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VidVoicer OTO  –  What is VidVoicer?

Vidvoicer is an A. I Powered App That Creates profit-producing videos with real sounding voiceovers in any language in a few clicks – all in one dashboard!

And, You can create – HD quality whiteboard Videos, Explainer Videos, Any Kind of Video, Voiceovers, Podcasts, Audiobooks, High Ticket Webinars…in any niche and so much more!

The voice-overs created are far superior and human-sounding than what Amazon Polly or Wavenet can produce.



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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

VidVoicer OTO All right below is the real-time demonstration of vid voicer, and also i’m just mosting likely to show you what you can do with the primary front output without upgrades. We do have some really cool upgrades available, yet i simply wish to reveal you exactly how effective this device is, even without any of the upgrades. There are two highlights. I want to explain to you in this trial. We have actually got the speech converter and also the video clip producer i’m mosting likely to save the very best for last, or at least my preferred component for last we’re mosting likely to start off with the speech converter.

So i’m mosting likely to click that menu and click where it claims, new, vox is just our term for voiceover, as you can see below when you click that you’ll see 17 various voices at once. These are the english us voices. You can example any kind of voice with cloud artificial intelligence. Your application translates photos, messages and also even more, yet you’re really not limited to those 17 voices, due to the fact that we have numerous languages readily available each with their VidVoicer OTO very own voices and also, in fact, also within the english language. We have lots of languages offered.

So, as an example, if we wished to switch from us to australian english, let’s hear what that may sound like. I can review any message. You kind right here hear that australian accent or possibly we might opt for something quite different. Like a nigerian english accent hi, i can read any type of message you type below now in order to produce a voiceover file, all we have to do is either type some message right into this text box or copy and also paste a record right into this message box and then click One switch and also it will certainly generate the voice over which you can after that conserve as an mp3 file or use with several of the various other tools. Within this system, you do have a few choices like the outcome volume, along with the speaking price anywhere from slow-moving to quickly, VidVoicer OTO as well as you recognize what let’s proceed and also show off what this point can.

Rather than just doing an english voiceover, let’s proceed and also get hold of a language that i do not also speak. Directly, allow’s select german and i’m going to get hold of a short article okay, so this is based on a plr post that i had remaining on my hard disk. I made some tweaks to it simply to make it suitable for an affiliate promotion, since i think associate promos are a wonderful means to generate income with this device, as well as this is something that you can do over and over once more, and so. As opposed to taking this text in english, i’m going to leap over to google translate and also just convert it actual fast into german. Currently, do not send me a bunch of VidVoicer OTO e-mails saying that google translate is not accurate.

In fact, google convert has actually been around because 2006 and also simply imagine how much the technology has actually come since then. Yes, we know that there are various accents as well as languages and also jargon as well as things that google translate does not catch. However an indigenous speaker will certainly at least have the ability to comprehend what you’re trying to say, specifically if one of the languages that you’re converting to or from is english, because that’s actually the language that google equate was initially built on. So, let’s proceed and also duplicate that message dive back over to vid voice or i’m just going to do a control v to paste that text. So you can see below it is there’s the german text and also this was for an affiliate discount regarding fat burning.

So we’ll call this german weight management and then simply click the switch which will raise a menu incidentally you can see that only took a couple of seconds from below. We might play it, we could do an example, so there’s the german voiceover. That is created.VidVoicer OTO We could click the download switch to download and install the mp3 data straight to our computer uh. We could click the um.

This is an edit device that we can make use of to in fact combine this voiceover with other voiceovers in addition to include background music to it, and we do have actually history music developed right into our system as well. So we have actually obtained some truly great tools offered for you, and so you know simply think about several of the important things that you could do with an instantaneous voiceover device like this. You might create audio publications in various languages, podcasts as well as numerous languages, radio ads, and also you could also do some freelance benefit people that are looking for voice overs.VidVoicer OTO You understand i lately saw a product launch for a tool available in the internet, marketing space where they’re you know, making a huge offer about how you can you recognize, make money as a freelancer with their voice over manufacturer um, comparable to what ours is other than We have a great deal a lot more uh developed right into ours as you are about to see, however basically they were saying you might get on a site like upwork as well as seek uh. You recognize voiceover anything, a voice, acting consultant voice over musician, voiceover actor, for instance.

