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You Studio OTO – There is one front end and four OTOs links . the You Studio OTO 1 is the Pro version , the You Studio OTO 2 is the Agency Kit version , the You Studio OTO 3 is the Reseller version , the YouStudio OTO 4 is the Full Whitelable . All links and details bellow

You Studio OTO

You Studio FE=>>YouStudio FE
OTO1 Pro version=>>YouStudio OTO1
OTO2 Agency kit=>>YouStudio OTO2
OTO3 Reseller=>>YouStudio OTO3
OTO4 Full Whitelable=>>YouStudio OTO4

OTO1 :Pro version

PRO Version With Additional Features & Functionality

OTO2 :Agency kit

Website, Proposals, Graphics, Email

OTO3 :Reseller

Reseller Rights

OTO4 :Full Whitelable

YouStudio Whitelabel Rights

You Studio OTO

What is YouStudio ?

an ULTIMATE Video Marketing Tool Kit that includes 7 different software that will help you effortlessly drive literally Everyone Accessing YouTube Every Day to your offers or your website.

Keyword Researcher

This will help you find the best keywords that are trending right now in ANY niche so that you can create your content around those.

Headline Analyser

Will help you analyse headlines that make your videos go viral using a unique algorithm that considers the human emotions in view.

Viral Video Finder

Lets you see what’s trending right now on the internet, including all their engagement stats across several social media platforms. With that, you’d know the type of video to create so you can ride on the trend.

Video Syndication

Lets you schedule your videos directly from YouTube to 3 of the biggest social media platforms in the world. It’ll take you just a few minutes to schedule your videos for days, weeks, or even months, after which you can relax and watch your videos get streams of traffic from those social media platform non-stop.

Competitor Spy

Spy on your competitors by showing you all the metrics they are using to outrank you. With such data, you will know what to adjust in your YouTube videos so you can easily out-perform them.

YouTube Graphics Designer

Lets you create professional graphics assets for your Videos with preset YouTube banner sizes you can simply select and start using. helps you quickly design attention-grabbing YouTube banners that will make your channel videos stand out from your competition.

Video Slide Creator

Create simple slideshow videos for your channel. It synchronizes with YouGraphics such that you can create all your graphic assets right inside YouGraphics, and finish it up inside this really simple video creator.

YouStudio FE=>>YouStudio FE
OTO1 Pro version=>>YouStudio OTO1
OTO2 Agency kit=>>YouStudio OTO2
OTO3 Reseller=>>YouStudio OTO3
OTO4 Full Whitelable=>>YouStudio OTO4


Video review for front END only


howdy everybody welcome back to my structure

this is my review of the impeccable thing out

thought of you as workshop this is a paying little respect to what you resemble at it

video structure a development variety that

has 7 instruments in a solitary now I in a general sense required

to reveal you before I go into the tribute

my prize site page underneath you may have come

over this video on YouTube if you have

you wish to see this favored position site page just

click the association recorded underneath in the delineation

in this way as you can get this page legitimately underneath and

you can play this video cut inside my assessment

page and also get the entirety of the information I’m.

appearing to you inevitably so we should secure.

truly into it.

this is my prize page I’ll enter the.

tribute underneath in just a second regardless if you.

pick a decision that you need this.

thing after you seeing my overview by then.

you can verify these custom central focuses.

in disconnection.

so indisputably the essential one underneath is called make.

your YouTube benefits snappy with consistent.

video so if you go to all into video cut.

like you could be in the event that you’re into you.

workshop this thing you could be too.

into progressing spouting what’s more this is a great.

thing for doing that and inspiration number.

2 right here is a SEO organizing and checking.

techniques lead this will no doubt in the world show you unequivocally how to.\

ank territories what’s more records and besides teach.

you unequivocally how to tail them in such a case, that you.

make the essential strides not to pick absolutely how your results are going.

you’ll be somewhat flying evidently hindered.

moreover, other than not recognize what to do so this is a.

phenomenal guide for assisting you with.

following your video rankings moreover nudging power.

number three is the chatbot change.

in the occasion that you’ve been around the net for.

the latest couple of months the in 2015 you.

grasp that discussion robots are a goliath point for.

join forces with the target plug this will.

reveal to you the most ideal route to it’s an audit on.

showing you completely how the best way to deal with organizing.

additionally, sparing extents of time correspondingly as cash by.

utilizing trade bots since you can interface.

with your social event you can make depend on.

with them and you can guarantee them.

before you really need to address them.


so talk bots change is advantage number.

  1. besides, inspiration umber 4 is the techniques by which to make.

persuading a headings so on the off chance that you’re.

making archives you see that headings.

moreover, titles additionally as thumbnails correspondingly as the.

applied are genuinely true the.

copywriting so acknowledging decisively how to.

make attracting headings is a should and.

this is a survey that will show you.

verifiably how to do that capability remunerate number.

5 this is a $197 see in like manner as it’s a.

planning program on unquestionably how to explode your.

