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ProStock OTO  –  What is Pro Stock?

World’s Largest, Cloud-Based, 1-Click Searchable Platform With More Than 10 Billion+ Royalty Free Stock Images, Videos, Gifs, Animations & Audio Tracks For A Low One Time Price!
Plus, With Our Premium 1-Click Image, Video And Music Editor You Can Customise & Create Beautiful Marketing Content To Skyrocket Your Sales & Conversion In Minutes!



The Demo


OTO 1 Pro ($37.95) DS: $27.95

Remove All DAILY Limitations & GO VIRAL By
UNLOCKING Premium Features
Of ProStock Image, Video & Audio Editor!

OTO 2 Visual Edition ($47.95) DS: $37.95

Generate 10x More Sales, Faster &
Start Your Own Marketing Agency With Our
700+ Ready-Made Custom Designed Animated Graphic Templates

OTO 3 Business Edition ($57.95) DS: $47.95

INSTANTLY Close 5X More Business Deals,
Elevate Your BRAND, Authority AND Be
Able To Charge Premium Price
For Your Products & Services


OTO 4 Traffic Edition ($37.95) DS: $27.95

Generate 100,000s Of Visitors
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15 Min/Day



OTO 5 Youtube Edition ($47.95) DS: $37.95

A Powerful Integration To Our Flagship
Video Traffic Software Which
Of Both Google & YouTube In Minutes!
…And KEEPS The Videos Ranked For Months Using Special
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OTO 6 Reseller Edition ($297) DS: $247

Become A Certified ProStock RESELLER &

OTO 7 Delta Edition ($247) DS: $147

Let Us Setup Delta For You, So You Can
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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

We’re happy to have you at Tube Core. If you like this video and want to see more, you can subscribe to our channel and click the bell to get notified when new videos come out. In this video, we’ll talk about a deal called “pro stock.” Let’s begin. Hello, friends, and welcome to your Tube Core channel! This is the review of pro stock, and we’re now on the sales page, where there’s a $5 discount for early birds. So, if you try to leave the site and then come back, you’ll see this pop-up. By clicking here, you can use this discount code to get this for $12 or $13, but as of right now, it says: + Cloud-based storage for 50 million photos, videos, and songs.




For a low one-time price, you can get unlimited, unrestricted access to the world’s largest cloud-based, one-click searchable platform with more than 50 million royalty-free stock images, videos, gifts, animations, memes, and audio tracks. Plus, you can customise and make beautiful marketing content with our premium one-click image, video, and music editor. As if it matters, the editor gets a free agency licence and a bonus worth $10,000. Don’t worry about shuttle stock—your sales and conversions will happen quickly without it. I have all of your monthly subscriptions in stock, and it’s easy to get a free business and agency licence that lets you download as much as you want. You will also have access to 50 million photos, movies, gifts, and other animations. So, it’s not hard to understand.





If you need it, buy it. The prices are right there in front of you. To get started, you’ll have to pay $13, and if you want a limited edition, check out these otos. This is the front end, so let me immediately show you the videos. For 38 dollars, you can get this as well as oto1.





To look at all the features that can be stopped. All of these things can be read about in the video. Okay, the oto number is up next. What are the other two? I guess this is to show you.





The second turn is for the number 48. They do have “down, sell,” so if you want the best deal, be careful to choose “no thanks.” So, two and two, or two and three. It’s okay, let’s finish this up. You can pause the movie and just read the text by pressing buttons four and five. Here, you can look at all the features. You will get this if you pay this much, but you can start now.





They do have seven otos, but I think you could get those millions of photos for only 13 dollars. Okay, let me see if they have any more. They now have seven otos. Since they have gotten seven of them right so far, I think we are done. The sales website doesn’t have much to look at, but you can find the demo video there. These are the features, and the photos and videos are easy enough to use in your own projects or the projects of your clients.





If you make commercial videos for your clients or promotional videos for local businesses, whether you work for an agency or are a freelancer, you could charge your clients hundreds of dollars for these videos. You already know all of this. Now that you’ve put in a search term, you can look for these pictures in more than 25 million resources and download them. You can also get videos as gifts, animated videos, or memes if you want to. Because of this, you can find the demo video right on the sales page. Please wait until I get halfway through and I’ll tell you where to find the demo video.





So, we haven’t even made it halfway yet. So let’s try to scroll down. The demo films are about three minutes long. So let me find it for you, and when you come this way, you can see it there. This, um, video will be shown to you. You can watch the video to learn how to use the programme. It takes about three minutes to watch. You’ll also find out everything inside.





Okay, I like that. Since it all has to do with downloading those free, copyrighted photos and movies, I think you already know that you can buy it if you need to. Then, where will you use it? You are in charge of everything. I’m not sure.





What is your background if you are a professional, a video editor, a freelancer, a local business, a marketing firm, or a business agency? I don’t know yet, so please buy any of these millions of photos or movies that you need. There’s no need for rocket science. In this case, there is nothing else to say. It’s not too hard.





