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Here are the ADABundle Agency OTO links. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 Get The 8 OTO Links With A Discount And Huge Bonuses OTO ADABundle Agency You will receive Massive There is one ADABundle Agency Front-End and five ADABundle Agency OTO Editions.  

ADABundle Agency OTO Links + Massive Bonuses


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>> OTO1 Unlimited  Edition <<

>> OTO2 Digital Agency Edition  <<

>> OTO3 Plus Toolkit Edition  <<

>> OTO4 Agency Accelerator Training   Edition  <<

>> OTO5 Special Combo Edition <<

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ADABundle Agency OTO Links Above –  What is ADABundle Agency ?

Even with lockdowns and recessions, the ADA and Web accessibility markets continue to grow. We’ve written down a lot of success stories of regular people who started profitable agency businesses selling Web Optimization Services for thousands of dollars. Having made more than a million dollars from selling ADA software solutions and gotten feedback from more than 10,000 users, we started to ask, “Why do some users get results with the solution and others don’t?” The honest answer to this question is what started ADA Bundle Agency Edition. We’ve made a complete business-in-a-box solution that anyone can easily plug into to build a REAL and SUSTAINABLE six-figure Web Optimization Agency Business WITHOUT the usual roadblocks.

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Product Overview

ADABundle Agency OTOs Details – All OTOs’ Links Above

OTO1 Unlimted Edition

Users are able to use ADA Bundle on UNLIMITED websites. Website Analyzer Widget can be put on an unlimited number of websites, and it can generate and manage an unlimited number of leads. Plus, this upgrade unlocks the most-requested ADA Bundle feature: the “Whitelabel Widget,” which lets you remove the “powered by ADA Bundle” logo and link from your widgets.

Professionally Done for You Consultancy Setup Edition (OTO2)

Users can use a powerful agency dashboard to create and manage client accounts. Add your own custom logo. Add your company’s address. Get all the assets you need to start and run a six-figure “first-of-its-kind” ADA Compliance Service Agency.

Animated Sales Video Professional Agency Website Additional Agency Website with Compliance Widget (free Website review angle)
Telemarketing Scripts Email Swipes Proposals
[MS Word and Powerpoint Slides]
Web & Marketing Graphics [Business Card, Letter Head, Brochures, Receipts, etc.]
Contract Agreement And Lots More!

OTO3’s Lead & Job Finder Edition

Finds Laser-Targeted Buyer Leads in ANY Niche Using AI-Assisted Deep Search in Only 45 Seconds… With the lead finder and business search tool, you can search for businesses by keywords or by niche. Get detailed information like the site’s URL, email address, phone number, etc., so that you can easily close them for your service.

OTO4 Plug & Play ADA Prospecting Kit Edition

Users get a proven and easy-to-use PROSPECTING kit that makes it easy to get clients, GUARANTEED! They get to;

Cold Messenger’s outreach materials
Ad copy and images (Free Audit Angle)
IG Feed post and IG Story post (Free Audit Angle)
Facebook or Social Posts Getting the word out and selling a Web optimization service
Tweets Getting the word out and selling a Web optimization service
Blog Posts Getting the word out and selling a Web optimization service

All you have to do is plug into it and watch a flood of clients pour into your pipeline.

OTO5 ADA Agency Business Checklist Version

This is a carefully put together checklist that will help you from the time you buy your agency to the time you close clients. It’s detailed, gets rid of all the noise, and has a success rate of over 70%—70% of our premium clients who used this checklist were able to start their agency and sign their first clients in 14 days.

OTO6 ADA Follow-up Swipe Kit Version

This is a proven, professionally written email follow-up swipe sequence. It engages, pre-sells, warms up prospects, and sells the web optimization service well. Here is the heavy lifting: Offer to do free audits for prospects, get their email addresses, and use this email sequence to effectively and strategically follow up with them until you get the sale. It contains;

7 days sequence
5 days sequence
3 days sequence

Sells to and warms up prospects from different angles, and is guaranteed to make the sale.

OTO7’s Agency Accelerator Training Edition

This is a special live training where we’ll train all users one-on-one. It will cover;

Live software onboarding ADA and WCAG sensitization
Walk them through all of the agency and prospecting assets.
How to set up an agency, Q&A, etc.
OTO8 356 Days One-On-One Coaching and Mentorship Edition

Your subscribers get 52 LIVE (weekly) coaching sessions over the next 12 months (worth $1,997)… This is not a lie or a promise that we won’t be able to keep! We have been doing this every week since December 2020, and our customers have loved it.

