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Skola OTO  –  What is Skola ?

This is the base software for running Virtual Events. It includes a wide range of features that help users to sell, create and manage virtual events.

Front End$197 Virtual Events by Skola
This is the base software for running Virtual Events. It includes a wide range of features that help users to sell, create and manage virtual events.


Upgrade #1$47/pm Virtual Events — All Access
This incredible upgrade includes a host of features that transform your virtual events into refined profit pulling machines. You can also create engaging, interactive Virtual experiences people love to buy again and tell their friends about.


Upgrade #2$97 Virtual Events — Professional
This upgrade includes 7 additional features to enhance the base level package of ‘Virtual Events with Skola’. It includes additonal customization options, features such as ‘Evergreen Events’ and more.


Upgrade #3 $47 Virtual Event Summit
Customers are invited to join our LIVE Virtual Event Summit. Over this 3 day action packed event customers will learn about how to make money with Virtual Events.

There will be guest speakers and the entire event will be recorded and available in a private members area to customers.


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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

OTO College, Good day, everyone! Adam here, and I’d want to share something really special with you today. It is brand-new software that was just released, and I am certain that you will really profit from it. One in particular fascinates me since it is something that will really benefit people. You already have all you need. Now I’ll proceed and show you the trial edition of the software application in a few seconds. Before I continue, I want you to have a look at the Skola OTOlink below this video to see what else is available. It’s OK if you chose it via me, so let’s get started with the example in this article. In three simple steps, I’ll show you how to create a successful online event utilizing a world-first software solution. Please watch my video clip since it has been really helpful to my YouTube network.

Okay, if you buy via my link below, the scholar supplier will give you a special discount. This pertains to [,] benefits, incentives, perks, and special bonuses. The first step is to outsource life mastery. It is entirely offered to you on this occasion. Using exclusive financing number two, you may rename, change, and begin selling tickets. Skola OTO, a student service provider, is a recurring cash site. You get access to the Persistent Money Site Summit, a three-day event where everything is taken care of for you.

The third unique element is the million dollar affiliate top, which teaches you how to make a lot of money in affiliate marketing.

You may make money by selling a common life event as your own and retaining 100% of the profits. You obtain entire white label civic liberties in order to live an exceptional life. A program called “Million Dollar F Layer.” That gets us to the fourth specific benefit: Five VIP tickets were prepared and sold. Number five exclusive prize for your first successful digital event in under seven days. Because Sam Becker owns the scholar, bonus offer number six applies. from an academic

Upgrades to Skola OTO

You’ll study how to make money from virtual events and how to create your own strategy for conquering your speciality with online events in your 2022 leadership skill plan. So, let’s head straight to the sales page. This is the website for purchasing Scholar software. Let’s get started. It talks about how to sell virtual event tickets. The three-step procedure is as follows: To begin, create a page lead.

This is a virtual event with a landing page, and you have two choices: buy a basic ticket or upgrade later to a VIP ticket. It will almost certainly bring you to a Thank You website, as well as the last thing that will almost certainly take you to your virtual online event. So, here’s the scholar site, which claims that there are three ways to profit. The first option is to host an online meeting. Giveaway allows you to create leads for free via digital events.

The second way to generate money from paid virtual events is to sell tickets and use other profit sources. It’s called a virtual occasion shipping since you may deliver your event in the future. Scholar gives Skola OTO participants with an intriguing, engaging, and enjoyable virtual experience. Please bear with us. I’ll show you the demo and a video on the software package before leaving. Hello, my name is Sam. I’m the creator of Scholar, and I’m excited to show you around our digital events utilizing the Scholar user interface, as well as how we develop a quick campaign and publish live or pre-recorded events right now. Scholar was created largely to allow you to sell, offer, and build your company utilizing an older model via courses, e-commerce, and product debuts. This is inefficient, and people today don’t want to just sit and watch lessons.

Upselling at Skola

They want to be present at events. Here are three simple steps to follow: Create your project first, and then start working on your campaign. To complete the purchase, make your first sales event offer. From the menu, choose “Create Channel.” Right now, you’ll be sent to our funnel planner. After that, you’ll get a full explanation of our tried and effective sales methods.

Channel Begin by making changes to each web page, starting with your main offer page. Replace the header phrase with your own and either remove or add a video clip to your message. After you’ve completed modifying and refining your offer, go over each page and make changes. After that, save and publish your isSkola OTO channel, which is now live on your domain, and you’re ready to start selling tickets to your online event as you promote it. Then, by first adding your virtual occasion, you can begin building your virtual event. In future message announcements, personalize your digital event by providing a sneak peek as well as multiple sessions for your guests to sign up for.

Guests will very certainly be able to get entry to the entrance hall seven days before to your event and see your announcements.

Sync their calendars with your event and network with one another when your event goes live, whether you’ve pre-recorded or pre-scheduled video clips to broadcast or you’re using an internet streaming service. Your target market, software applications like Zoom, is currently growing. They’ll be able to track that link as it develops, as well as browse through it and watch it happen live. This is only the start of what virtual meetings with academics can do.

OTO Skola demonstration

The year 2022 will be the year of online events, and now is your time to get in on the ground floor and make as much money as possible. Fill out the form below to get started. OTO college. On the inside, I’m looking forward to meeting you. I’ll demonstrate right now.

Upgrading a vehicle to a student vehicle entails The scholar’s front end, on the other hand, is a digital event. This is the first upgrade to the most effective program for running virtual events. $97 is the current exchange rate. This is a virtual event.

The update adds seven additional features to the basic level of the package digital event, including soda pop upgrade number two and auto number two. You will get the business for a digital event for $497. As a consequence, you may rename the agency control panel and tell your customers about upgrade number three or vehicle number three. It will set you back $47. The fourth upgrade costs 197 dollars since this is a digital event. This is a completely automated mechanism for selling. I believe the fourth update is amazing since it just includes 400 new sporting activities and enables you to establish an automated marketing campaign. This is the vehicle, and the online happenings, I feel, are connected. This is a brand-new feature for 2022 that enables you to build a list while simultaneously selling your business. If you want to learn more about this, just click.

Obtain OTO Skola

The following site address guarantees that you will appreciate and subscribe to this video clip. Thank you for watching, and I hope to see you again in a future testimonial. Video Thanks: Thank you for taking time to view this demonstration. I really hope you like it. Remember this. OTO College!

I was successful in obtaining exceptional advantages for you. Please click the link below to like and subscribe for more video snippets.

Skola OTO

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