If i click voice acting freelancer, you can see now. There’S 1291. js work posted currently. Not all of these would collaborate with uh our tool. You recognize several of them are mosting likely to be a little extra elaborate, where you would truly need an indigenous audio speaker, but there are most definitely some that would work.

You recognize you simply need to go via and identify which ones would function uh for these individuals that are seeking voiceovers uh for their jobs, VidVoicer OTO and so there’s certainly the opportunity to make you know anywhere from 10s to thousands of dollars at once uh doing Freelancer work with this type of a tool and then, of course, among the various other important points that you can do with these voiceovers is utilize them for video clips and also, actually, that’s why we called this device. Vid voicer, because that’s truly the key function is creating voiceovers for videos which opens up an entire nother globe of chance due to the fact that you have sales, videos, explainer video clips. You know associate coupon video clips like the one i will make for you. You understand any sort of video with the voice over basically and then likewise that opens up the whole freelance market for voice over video clips too. So i’m mosting likely to show you our video clip maker tool next off, so i’m mosting likely to click here where it states, videos and produce video, and also we in fact have 4 different methods of making instant video clips with this tool and once again that’s not also including any of the upgrades.

Alright, i’m mosting likely to save this whiteboard video designer for last, because that is my favored attribute in this program as well as i’ll start by revealing you what is perhaps the quickest and also simplest way to create an instantaneous video clip which is using our search phrase search tool. So this promotion that i’m making is mosting likely to be for a fat burning related product.VidVoicer OTO You know i just picked sort of a not a random specific niche, yet one of one of the most preferred niches online for this demo, so we’ll go ahead and order 20 pictures in the weight-loss niche and also you can see it’ll load these. If, if you do not intend to make use of particular ones, you can eliminate those see exactly how this is type of a replicate. I may remove that one.

This set. This individual doesn’t actually resemble he’s fat burning. You understand so you can delete photos occasionally, if you do not, want to use all of them and then go on as well as click make pictures right into video. We’Ll provide it a title. So again, we’ll simply call this uh german weight loss promo and afterwards you can choose the dimension of your video anywhere from conventional def to 720p to complete hd, 1080p or instagram square.

So we’ll just choose the allowed’s opt for hd 720p for the moment and afterwards the amount of seconds do you want per picture? You can adjust that the amount of secs and afterwards select your voiceover documents, i’m mosting likely to choose this german fat burning, voiceover file that i simply developed as well as click the switch that claims upload and also process and it states generating video. Please wait, and it is fantastic just how fast it can produce a simple video like this, alright, so, VidVoicer OTO depending upon the number of images you’re using and also for how long your voiceover is, that might take anywhere from a couple of seconds to a few minutes. This obviously didn’t take very long, and so we can click to in fact see, and also there are some editing and enhancing includes also that we can do, yet i’m going to go on and click the back button and just download this to my computer system now, due to the fact that i’m mosting likely to reveal you a quick method to monetize something such as this, i’m going to go ahead and also click download. You recognize what the various other thing i must have done.

Really just play it for you, so you can go sneak peek it just to see what it looks like. So you can see what it did was it took those photos and created a slide show video, together with that voiceover documents that we had actually previously created fine, to ensure that was that german voiceover all right currently, i’m mosting likely to get that video clip that i simply downloaded and install as well as leap Over to youtube and also i’ll go on as well as drag as well as drop that data from my computer right over below to youtube, and it’s a rather little data. That’S one great thing is: it produces some really good compact files now for the title of this. I do not intend to call it german weight-loss coupon. Actually, what i may do is jump back over to google translate and order something over there.

As an example, perhaps we just wish to call this how to lose weight? Okay, so this would certainly be you recognize the search phrase this and we’re doing it in german, VidVoicer OTO so i’ll grab that dive back over to my google video clip or my youtube video paste in that title currently for the description. This is where i want to monetize it. I’M mosting likely to make use of an affiliate link and so i’m going to leap over to the clickbank marketplace. Now there are many affiliate industries.

