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VidBlooks OTO – 1,2,3,4-  There is one front End and four OTOs Options . the VidBlooks OTO  1 is the  Gold Ultimate , the VidBlooks OTO  2 is the Traffic Edition , the VidBlooks OTO  3 is the Vendor Platinum, the VidBlooks OTO  4 is the  DFY Service . all Links and details bellow.

VidBlooks OTO



VidBlooks Front End=>>VidBlooks FE

OTO1=>>Gold Ultimate

OTO2=>>Traffic Edition

OTO3=>>Vendor Platinum

OTO4=>>DFY Service


OTO1:Gold Ultimate

All Front End Features +

Agency Rights Included. This isn’t just an amazing piece of software anymore – it’s a BUSINESS.
Client Management Dashboard. Monitor your clients (and their eBook needs) in real time.
Larger Selection Of Images. Your customers will also gain access to a library of icons that are free for commercial use.
Higher Quality eCovers. Thanks largely to our DELUX image library.
Unlimited eBooks. 
While FE can Create 15 eBooks Monthly(more than enough for most businesses), the Gold Unlimited version allows power users to swarm the web with meaningful, high impact video.
Unlimited Pages. The books can ALSO be as long as needed. While most businesses will be happy with the standard edition, this gives power users a place to let their imagination roam.
Unlimited Storage. 
Save Unlimited eBooks on the Cloud with a Beautiful and nicely arrange directory. No need to search created eBooks on Your Computer. You can edit them right away instantly
OTO2:Traffic Edition 
All the Above features+
traffic Award System. The software is easy – the nervousness will come from how to monetize. The Traffic Award System tackles that problem in depth.
Tap Into Endless Traffic. “Tap Into Our GOLDEN Source of ENDLESS Traffic For Unlimited Sales & Commissions … And it only takes me around 30 seconds per day to tap into this traffic.”
How To Build Your List Faster Than Ever Before
Multiple Niche Traffic
In Minutes, Build A Massive Email List
The “Set and Forget” Traffic System.
Detailed Video Training about Traffic methods
Proven & Tested Landing Pages. You can’t impress people with your eBook until they opt-in and receive it. These landing pages make SURE that happens.


OTO3:Vendor Platinum
We are Selling our 16K Vendor Formula. Step-by-step video tutorials with details of everything we’ve done to gain more 16K dollars on affiliate commissions. We’re including everything – the templates and all the resources needed.
$200 Net Profit System
No Technical Knowledge Required!Get Paid Weekly & Monthly Consistently 
Case Studies, Templates, Resources, Cheatsheets & Other Tools Comprehensive Training Videos are included. 
OTO4:DFY Service
20 Done-For-You Funnel – Will let your customers get fast result. We have invested so many hours to get a complete business solution.
20 eBooks in several niches – Ready to start building your list with ease. You will be please with 20 ready eBooks to rock your day by getting free leads.
In Top Of that – We are also giving 20 Landing Page templates that you can edit anytime.
Finally – We don’t shoot stuff and run away… We show you exactly How&To do it and what to do by video tutorials.

VidBlooks OTO

What is VidBlooks ?

the Demo


VidBlooks is a Software Print Out Addictive eBooks without writing a Single Word or  ANY kind of content – VidBlooks takes it and turns it into something unforgettable. It makes beautiful content from the articles already on your website using a proprietary design and color scheme system. It can also gather articles from 800 different niches and grab over three million stock photographs from the web, free of charge.

If you thought Digital Products like eBook and Videos are the future, then the future is here. You’re at the right place if you’ve been wondering whether it’s worth putting your mind and money into creating such digital products and more importantly into video marketing.

Take A Look At These Staggering Numbers: The number of eBook users is expected to amount to 1,112.4m by 2023. The average revenue per user (ARPU) in the eBooks segment amounts to US$14.38 in 2019. Revenue in the eBooks segment amounts to US$13,669m in 2020. 85% of all internet users in the United States watched online video content monthly on any of their devices (Statista). 87% of marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool (Wyzowl). 88% of video marketers are satisfied with the ROI of their video marketing efforts on social media (Animoto). Studies show that 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support (HubSpot).