I did a really quick evaluation, and I’d end by saying, “Um, if you’re interested, let’s go through these frequently asked questions.” If a line forms here, do I need to download anything? No! After you log in, you will be given your email address, password, and login information so you can use the cloud-based system. You know how to use the programme to look at and save these pictures.





Is there a monthly fee? There is no monthly fee, but you will need to go out and buy these upgrades depending on how many photos you want. I’ve already shown you what happens after the launch phase and what the sounds are, so let’s move on. Since they say the price has changed to a subscription model, could I please get a refund? Even though they offer a money-back guarantee for 30 days, I’m not sure why you’d want to return this.





Since they don’t promise you’ll make money with this right and just give you free copyrighted photos and movies, you should only buy this if you really want it. Okay, to keep things short and sweet, you can use the materials in this book for commercial purposes, like on blocks, in movies, in presentations, and so on. But I don’t know anything about design. Is it usable? Yes, you can. What about the free updates to come? Why not use stock exchanges that are free?





Blah, blah, we all know it, so just read all of this to feel better. You can use this link to get to them. You can ask the company any questions you may have before you buy something. If they say yes, you can go ahead and buy what you want. It looks like we’re leaving right now, but wait a minute. These are free, copyrighted images and videos. If you didn’t know, if you use them in your YouTube videos – let’s say you just want to make one video and start a new YouTube channel – that’s fine. You don’t want to be caught on film.





You don’t want to use your own voice, so you’ll likely look for ones that have copyright protection. You can make a good YouTube video as long as it has at least three photos and videos that don’t have copyrights. You don’t want YouTube to monetize your channel, okay? Well, here’s a pro tip: You shouldn’t use any copyright-free images or videos in your YouTube video if you want your channel to be monetized, okay? That’s because you need 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watchtowers to get your channel to be monetized, and if you get these watch hours on a video in which you’ve used some copyright-free images or videos, YouTube will not So, your account or channel will be rejected by YouTube. Okay.





So keep in mind that if you want to make money from your YouTube channel, all of the content you use in your videos must be original. This means that it has to be either your voice or something you recorded outside. It’s all right, that! This was suggested by a pro, so just go get it. In the end, I would recommend it to anyone who wants to make money with videos or is watching this video for the first time. You might have gotten an email from someone telling you to buy this professional stock to join an agency or start making a lot of money. It doesn’t work that way, no.





Okay, the sales page may look colourful and interesting, but the whole point of this deal is to give you these millions of free photos. Only that. How could you use these pictures to your advantage? Will they make you money, or will you just use them as decorations? It’s your problem. You are in charge of everything!





Now, what are you going to do with these photos and videos? It’s completely up to you if you want to use them for a client project and then sell the movies you make to someone else to make money. If not, just taking this offer won’t help you in any way. So, if you want to make money online, you should know that it’s not hard. As you can see, I am now making this video, so I would say that.





Okay, I make these videos every day. So, um, that’s how I make money. There must have been ads somewhere in this. If you’ve seen this YouTube video before, you may have clicked “skip” to start watching it. This means that those ads pay me.





As more people see the ads for this video, more people watch it. Okay, and for that, too, people just watch the ads in my videos without buying anything, and YouTube pays me. I want to make as much money as possible from this video. Is that right? That’s really cool. So, I only make money from YouTube and don’t sell anything; if viewers buy something, that’s just a bonus. If not, I can make money on my own without having to sell things to other people.





Okay. So, if you want to make money on YouTube without selling anything, scroll down below my video and check out this earn money with traffic jarvis. Okay, now that I’ve told you, I’ll tell you that you need to monetize your channel if you want to make money on YouTube. You need 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours to do this. This traffic service will help you meet these requirements in two weeks, at which point your channel will be looked at. The most time that can be used to make money is one month. Okay, after that, all you have to do to make money is post videos. I’ll also show you some proof here, but for now, just go ahead and subscribe to the channel.





Okay, click the button to sign up. The bell notification and the video push are also free. YouTubers can’t subscribe to their own channels, so Subscribe is free and for you, okay? You have ta now. Use the great thanks button below to leave your colourful comments, ask questions, or show your support for this channel. Simply click on the button and leave your colourful. Do this because it’s for you and not for me. Questions or comments are welcome, I suppose.





Pro stock, which is just a library of millions of you, know: stock, free photos and movies, has been explored in detail. There isn’t much to say here; just go check out the deals. Page oh, if you want to purchase this, apply your discount code. However, if your primary objective is to earn money online, I can teach you two strategies here: how to make money using email, marketing, and YouTube. These strategies, particularly YouTube, will always be effective. So let me to now demonstrate how to profit from traffic jams.