I’M not mosting likely to transform this into a total lesson on associate advertising. I do have other training on that particular. If you intend to learn it, but there are several markets and also most of them have many different languages offered or items in various languages. Therefore let’s proceed and also search for the fitness and health classification, because that’s what we’re dealing with and then we’ll click diet plans and also weight management and after that on the filters we’re mosting likely to choose the check box for german items. Just and so you can see right here now, we have german items associated with weight loss.

So allow’s state i want to promote this one.VidVoicer OTO I would click the advertise button that pays out an average of 43 dollars and also 15 cents per compensation and also i can place in a custom-made monitoring id. Actually, i informed you, i wasn’t mosting likely to offer you a number of training in this, but that in fact may make good sense. Possibly i’ll do you understand yt for youtube and after that you recognize g1 might be my code, because this is my very first german voiceover that i’m attempt that i’m making use of for this specific promo so produce hoplink and i’m mosting likely to get this jump web link right below currently. I might then take that right into some link shortener.

I might make it look nicer, but also for the moment to save time, i’m simply going to paste it right there to make sure that you can see simply type of just how this functions, and after that we may wish to choose whichever thumbnail looks finest. Of course, you can additionally upload your very own thumbnail and after that we’ll proceed and click next and is it made for kids? I suggest not really produced youngsters, however we don’t have any type of age constraints, we’ll state next following next and also we’ll proceed and also make it public due to the fact that we desire people to locate it right so go on as well as publish that alright.VidVoicer OTO So the video is released, we’ll click the video link to go see it all right. So, as you see, i just put a video in german onto youtube: uh about weight loss and the end of this video clip claims: click the link below the video clip.

Well, appearance: here’s the web link listed below the video clip that takes place to be my associate web link. If i click it, that opens my affiliate web link straight – oh my god, vassa’s, and so it takes you to a sales video, a sales page for an item which, obviously, remains in german. Therefore what we’re able to do is currently draw in web traffic in a language that we do not even talk, and so we can wash as well as repeat: we can do that over and over once again for well again, VidVoicer OTO i revealed you all those languages. There are so many languages that you can deal with once again: let’s click new vox so i can show you the fall. Look at all these languages that you can work with and afterwards you’ve got products worldwide from several associate, uh networks.

In several languages – and you can do that – as well as this was simply one little niche – that we were looking at the fat burning particular niche and so undoubtedly – as well as this is just one method of monetizing this – as i discussed – there are lots of many various other ways of monetizing this. You can develop audio books, podcasts radio advertisements. You know, self-employed voice, overs all type of videos, however this is one quick way of generating income from. So allow’s return to videos and also i’m going to show you a number of various other manner ins which we can create videos. So i might click create video and afterwards we might really upload our own photos.

So, as opposed to making use of the search function where we simply use VidVoicer OTO the ones that our tool thinks of, maybe we want to utilize our own photos that we took or some photos that we found on our own someplace, possibly on the internet. So we can click, choose data, and also i have a folder here with some pictures that i found on a royalty, free supply photos site, and so you understand you can pick some of those or whatever images you have that you wish to utilize, you can pick those Click open, so you can see. I simply selected 10 files. We can offer it a name so i’ll simply call this german weight-loss coupon 2, due to the fact that i’m going to reuse that exact same sound track to produce yet one more associate promotion with different photos. This moment you can choose the quantity of time you desire each photo to show.

You can pick the size of the video clip once again, then you simply click upload as well as procedure, as well as it will certainly produce a video clip much like the one i just revealed you moments ago.VidVoicer OTO Just a slightly various means of making it, we have a third way of making videos, which is the import attribute which will import them from any link on the web. So if you have photos by yourself site or if you want to grab pictures off of state your facebook account or off of you can really search for images on even google images, you can locate uh functional photos there. So, allow’s search for weight, loss on google pictures and then let’s go to tools and use legal rights, will certainly choose innovative commons licenses, therefore we can really make use of these. And so we can click on a few of these photos and after that do a best click and also get hold of the picture address.

So duplicate image address dive back over to video, voicer and also paste that in go back over to my search and discover an additional one that i want to make use of. When i find one i can right click on it. Duplicate picture address one more means to do it. We ‘D. Really, click on the picture most likely to the website and afterwards do it from there, but also for several images currently there are some web sites that actually have innovation that will block you from having the ability to do a right click and copy the photo address straight from this search And so, if you discover that it does not function, that’s why however a lot of them you can get directly.

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