VidBlooks Front End=>>VidBlooks FE

OTO1=>>Gold Ultimate

OTO2=>>Traffic Edition

OTO3=>>Vendor Platinum

OTO4=>>DFY Service



Video review for front End only 

text from this video

in the wake of analyzing with the squares for a.

couple of days really this is at the.

dashboard of video hinders what would i be able to state.

for video cut squares just as this something genuine.

or on the other hand what can you really make books.

in essentially a couple of snaps or it will be.

very convoluted and I suggest you as you.

know nothing concerning building up an.

digital book or composing an electronic book and you.

try not to have any assets to compose an.

digital book might you be able to genuinely create an electronic book.

in only a couple of snaps with squares.

and furthermore this video cut hinders audit I’m going.

to go in the background of video online journals.

what’s more, moreover I will surely show you an on the web.

exhibition of video cut blog destinations really I will.

create with you and digital book what we do.

with the squares to see the exact.

bit by bit to make an electronic book using.

this shiny new programming application and moreover I will share.

with you the costs updates or sounds.

likewise I collect some genuinely pleasant.

compensates some really unique extra offers.

for you to get with video cut blog destinations so.

moving forward without any more difficulty permit’s examination it.

hey just as welcome to my video blog destinations analyze.

this is stuff get guaranteed and I’m tuning in to.

that inside the control board of video cut blog destinations.

to offer you explicitly how this is going to.

advantage you fine so leading in the event that you.

try not to perceive with the squares before this.

programming or this online framework will.

make you ready to make a digital book and.

from that book you can moreover there is an.

different highlights that you can get with.

making an electronic book alright you will absolutely be capable.

to build up a digital book just as getting leads.

recording brings about develop your email list.

utilizing this product you don’t require a.

sorting out Laroy space for that so.

this product application will assist you with creating an.

digital book structure a digital book and furthermore assemble your.

email agenda well that computerized book what your.

advanced book okay so this is the thing that fit squares.

everything about before we dive deep directly into fit.

squares and furthermore build up a real digital book here with.

the video cut hinders guarantee on the off chance that you want.

to get this item with the absolute best expense.

also, with every one of my motivating forces make sure to.

click on the connection in the synopsis.

after you have really clicked that point you.

will surely observe my survey site page truly.

this video cut is the video that you are.

observing at the present time so make sure to go if.

you expect to get my extra offers that I will.

talk about them today make sure to.

go before this clock strikes no because of the way that.

after that you’ll not be able to get my.

compensates OK so make sure to click.

any yellow switch here on this page and.

a while later you will unquestionably observe that business website page.

you don’t hesitate to peruse each easily overlooked detail in the.

deals page I can’t cover each easily overlooked detail here.

guarantee to audit it to make sure that.

you fathom the item and what you.

will enter the thing what are the.

elements of the tricks of the item.

indeed you can see directly here all the.

properties four video blocks okay.

so guarantee to peruse it after that after.

you acquire the thing make a point to go to.

your securing foundation in your GV a jvzoo.

account I trust’s it’s here just go.

to your record just as well on the way to your own one of a kind.

voices just as snap on under the buy.

button that will surely be beneath click on the.

blue switch that would be under access.

your procurement change fine to get to my.

advantages fine so what are my motivating forces as of now.

in the first place I will give you.

my most prominent prize ever before right now this prize.

as a matter of fact will help you to start making.

money starting emerging cash utilizing a.

Clickbank now Clickbank is a partner.

arrange for partners and furthermore merchants to.

offer and cause cash just as to promote things.

which stage so you’re mosting prone to.

find the associate things and two exactly how to.

create pay on Clickbank as a partner.

OK so here just as the underlying reward I’m.

going to give you access just as to Mike.

click set Financial foundation Academy just as this truly.

will unquestionably will assist you with beginning getting the money for two.

hundred dollars every day and furthermore on the off chance that I go to my.

Clickbank account you can see beneath on the off chance that I.

go to salaries you’ll see the measure of.

cash that I’m settling up now so you.

can see I’ve started in the in 2014 I.

was her finished apprentice for.

beginning an armada so you can see I was.

ready to pick up nearly for over $4,000.

which is exceptional for only one partner.

System as of now the Clickbank is simply.

great system that I’m actualizing.

the strategies inside my snap sail blast.

