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hey let me display you some kind of cool here i was listening to an audio by russell brunson the other day part of his micro continuity thing and he mentioned something about adsense ads and not putting them on pages because for one thing he doesn’t want to be promoting some of the else’s commodity he says it he ought to be able to promote and convert his own substance and that you are well aware I heard that I thought that makes a lot of impression here’s an commodity that I put up online that I’ve sent my my list extremely and it has some of my ties down now but you know what I likewise applied some Adsense ads at the lower end of the top and here’s here’s one of the problems well number one is what Russell mentioned is like I’m not promoting my trash until I click now someone clicks on one of these I get what 23 pennies something like that um the other thing is this is all about list building no moaning and crying painless listing building but Google is telling thrown me things like pain management guide fibromyalgia pain relief causes of stomach pain is that you know what this whole things about roster structure but at all is to pick it up on is the painless part so there’s two problems here the first problem I think is the worst one which is I’m not probably my own trash so what I heard that I thought you know what I i have my own produces and “ive had” commodities that i promote as an affiliate i oughta just if it was just some easy route to articulate them up there in this kind of in a google adsense character format and also i realized i’ve got all this stuff in sonic sneak in the sonic smuggle platform i’ve got all those ties and even descriptions and everything what if i could actually start something so that it would pull them from that and so let me show you now I here’s this article and here up at the top this is where the Adsense ads go up at the top I’m going to delete that and i’m going to paste in this one line of code little I formulate thing and you can see here it’s got a keyword of listing building and it’s got a immensity of 728 x 90 you got a little tracking token so I can tell where sounds came from we’ll go ahead and save this all right and let’s refresh this page we can see here now i have three commodities that i am promoting either my makes or concoctions that I proteins and affiliate and they all have to do with list building and they all have to do is list building because I said I only want list constructing substance for this page and got this all right here let me show you in Sonic sneak something kind of cool and I’m going to go over here to the brand-new button it says ads and I’m going to add a new palette for the keyword list building and I is not want the border title blue background that text I have to find Ariel 10 point I can update the record and now sonic sidle is common knowledge that if I’m looking for ads with the keyword of index structure it’s going to use the information obtained so let’s go ahead and refresh this and watch what happens to the ads up at the top now you’re using the aerial 10 site and if I just wanted to I want to change the colouring on that maybe I want to go ahead and use a background color some something like this and you know just vary the background colouring right now you know you can get some funky compoundings in there that aren’t aren’t all that great but you can play around do whatever you require let’s go ahead and refresh this and now we have a background color for the thing so you can situated this up very easily and you can see over here I’ve got let me time 250 by 2 15 picture a couple of the other things that you can do so you can get the basically I framed all the sizings in now that Google has and if you want to see what they are you can just go like this and so these are all the sizings 160 x 600 which has impounds five ads 120 x 600 which holds for ads so let’s go ahead and try one of those let’s go with the 160 x 600 and this is using the keyword commodity marketing and so now it’s plucking up things that are just for article marketing and you experience what i refresh the sheet at what it does it grabs all that are available and those are only five slots here and it shuffles them and sets positioned a random 5 of min so you’ll you’ll end up going through all of them that you have set up for keywords ok this is this is where is where everything is and if I wanted to add something else I let’s see we’ll just go with affiliate there simply to use it as an example here if I include a brand-new relate I’m promoting something I could put in the keywords essay sell now that that’s been labelled with the commodity market keyword we can run back over here we can refresh this I is gonna have to do a couple occasions now yeah there it is shows up right here and it grabs the first decision of the description and so I mean that’s it lover that is so cool you can you can do no I’m enamored with my own stuff now 125 x 125 so wherever you’re doing adsense now you can go ahead and put in your own stuff promote your own concoctions if you don’t have produces you have produces that you’re promoting is an affiliate and you can do that threw them in sonic sneak and then use them on your blog on your web pages in your articles wherever you ordinarily use Adsense ads now you can actually use these ads to promote your own things

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