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VidProposals OTO 1, 2, 3, 4 Get The 4 OTO Links With Discount And Huge Bonuses Here VidProposals OTO. you will get 1 VidProposals Front-End and 4VidProposals OTO Editions.

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Note: Buy Front-End before OTOs to work well with you; you can buy FE or any OTOs from the “Locked links ” below


>> Front End <<

>> OTO1 Unlimited Edition <<

>> OTO2 Deluxe Edition <<

>> OTO3 Business Edition  <<

>> OTO4 WhiteLable Agency Edition  <<


VidProposals OTO  –  What is VidProposals ?

The Demo

Vidproposals is an All-in-one secure business proposal and contract management suite that helps you create professional video proposals, which include legal contracts for your clients to sign and seal the deal, all from one place.


Create Now custom business proposals from dozens of templates or from scratch

Add graphics, text, and video that can be recorded right in the app

Include a legal, secure contract for clients to sign with an E-Signature

​​​​​​​ Get Be notified when your client opens the contract and signs it

Get Review returned contracts at any time

Create now proposals for local businesses & charge them

Setup your own video proposal Agency Platform


VidProposals OTO – what About OTOs’ Details?

The OTO1 – VidProposals UNLIMITED ($97 per year/$197 one-time)

Get Unlimited Proposals

Get Unlimited Video Hosting

Generate your UNLIMITED leads every day with Dedicated LeadGen App

Add up to 4 videos per proposal

Get Password to protect your proposals

​​​​​​​ Create Unlimited Video Channels


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ 24/7 Support


The OTO2 – VidProposals DELUXE ($69 one-time) 

100 more video templates

More proposal templates


The OTO3 – VidProposals Business ($59 one-time) 

Reseller License

DFY Lead Magnets

Business Clients Access Feature

Business Commercials – 6 Stunning & Compelling Videos

DFY Business Website

Custom PayPal Checkout Integration

Allow Business Clients to Schedule Appointments

All Website Pages Created with content

Add Featured Samples of Business Services Offered

Add Business Clients Testimonial

Team member accounts


The OTO4 – VidProposals Whitelabel Agency ($197 one-time)  

Rebranding (personalization)

Change thumbnail of the video

Change logo on the proposal landing page

Change favicon

The change background image on the proposal landing page

Create custom sub-domain (HTTPS://”custom”

200 sub-accounts (feature will be added in July)


VidProposals OTO What the bonuses you offered?


<<<========== All The Bonuses ==========>>>>




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<<<========== All The  Bonuses Above ==========>>>>






VidProposals OTO Links Above

Video review for Front End only.


Text From This video

VidProposals OTO If you are looking for vid proposals and bonuses, then watch this video to learn all about feed proposals and bonuses, and you can click on the link down in the description to grab all these bonuses. Hi. I’m Andre element from the android demo.

You and Com are now my bonus page for bid proposals. I have put a juicy amount of bonuses together, and it’s worthwhile. Looking at bit proposals and grabbing it via my link, you can grab fit proposals by clicking on the get instant access button below, and you’ll get all those bonuses that will be linked up into your jvzoo account.

So let ‘ S. Have a look at the bonuses, then I will tell you all about fit proposals. What is bit proposal all about? Show you the demo, and then you can make an informed decision and grab it via my link.

So let’s. Go on to the bonuses. Now bonus one changeoVidProposals OTO changes: brett’s cloud-based software that allows even the most technically challenged person to edit any web pages, even pages that they do not have access to or they do not own it all.

VidProposals OTO – where the Upsell links?

All the upsell links Above


If you are not currently a changer user, you will get it for free as part of the special bonus. If you are a changer user, then you would be sending in a support ticket with your receipt id and account log in the mail, and you will be upgraded to agency access as your special bonus, meaning you can sell it bonus number two: you get access to Instant rewrite again this cloud by software will let you take any text article and instantly and automatically rewrite it, so that’s unique content.

Easily rewrite is not for sale, but you can you can’t buy it. You can only get it as a special bonus if you buy with proposals via this link. A bonus number three chatter sales. This software lets. You chat in real-time with your website visitors from any device, even your own mobile phone, and then bonus number four.