Institute on it OK so there are different other.

offshoot systems like Max abundance so.

this is essentially to give you that this things.

is genuine you can see the following check.

will surely appear following four days from now.

following 5 days I accept and you can see.

that it’s really so you find and.

genuine stuff directly here OK so this will surely help.

you to gain cash with video cut online journals you.

can utilize makes a both leader of the methodologies.

here to discover money from Clickbank okay.

actually this reward will be given.

with the front finished result I will positively talk.

as to later and the estimating what is.

the FE item or the fronted item.

okay and a while later my second reward offer underneath I’m.

going to train you exactly how to get to $100.

what’s more, thoroughly free promoting and advertising FICO scores now this is.

incredibly basic for you to make it start.

gaining cash online in actuality this is one.

of the best one of the greatest.

inconvenience for amateurs they don’t have.

any sort of they don’t have satisfactory cash to.

spend for their promotions just as on their.

showcasing and you do require cash in your.

promoting and furthermore beneath you can start with.

for all intents and purposes nothing with this 200 with this.

absolutely free cash $200 okay so this is very.

incredibly captivating right here you can utilize it and furthermore.

after that after you essential you are making perhaps.

$ 200 $300 you can reinvest on your.

administration alright.

so if this well this reward offer will unquestionably be.

conveyed with the underlying OTO.

OTO one okay and after that my third advantage.

directly here that I will absolutely give you get to directly into my.

mystery Facebook group right now this is very.

extremely basic for you to answer your.

questions you may have a few requests.

with respect to Academy concerning the techniques just as.

you want a few reactions so I will help you.

so inside my facebook bunch alright.

what’s more, a short time later my fourth advantage directly here I will.

offer you get to I will absolutely tell you precisely the best way to.

keep an eye on your battle.

presently without this you wouldn’t you be able to perceive that.

you can snoop on your rivals utilizing.

any kind of spy apparatuses and furthermore it’s by instrument right yet.

the issue is that the government operative devices are.

actually very costly right.

so here I will unquestionably give you I will educate you.

a way to deal with acquire all the data.

concerning contenders just as this will.

move you to get into the market so.

you’ll get all the information thoroughly free.

concerning contenders totally free as of now this.

is extremely significant for you to move you.

to engage in the market and furthermore get what.

others are doing okay actually this will.

be furnished with the underlying sound as I.

expressed I will examine that later around.

the main sound or what is the underlying.

sound just as valuing alright and after that my fifth.

just as last rewards that I will educate you.

exactly how to help your endorsements your.

existing Commission’s without doing.

anything at present this is extremely magnificent.

because of the way that you may make $300 yet you.

are contributing $200 so you are making just.

one hundred dollars right you can.

increment so with this little technique you.

can raise your Commission’s to pick up.

significantly more money with your current.

Commission’s presently this is in truth I.

try not to see anyone that discussions about this.

however this is certified you’re visiting.

that just make a few remunerations just as you.

can support them you will find.

Adelita check behind this just as my underlying.

reward alright to ensure that is the thing that this is an advantage.

will surely be given the underlying sound.

every one of my advantages in reality will be.

conveyed with the first with the underlying.

sound other than the absolute initial one good the.

first advantage e will positively be conveyed with the.

driving edge item alright.

presently those are my advantages permit’s returned.

to the genuine item here so you can.

see directly here the nourishment determination here to see the.

existing assignments directly here for red squares and furthermore.

to make a shiny new assignment – just as right here to.

see the leads that you are that you.

gathered okay and the rewards truly.

this tab here it’s really the motivating forces.

from the provider you’ll see them here in.

the business page I don’t perceive.

you can discover all the more worried that underneath in the.

assortments page you will see the advantages of.

the seller I told you the best way to get my.

extra ideas from paradise button that under.

get to your securing switch OK beneath.

the advantages of the merchant OK and furthermore here.

for downloads I don’t perceive what is this.

actually however here for the preparation make.

sure for me I truly didn’t perceive the highlights.

of video cut discourages so I see that it’s a.

restricted gadget beneath anyway when I go into the.

preparing I’ve secured significantly more elements of.

with the hinders that you can do so make.

make sure on the off chance that you might want to know precisely how to utilize.

video obstructs in a superb manner make sure.

to go int

VidBlooks OTO

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