absolutely there and also you can most definitely transform it if you, If you do not want to choose under a hundred bucks – and also you can most definitely place in that feature there to filter it out, another wonderful thing that they do have that’s extremely fascinating is that is that the competitors is because of the smart actors function. The competitors is much less so you’re, generally visiting a lot of work that are only 20 people broad or there’s not that lots of people pursuing it which’s even if of the mix of the smart cast feature as well as and individuals yeah and also not Obtaining and getting to a particular quantity of people. One more interesting aspect of the smart cast function is that and also really the auditions themselves that you can actually tell in the audition the amount of auditions have been assessed, which is a good idea that something that does refrain from doing so you can see if a customer has Got 60 auditions and they have actually evaluated absolutely no.

So if you see that you resemble oh, he or she is not mosting likely to pay attention to tryouts, they may not also exist any longer, so I should refrain that tryout, which is something you certainly need to do if you’re taking a look at voice. 1. 2. 3. If you see that they’ve done, there’s 60 auditions as well as they’ve listened to 55 of them.

You know you should not consider yourself the 61st audition. You need to consider yourself the sixth tryout, since this is what they’re mosting likely to listen to next and also they haven’t selected any person yet so they’re looking to ensure that’s an excellent feature, they have is to tell the number of work the person has actually listened to. So you understand if it’s a devoted customer is Paid 2 Play OTO actually placing time into right into a paying attention to task. To make sure that’s great and after that you understand the client exists. That’S incredible!

To ensure that is just one of the huge pros of voice 1. 2. 3. Regrettably, we’re going directly to cons now, because there is a few of them. The the very first one is the variety of tasks.

It’S most definitely not the exact same, not comparable to and it’s nearly as costly, otherwise costlier, than it goes to $ 400 per year, and that’s a dreadful lot of cash, and also specifically it’s tougher to make that back. If you do not have as lots of tasks to pursue – as well as I consider it nowadays and also it has to do with 10 20 each week – perhaps even less – I do not really pay that much attention to it, since I also i erase work due to the fact that i see that no one is looking at The auditions, so I do particular tasks and also they do not do certain tasks and there’s likewise a number of tasks that have the exact same client over and also over once more, and also you never recognize if they’re actually working with that’s the one point you can’t tell about those tasks if they Are being worked with and also if they are actual tasks that exist? Another really intriguing thing about voice $ 0
23, it has separated itself out and also it does not.

It does not escrow any kind of cash, as well as it in fact doesn’t, as far as I recognize, doesn’t make that much cash off of the tasks. Themself they’re not taking a portion of the work they their customer care is basically hands-off. They do. Paid 2 Play OTO They can not they’re not making any type of money off of us when it comes to the particular job, so they don’t care. So it’s up to you to go.

Obtain the money they can’t also they can in fact even just maintain taking keep having their tasks various other the customers tasks as much as. If you know that they’re not good clients or they do not or they or they’re requesting for something. That’S also inexpensive, I suggest it’s, the customer care is non-existent. In my opinion, I’ve grumbled a bunch of times regarding specific clients as well as they did not assist in any way. I had to go after customers for money myself since they have no, they have no say in it.

So unfortunately, that’s a significant disadvantage for me and that’s why they are at the bottom of the list. In my point of view of like, if you are going to start voiceover, you do not get voices voice. One two 3 initially, yet voice is tranquil. The following thing that they have is a wise cast feature which’s a con for people like me since I’m a mill I like to audition I’ll audition for 20 30 jobs a day. If I can as well as I’ll do it right away.

You know and also I’ll put the most effective effort right into it, Paid 2 Play OTO due to the fact that I desire I want to get a shot at the work smart cast. What it does is they take a look at the amount of jobs you pursued as well as they kind of filter it out. Perhaps they provide it to other people, individuals who have not done many work. They almost rewards you for deleting tasks that possibly don’t work for you or for deleting tasks, so they’ll provide you an additional work rather, so it’s nearly like they want you particularly auditioning for details tasks, and that can be wonderful for a person that’s a nine to Fiver, since you will certainly remain in work that have only fifteen fifteen, the tryouts for it as well as you’ll see it pop up you resemble oh fantastic which sort of work you recognize as well as you might have three hours to do. It and you’ll still be at fifteen, whereas voices.

om a job appears, it’s it’s concealed, thirty within the half an hour, it’s hidden, twenty or thirty, by half hours, often even fifteen mins and the various other point that is a very substantial con which this last one this Last smart cast can be a professional or a disadvantage, yet the con for me, so I put it in the context about the scores of auditions, is something that they do. If you look in the addressed area or your audition outbox, you will see that the customers have the ability to rate your audition. Currently it’s a one to 5 star rating, so normally I mean like I take pleasure in the voices relax version, since if they like it, they put a thumbs-up. Paid 2 Play OTO If they listen to it, they have an ear. That’S all I require to understand.

I do not need to understand if you don’t like my audition, it doesn’t make me feel any kind of better or worse to recognize if you don’t like my tryout, due to the fact that there’s a million reasons that you could not like my tryout, you might like it due to the fact that it had not been. You may place a one star and think that oh well, this is not the appropriate sort of voice. I was trying to find so I’ll place one celebrity on there or, if you or if there, perhaps they don’t understand what they desire as well as they’re, like god, this does not truly function or to the various other end of the range they might be like. This is awful voice. Over, I don’t want to have anything to do with this, so one star jobs, yet things is it shouldn’t be rated by doing this as well as the thing is they do not have a rating system for customers like voices.

om does so. This is the only score system they have and also however it’s for auditions I imply can its. It has numerous there’s many variables that, on a reason that a person wouldn’t like a tryout as well as Jessica – and I obtain one – I obtain – below’s my here’s. Paid 2 Play OTO My point I get collection I obtain ones one stars and I get 5 star and also I know that the five stars most of the moment, 80 % of the moment end up being jobs and also the one celebrities do not and that’s penalty. But it’s something regarding taking a look at a one-star score.

That has definitely nothing to do with anything is simply demoralizing, as well as I recognize a great deal of people are going to get one celebrities. I reached think. Oh, I should draw. No you don’t the system sucks, it shouldn’t. Be that should not be ranked by doing this currently this might seem a little venti, but I want you people to understand about this before you get into it currently.

The other huge disadvantage is the cost 400 bucks a lot of money. I can’t go any kind of further into it aside from the fact that it’s it shouldn’t be the most. It absolutely is unworthy the price, as well as it’s not competitors for I assume it’s a far cry from that from that website.

The various other one is that they don’t have an escrow, Paid 2 Play OTO they don’t keep the cash, so they do not have any kind of beneficial interest in your in your work and also exactly how you communicate with a person, the other you are going to need to invoice the job you are mosting likely to Need to collaborate with the client you’re going to have to email them to and fro. You’Re going to need to create an invoice exists, amande you’re going to need to jump on them for just how they pay you. Some things will certainly be cheques in 30, 40 days from getting the job done. Some things will be longer than that. I have actually had 60 net days and that’s from Boise calm and also you need to obtain on it.

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