You get access to a three-step success club. This is spread step-by-step high-end training that teaches people how to build an online business with nothing left out. This is not normally for sale and would cost 497 dollars when it was actually sold, but you can grab it again by getting with proposals via my link, so check out this link, click on the link and get the proposals.

VidProposals OTO – is it have a refund?

So let’s. Go over to tell you exactly what bit proposal is all about. Foot proposals is an all-in-one, secure business proposal and contract management suite that helps you create professional video proposals, which includes legal contracts for your clients to sign and seal the deal all from one place with Vip proposals: you can create custom business proposals from dozens of templates or from scratch.

You can add graphics, text, and video that can be recorded right in the app. You can include a legal, secure contract for your clients to sign with an e-signature, and you can be not notified when your client opens the contract and signs it with bid proposals.

You can also review any return contracts at any timeVidProposals OTO, and you can create proposals for local businesses and then charge them. You can even set up your own video proposal agency platform. So with proposals is an all-in-one, secure business and contract management suite where you can actually propose to local businesses, set up contracts, get them to sign it, get notified when it’s signed, and also download it on both sides.

All these businesses really need this. They need to create leads and sales, and on top of that, you also get the lead finder software included in that proposals to convert your leads into sales, so it’s worthwhile grabbing the proposals from the link down in the description.

VidProposals OTO – is it have a video review?

So let’s, move on and go to the demo. Now hello and welcome to the demo of bit proposals. We built the solution to make it easy for business owners like you to find prospects and closed leads with bid proposals.

You can offer personalized videos and contracts once accepted. Your client can sign them, and we track everything. This is how you use vid proposals, step one. Log into your dashboard and start creating your first video proposal.

There are two ways to create a proposal. You can start from scratch and use our video recorder to record a video. This can be on camera on screen, or a mix of both, and you can do that with the chrome extension.

We provide you with the best results. I like a mix of both so that I can personalize my proposal, usually in these videos. I talk about how I can help my client’s business. Alternatively, you can also use one of our preset templates with an easy search feature.

You can find the proposal that works for you; you can search for the niche and or the service type. Our team has created many of these proposals for you; in fact, as you can see, we have also created professionally recorded videos that help point out the problems that your prospects are currently facing.

These videos then help highlight how you, as a service provider, can solve these problems. These templates also have ready-to-go proposals or contracts you can use with our built-in editor. You can edit these contracts as you want, insert additional videos, images text, and even customize them.

Your pricing, in fact, you can even embed external links and VidProposals OTO calendar links here everything you need to make your proposals interactive and ready to be signed. Now, let’s, go into step number two. This is the easy part you can share this proposal with your prospect.

You can even embed it on your website. If you wish, you can add a custom thumbnail as well as a call to action in your videos. Now, here’s the best bit with bit proposals you can collect e-signatures from your clients.

VidProposals OTO – is it have a discount?

In fact, once you share the proposal with a client, this is what it looks like to them. Your client can review the proposal and sign it once they do. You get a confirmation, but not just an email, confirmation bid proposals lock in the contract, so neither you nor your client can make any further changes.

They can also download this contract, and so can you on your end. You can see the client signature, the date of signature, the email, and the IP address. You also see a confirmation of the total proposal, value which, for you, is a sale now. Here’s step number three in this step.

VidProposals OTO

We will help you find prospects. It is possible that you already have prospects in mind, which is great, but if you don’t, you can use our lead. Gen deal app to generate leads from anywhere in the world, pick a niche and add a location, so you can search for real estate, leads in new york, or restaurant leads in Los Angeles or in London anywhere else.

This app will help you instantly find leads that you can reach out to and close with proposals and legion deals. Apps combined to give you leads and the ability to close. These lead professionally, no need to go back and forth over emails with misplaced documents and contracts.

It is now time for you to use the proposals to streamline your VidProposals OTO business after watching the demo. You should be super excited because you should be seeing the huge potential in fit proposals and really want to grab this via this link.

As you know, as a matter of fact, there are over 500 million local businesses listed on Facebook and Google, and they are all looking for some service, and with a feed proposal, you can actually give them that service and basically charge money.


VidProposals OTO

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