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Video review for Front End only A.I News Glitch

A.I News Glitch   – Text From This Video

Hey guys in this video, I’m gon na show you how you can make money with Google and AI using AI news glitch. So here is the registration page. So just click. Your details here just enter your details and then your news website will be ready and I will show you how you can make Limitless money using Google, AdSense and AI, so just register here like your website name now, admin name here. Email here and enter your password here like this. Your subdomain just click on submit now wait for few seconds. Your account is ready. It will redirect you for the admin panel and your main website look so now. Registration is a success. Just click on the front end. Now your website will look like this here are so many do for you, news already added in your website and also it will automatically be submitted in Google submission directories sorted the SEO will be good, so just enter your email ID here for login and enter your password And click on login [, Music, ], please so now, I’m just logged in – and here is the admin panel. Here is your website. You click for reading the news like this, so you can change the theme here and you can add post here like this. You can add articles Gallery, you can run quiz quiz as well. You can share audio news. You can share video stories, just click on videos. Let me show you how you can do this. My video Title Here like news about. If you live in China, you can add your keywords here now: open YouTube enter here US News now here it is just just copy this URL and go to video URL and click on get video. Now, as you can see, your video is here now add thumbnail. [, Music ]. I have already created a thumbnail here now click and select image, and here is the AI content. The best part is you don’t have to write any words for news. Just click here and news about USA enter your keyword and just click on submit. Wait for few seconds, AI content will generate few seconds now, as you can see, the content is here just fix this, like there are points foreign [, Music ] successfully. You can add images here in between this content. You can board this content like this like, if you want to hold this line, if you want to add color, add the color like this. You can add your affiliate link here for making money using other websites like this and now just select a category like it’s a news related to a website, but if it’s a video news and click on submit now, as you can see for successfully edit just click Here and refresh your website just go to the videos and, as you can see, the news about us and China is here so here is the video, and here is the content which is AI generated. You can play The News Network so, as you can see, this is how you can generate a news. Okay. So now I will show you how you can use RSS feed for import. Other news in your website. Just click on import, RSS feed enter your feed name. Like news here are the feeds Qs news and how much how many news you want in your website 10 and then select the category and RSS news now sub category all and now just click on import, RSS feed. Just wait for few seconds now see the news is imported with others website see. This is the news here. Are the latest news, so this is how you can add news here like this. You can open the news, and here are so many categories: [, Music, ]. Now let me show you how you can make money using Google AdSense now, click on ADD space here are the so many options like where you want to add your Google AdSense code. Even you can add your manual ad Banner, so so just click on sidebar bottom. Now, as you can see now select an image, I have already created one image: click-ons. You can add your affiliate URL here like for example. I am adding google.com just an example. You can add your affiliate link here. So when someone visit your website and click on your banner, then you can make money using that, so just click on Save changes now just go to home. Just sliding down and as you can see here is the banner like how I make dollar 838 in 24 hours click here to unmade. So when someone will click here and buy the product or if they don’t buy the product, even but if they click on this, then Google will pay you the money for this, because Google AdSense always pay you with clicks. So this is how you can use AI news glitch for making money with AI and Google AdSense. There are so many other options as well. There are SEO tools as well for making a better SEO for your website. You can add the title here: it’s a site! Description keywords and just click on save, so this is how news AI news glitch works. So thank you for watching.

Hot Bonuses Packages A.I News Glitch

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