You will be sent to this website after clicking the first link, which reads “Make money with traffic Jarvis,” underneath my YouTube video. This website claims to provide “Finally Proven Methods for Making Real Money Online from Home.” Even if you’re a complete beginner, option number one is email marketing, and option number two is a youtube traffic service. As a result, traffic jarvis will help you monetize your youtube channel as soon as possible and will get you the 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours you need to earn money on the platform without selling anything. Before I go into depth about Traffic Jarvis, let’s first discuss about this email marketing strategy. You can earn money with email marketing even if you just send one email every day, but you need a lot of subscribers. Okay, you must have tens of thousands of email addresses on your list before you can start using email marketing to generate revenue. Therefore, you may attempt the technique you can see on the screen if you wish to expand your email list without purchasing any paid advertisements.





You will get 100 email leads from the US, Canada, and Australia as a result of this, and you may email these leads once every day. So by the month’s end. You are aware that after 30 days, you will have at least 3000 leads and be able to email them 30 times. You do realise that in a month. So, they are the evidence.





As you can see, they earned 15,000 dollars. You are aware that they made. More than 15,000 to the system. I’ve produced three seven seven so far, and you could be viewing this video in my room while I film it. You can see that these statistics will vary on my YouTube channel since this is a recurring event.





Okay, so this figure will alter and these numbers keep growing each month. I have no idea when you will be viewing this video, so whatever numbers you see will be the most recent ones. Okay, so if you want to learn how to utilise the system, hit the play button and then proceed. go to page 2 Name and email address required. Click the free video link, then return to your inbox and check it. Once your email has been confirmed, you will be sent to this video. Watch it and respond because if you do, I’ll give you some bonuses: swipes, emails, Let’s speak about YouTube traffic services now since they allow you to continue earning money from YouTube even if you never sell anything. On the next screen, after clicking the play button here, provide your name and email.





Address. Click this red button, then return to your email and check the message. When your email has been validated, you will be sent to the Traffic Jarvis Studio WhatsApp. You act because you can see the evidence for it here. Because my YouTube channel is monetized and you may have noticed some advertising in my YouTube videos, this is the money I’ve earned simply by posting videos without selling anything.





Therefore, the more money my YouTube videos produce for me, the more people will see these adverts. Okay, the same is also possible for you. With the aid of Traffic Jarvis, you can monetize your YouTube channel in no more than 30 days. After that, all you have to do to continue earning this type of income is to daily publish videos to your channel. Okay, as you can see, this is the revenue I generated from writing reviews for my YouTube channel. YouTube advertising is my main source of income; you may earn money by uploading videos without having to sell anything.





Okay, and once again, these figures will alter. These figures will fluctuate. These figures will increase because, as I’ve already said, this is a commission system that is designed to be repeated. The statistics will change when you view the film in the future, so if it displays 560 today, it may be far higher than 600 or 700 thereafter. Okay, excellent, no problem.





These are the two approaches we have: marketing via email and YouTube. So go ahead and check this out, and then we have. If you can master these two techniques, you won’t ever need to study any third way to generate money online. Get kissed, it says on this item. I can keep a few idiots. Cash tracking is all about doing what I’m doing right now, so if you’re interested in learning how to create these reviews for your YouTube channel, where to find these products, how to get your affiliate links approved, and how to upload these videos, check out the skill-shaking training. This case tracking will also be accessible inside Traffic Jarvis, and then we have the third link.





Click here to make 120 recording commissions, it says. This is for those who have experience selling, so if you do, go ahead and enter your name and email, click the link to get my free ebook, and then return to your email address. You will be handed your ebook after clicking the verification link in your email, so read the ebook. If you want to join the system and start using it, you must go out and sell it to other people since it may earn you 220 dollars from just one person using just one cell. Therefore, if you can add, say, 10 new users to the system, you may potentially earn up to $12,000 per month from those 10 new users.





This is a recurring system, and you will get the necessary instruction on how to trial free or paid traffic. You will be able to use the training that is provided within, but it is best if you already have some experience. This implies that you should have a YouTube channel, an email list, or some other form of audience before attempting to market this product. This is it, you know, fast surge, alright. These were the links, so I encourage you to click on them and learn more. You may use the traffic service YouTube approach if you want to generate money for the rest of your life without ever selling anything.





We use YouTube because, well, it’s totally free. You are well aware that it is on. You will earn more money by working harder. Here is an example of what I’m talking about. As you can see, email marketing is something you need to start doing since you need to wait for the numbers to increase. Since you will only get three thousand email addresses in a month, it will take you two, three, four, or five months to amass 10,000 or 15,000, alright.





So all of these techniques are effective for me. They will also function for you. if you are able to make them function. Once again, go through everything at the conclusion. I appreciate you viewing the video thus far and subscribing. As I already said, I am unable to subscribe to my own channel on YouTube, therefore you must subscribe as if you were leaving your coloured super.





I appreciate your remarks and that you watched the video again. I’ll probably see you on my next video soon, baba Thai Thai. That’s a good-bye.

ProStock OTO

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