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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

WHITE TAG WORKSHOP OTO Welcome to your white tag, studio participants area, and software application control panel. Okay, currently what you’re taking a look at is the first point that you’re gon na see, which is the welcome screen there’s. A welcome video clip right below and then also here on the right-hand side very essential if you click on tutorials it’s.

Gon na take you over to the training. There’s a link to support it. If you get stuck with anything, there’s a web link to faq right here and afterwards right here on the upper right; you can personalize your account alter your password as well as things like that right now.

One of the most exciting point, though, is if you click on this link on my apps, as well as this is extremely important that you take note of this location. Okay, you see all of the four applications right here: all right, my digital trips video clips, agency, video clip magic, as well as simple business pro currently.

What’s extremely essential to recognize is that your password that you obtained sent out to which you utilized to log into your white-label studio control panel? Okay, this right below is your white label– workshop master panel master control panel, right, the same password that you make use of to visit there.

You’re, mosting likely to make use of right here for each of these apps, all right. So you don’t need four separate logins for each application or app right below. All you need to do is simply make use of the exact same login. You click on this link on login, and then you’re, mosting likely to be great to go.

It’s, mosting likely to take you over to the real software program, and after that you can log in right. So, as an example, if I go here on login of easy banners pro, it’s going to take me over below to this web page. Right below, I can enter my e-mail, the exact same one that I utilized to log right into my master panel, the very same password. Right right here, and afterwards I’m, going to be able to log right into the real control panel right.

So if I visit this site, for example, on video clips company as well as click WHITE TAG STUDIO OTO on login right here, it’s going to bring me to the login area. So I’m simply gon na. Do it below in real-time to ensure that you can see it? Let’s wish I have the best password right below: um, fine, it’s.

Gon na log me in the right. Below currently it’s also something very essential: okay,! First off, you can utilize this software program as an individual, right. So if you wish to have a look at the design templates, you can click here on templates um.

You can go here to my videos. You can click here on white label, marketing, set, tutorials, etc. Now it’s, mosting likely to raise the actual layouts. So if you wish to go ahead and also tailor any one of these layouts for your customers, if you want to inspect them out, you can scroll through right here.

You can view your preview, as well as you can use this software application as a user, right? And if you intend to utilize the white tag features, all you have to do. Is visit this site on the white tag, and each app has a white tag tab here in the food selection bar, and it’s, going to take you over right here to the white label dashboard where you can personalize the participant’s area.

Keep in mind, in this unbelievable bargain right here, you’re actually obtaining white label rights with this today, depending upon which degree you have. If you only obtain the fundamental version, you’re mosting likely to be able to customize your brand name.

You can submit your very own logo design right below, and also you can have a customized link right if you update it to our white tag. Studio x, which is our innovative white-label, you’re. Likewise gon na have, as you can see right here, you can customize the assistance.

Link bonus ul, you can have your very own upgrade link. You can also have your very own e-mail system right here as well. Any kind of ul and you recognize your own favicon also appropriate, so we have a fundamental white tag package that you get just for being a client, and then we have an innovative one.

So you locate it here on the white tag for each of theseWHITE TAG STUDIO OTO software options, and after that, if you click on this link on templates, you can use this as a user right. So if I return right here to the real white-label, workshop master dashboard – you have below the 4 applications, and also you can log into my online tools, for example, and after that you can utilize this as a user for your own company, and also you can produce my virtual Forgive me, you can develop 360 online devices for your customers, or you can proceed and also white tag right in the exact same procedure.

You just visit this site, log login, and that’s. Currently, if you um, update it to our advertising plan, you can click here on advertising assets, and there you will certainly be supplied with facebook, ads banner ads pamphlets, business card, code, calling script, e-mail, scripts, as well as whatnot right to assist.

You in fact offer these applications in a successful way as well as without having to work from scratch right, because? If you want to create your very own PowerPoint discussion, keynote discussion, graphics, and so forth, you have to hire a copywriter, a graphics designer.

We did that all for you, and also if you intend to have a very easy means to offer this to customers, you can upgrade below to the advertising and marketing um possessions also, as well as likewise the sales page and sales videos, and also things like that right and after that below on the Left-Hand side, you can also see there’s once more, a way for you to connect to support.

If you get stuck to anything, there’s a web link to training each of these apps it’s. Likewise vital to have their very own training tutorials right. So if I go back here to a video clip company, you can click your tutorials, as well as it’s, going to give you the detailed uh training tutorials for each application, right.

They’re very instinctive, however if you just want to see them, you can do that. This training right here is simply a quick introduction of exactly how to make use of the white tag, yet it’s really, extremely instinctive, as you saw right here um.

You know, you simply enter your details right below, and it’s. Super straightforward, actually um. If I go back here, that pretty much covers it up, so, depending upon your upgrade, you’re gon na have the pro version.

If you purchased the pro, um, if you had any associates supplying you any type of bonus offers, if there were perks on the sales web page, you can click on this link and incentive. It’s mosting likely to take you over to the reward right here and once more.

If I visit this site on home, that is, the master dashboard WHITE LABEL WORKSHOP OTO master login right below, okay, that practically wraps up the welcome video. The best point you can do today is to go here, my applications, and also just proceed.

Visit produce some virtual tools, as an example, on your own or for your customers, market you some digital excursions uh. You can develop interactive video clips right below with video matter. You can dive right into this as well as include any contact us to activity that you intend to a video clip you can.

Also capture leads inside of the video clip. If you intend to produce banners and have a banners or graphics design agency, you can log into simple banner video clip or right here video clips company, which is um. You recognize animated regional advertising and also company video clips that you can sell as well as customize to your clients too, right um, that’s, practically it.

If you get stuck with anything, please do not hesitate to connect to our support. We’re also mosting likely to include here at upgrade link. So if it’s still readily available, you can gon na be able to click there and check out it’s.

Gon na be right below in the menu in the master dashboard and if it’s readily available, so you can click on that, as well as it’s. Gon na take you to the various upgrades, like the pro version: the innovative white-label, the unlimited version, which is extremely, preferred, as well as, finally, the actual marketing bundle as well.


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