YouTube channel it’s given by Brendan.

mace what’s more he’ll let you know essentially the most ideal approach to manage find.

the best way to deal with social event a YouTube.

sort out quickly in like manner as you can see how to.

best how to locate the most immaculately astonishing pursue questions correspondingly as.

absolutely how to rate your video cuts quickly what’s more.

sufficiently in spite of liberally more and bit of room number.

six is a dispatch jacking gave by John.

Armstrong this is a forty seven buck.

regard planning program it trains you.

unequivocally how to possess web traffic from giant.

dispatches at present individuals that are doing monstrous.

dispatches correspondingly as individuals that are publicizing.

them they have enormous postings similarly as the.

impelling them actually incredibly similarly as what.

individuals do is they look at for the thing.

in like manner as the key review so this will.

let you know irrefutably the most ideal approach to manage get your video cuts set.

exceptionally near to those enormous contenders that are.

contributing inconceivable methodologies of money on their dispatches.

no I’m sorry my throat is I’m sorry my.

throat is unbelievably scratchy I’m getting a.

cool right here so hold tight for me.

[Songs] OK so what’s you studio everything about well.

it’s a seven out of one device collection for video.

making relatively as video position furthermore.

development there’s a colossal proportion of person.

contraptions open for making accounts.

improving them syndicating them and.

doing catchphrase study contention.

consider and fundamentally more yet you studio puts.

them the aggregate of the 7 instruments into one single.

area so you would torque have the option to out video cuts.

rapidly and you’ll get that by and by.

you’ll fathom that with high affirmation.

that you can put your video cuts high on.

Google furthermore YouTube search since it’s.

the evaluation what’s more improvement is starting at now.

done simultaneously so we should review.

the whole of the seven contraptions so what’s more on this.

page is an exhibiting walkthrough I’m going to.

support you concerning the contraptions here in any case you.

can get a look at inside the program and.

see how the contraptions genuinely work and what.

the interface appears as.

so contraption top is a catchphrase inquire about.

contraption likewise as this will assist you with finding the.

best catchphrases that are slanting right.

in a little while in any kind of recognizing quality so you make your.

material around those solicitation demands instrument.

number two is a part analyzer it’ll.

head out and dissect the aggregate of the fundamental video cuts.

for the solicitation question that you’re endeavoring to.

rank for what’s more you can find video cuts that.

take after inclined to change into a web sensation utilizing a.

phenomenal condition that considers the.

human emotions in the view.

instrument number three is a viral video.

pioneer this lets you see what’s slanting.

liberal it’s warm now on the web so.

you can make video cuts around that.

material it incorporates all their commitment.

subtleties from Facebook to Pinterest to.

YouTube what kind of association what.

kind of viewpoints they’re getting over.

a couple of media arranges so you’ll understand.

that in case you start making accounts around.

this viral web content your accounts could go.

viral in like manner at present contraption number 4 is video cut.

settlement it lets you organize your.

records to go straight onto YouTube what’s more.

the three biggest social affiliations stages.

rapidly so when you set up a video.

you can design them to take off on all.

your online life and manage that.

in one territory instead of logging.

unmistakably into every one nearly as post your video cut contraption.

number 5 is a foe spy contraption what’s more.

empowers you to check for your enemies.

see totally how they’re organizing and sort of.

grasp it and likewise make your video cuts.

centered with theirs device number 6.

is a moderate portrayals engineer.

grant’s see make master structures.

also, assets with your video cuts all pre-changed.

for a progressed for YouTube contraption number.

7 is the video cut slide producer so you.

can post photos and moreover have a whiz.

video made of those photos and moreover do.

voiceovers it resembles a piece.

video cut changing contraption similarly as I’m mosting inclined to reveal.

you this video cut which is a demo video cut.

right now and after that I’ll return.

Okay so we should take an impetus.

walkthrough of the system over right here on.

the left hand side you get these 7.

sustenance assertion things seven instruments done in one for.

one immaterial exertion and we’ll go over each one.

in a second right here up in the upper right you.

can change your profile nuances besides.

you’ll in like manner get cautions and furthermore already.

we likewise start underneath there’s the video.

setting up that you can utilize it’s prompts you.

everything about the structure how every part.

works careful mind blowing so license’s get.

direct into the mechanical get-togethers underneath similarly as the principal gadget.

we’re mosting inclined to consider is the key verbalization to.

study mechanical social gathering so I’ll click that similarly as.

I’ll pick find catchphrases similarly as we’ll put.

in a base watchword which could be difficult to.

rank for at any rate it’ll offer all of you the more.

tail search requests to reveal into and check so.

he can geo-spin around your endeavors in.

different countries equivalently as you can pick a.

resource of either YouTube or Google.

go get her key clarifications and struck the requesting.

button likewise as should be clear down underneath.

there’s a lot of longer tail search questions.

that might be less snared to put for relatively as you.

can in like manner tap on the assessment study switch.

also, tunnel to some degree bundle further into those.

watchwords correspondingly as do all around more research and that is just a hint of something greater.

real guaranteeing of what you have to.

what you have to rank for.

OK so grant’s assessment the going with contraption.

which is the heading maker I’ll click.

on that particular what’s more snap produce heading correspondingly as.

I’ll procee

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