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Profit Leadz OTO  –  What is Profit Leads?

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It’s a groundbreaking cloud prospecting and  email marketing, and CRM software  helps you to automatically find and land new clients to sell their videos or other agency services to and manage them all from within the app only

this tool also comes with real and in-depth training that includes how to get clients on a variety of networks, what to sell now and charge, scaling training for hands-free work, and more to run a successful freelance or agency business.


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Revenue Leadz OTO so we are below in the dashboard as you can see we can within the dashboard we have the overall stored call like how many contacts we

have kept in our CRM we have the complete Facebook collection the complete google series and the overall yellow pages used this is delete sources

in the lead finder here we have both the overall search recently each day as well as the last 10 place stairs so the first thing to do is to


Profit Leadz OTO


locate to locate leads in the lead documents using Revenue Leadz OTO the lead you go here let’s claim as an example you wish to locate these utilizing Facebook leads

we can search in Facebook leads individual keyword phrase to let’s claim for example we wish to work with a hair salon place there is as an example from new york, as well as the radius, allow say as an example 50

kilometers and also below we are going to have the business name the telephone number of the site we’re visiting if the page is

confirmed or not we’re visiting the law of the web page or the search of the business is open or shut as well as a business created and activity to make even more action on our business so allow’s click on discover

leads and also it’s going to bring up instantaneously delete as we can see below business name the telephone number the web site as well as I’m I can start with the company did they have websites allow click

here for example by click on this link yes it’s going to ha show just the business that has a web site let’s say for example I wish to see Profit Leadz OTO business that has uh e-mails contact number now yes

as well as below I can see all the businesses have phone numbers as well as the web site as well as if I want to delete a filter just click here below

yeah that’s it and right here we can see 2 actions one this button allow me to add the business or allow me to see more


Profit Leadz OTOs


data concerning business let’s see with this instance I’m going to go here this will enable me to see if they have SSL

set up WordPress inside I’m going to see if their phone is mobile friendly if they have a video marketing their web site mosting likely to also have the web page speed of their internet site I’m mosting likely to

have also if they have a social media network existence like as an example this service is only available on Facebook and also youtube they do not have an Instagram account so, for instance, one can we can

build offer them uh Instagram account I can see here also the number of likes they have the number of persons has this check-in in their

business how many rankings they have like for Profit Leadz OTO also this service has five individuals ranked them for five stars and also we can see a text about the business we can additionally see the sneak peek of the web site like

the desktop computer testimonial and the mobile sneak peek and hereby go here I’m mosting likely to include this business on the CRM allow’s go here as well as the same thing I can I do discussion forum Facebook leads

I can do it for google leads as well as yellow pages Revenue Leadz OTO lead I can click on show more to show more leads like as an example below I can click on

2 to see all the other leads I can export all this information to a curriculum vitae documents and also this set will certainly permit me to include the contract I have just include I’m gonna discover it here in getting in touch with of course so this is

Profit Leadz OTO links

the barbershop we have simply had in our company and after I contact this service I will certainly see if this business is certified or not I can include it to

to chance and after that from chance I can include it to a customer let’s claim for example have another call with business and

the business interests have a company Revenue Leadz OTO with me or they have actually agreed for an organization deal and now they end up being a client I just add them to a customer now I have a client in my I have actually closed

the customer’s right here in this field see right here I have the client I have simply a Chelsea yard barbershop, as well as I, ‘m going to produce a job for this customer allow’s claim to create a brand-new project I’m going to call it social

media administration description box let’s claim it’s one thousand dollars and here I can enter this conversation date of the project and

end date and also I’m going to pick right here the client I want to collaborate with like as an example below we are working with Chelsea yard

barbershop and also I’m mosting likely to click on produce so Earnings Leadz OTO currently I have in my project and I can also attack for this job by click by clicking on

schedule see here I want to begin my first if the day of the project starts below at 20 I’m mosting likely to click on this link I’m going to call

this social networks audit summary as well as here are Revenue Leadz OTO the source of business web sites if I wish to select a color for this

the job I’m mosting likely to select the job I’m going to select the end date of the job let’s state this job will certainly take me someday I’m going to

Profit Leadz OTO Dont miss

include a label for it social networks audit for [Songs] for social media management task or barbershop customers so this enables me

to add all the jobs for every job I have in Profit Leadz OTO the CRM and right here if I go back to the dashboard I can see the amount of getting in touches with me.

have the number of jobs I have how many opportunities I have and also how many customers I have as well as where I can access all this so.

these components by clicking get in touch with opportunities clients schedule and also project so this is for the lead finder and also the CRM currently we can if we locate.

the email to find the e-mail of the lead you can just go below and also create an advertisement picture theme so this is for instance the e-mail.

template sorry for this noise this is the e-mail design template listing I can create as numerous as the e-mail I can and I can use it when I intend to contact the list from the lead finder I can also validate the email if I.

want to by clicking e-mail verifier select the e-mail I click it’s you can see right here this e-mail stands it has a legitimate DNS document it can likewise.

create actual total website analytics for the business for every service I want as well as I can provide this as an allowed’s stated for example.

this can be utilized as a lead magnet for businesses and afterward there is the port if you want a support link can do.

the team administration if we have we can also if someone has the right of this location can ha he can include as numerous as the group.

participant he desires by generating an access token and also the staff member we’re gonna access to the application using this gain access to the token.

and there are the tutorials we’re gonna add the technology image app so this is it let me know if you have if you need anything thank you.


Profit Leadz OTO

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