Hot Bonuses Packages ADABundle Agency

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<<<=== All The  Bonuses Above ===>>>


ADABundle Agency OTO Links Above


Video review for Front End only ADABundle Agency

ADABundle Agency   – Text From This Video

Hello, my name is Tim, and welcome to my Ada Bundle, Reloaded in a nutshell, ada bundle allows you to add widgets to your website, like you can see here on my website that will make your websites more ada compliant. As you can see, all of these tools are available for you to add to your website as well as the websites of your customers.You can sell this widget to your customers to make their websites more ADA-compliant. Now. A few extra things that also come with ADA Bundle are that you can run reports for clients. So you can type any website inside of ADA Bundle, and it will generate a report of what’s missing, what’s broken, and what’s not good on that website.   Regarding ADA Plus, there’s also a business finder on the inside, with over one and a half million businesses that you can reach out to and sell your ADA services to. So before I show you everything, I want to mention that there is a link in the description of this video. It will redirect you to my website, where you can find more information about ADA Bundle Reloaded. Also here, you can see the price you’re going to pay. There are also some upgrades available, which you can view individually here.   If you want to check out the upgrade, simply click on these buttons; it will show you the upgrade pages, and then you can choose to grab it here. the AD&D bundle front end, or you can get the special combo deal, which includes all upgrades at a significant discount.Now, if you’re going to pick this up through my website, you’re also going to get these free upgrades as well. a free Pro Pages account where you have a virtual business, uh, website business card, and a ready-to-go consultancy website as well, which you can use to sell your services. Plus, you’re going to get a Crow Builder account and a lot more bonuses, so make sure to check out that website.

ADABundle Agency Local OTO   

Now, I mentioned that this is an “ADA Bundle Reloaded,” which means that it is a re-release of an older product.So maybe you already have this product; they have improved it; it’s well maintained; and if you pause the video, I’m not going to read everything on the screen, but this is what is new in the reloaded version. But let me show you the inside, so you can see exactly what it is like. I said we have three tools here. First, we have the widget tool.   Then we have the reports tool, where we can run reports for businesses, and then we have the business finder. So let’s start with the widget tool. So when I open the widget tool, I can create a widget that you can see on my website here. So this is the widget here at the right bottom, and when I click on this widget, it will open all different kinds of accessibility tools. So you could, for example, hide images.   You have a virtual keyboard. People can use your website to create a reading guide.So here they have a guide that they can use on your website, and this is a very solid tool. You can check it out for yourself; there is a reading mask here if they want to read with a hovering mask like this one that highlights specific parts.So, when you click on things, I’m not sure which one is which: a big black cursor or a big white cursor.   So all these things have to do with the ADA navigation key, so people can navigate with their keyboards by changing text to speech, for example. So when somebody selects something here, they can play it. Ecommerce builder, so, uh, a lot more here, content scaling, so, for example, if they want to have a bigger font, they can simply do that by clicking on these buttons in here. If they want to have a line height, this will become bigger here; a text magnifier will be here, so that it will magnify the text for them and be dyslexia-friendly. There are a lot of tools here and again when you click the link in the video description.

ADABundle Agency OTOs Linka  

You will also be able to verify this for yourself.Even if you only change the colors of the title, background, and so on, everything in this widget is manageable from your widget dashboard.So this is your widget dashboard, where you can add new websites. So here you have a blue button that says “add website,” and when you add a website here, you can give the url of a website where you can run this widget. So now I have my widget, the Timbrel, on this page.   and when you create a widget. This is what you will see on the inside. You have all different kinds of tabs here on the left side, and, um, for each tab. You have your settings here on the right side, so show an online dictionary and show language. So this is also something that I haven’t shown you here, but you can also change the language on the page here. This is one of the new functions, so let’s say I want to set this to Dutch or another language here.   Let’s see, um, Romanian. Look at this; everything changes here. The language changes to another language. You can change this in Slovene so that the text changes to another language, and you can enable or disable all of these functions here by selecting these sliders, so show statement link a custom trigger.So this is an advanced function here, where you can set the id for a widget. I think this has something to do with custom CSS; if you’re into CSS yourself, click the widget button here and you can decide.   Where do you want to display this widget? You want to display this at the bottom right: the right center, the left center, the button size, which you want to have a small button or maybe a medium button or a large button, and the colors in here; you can decide what kind of effects you want. You can give to this bubble here, or you can reset it to the default icon, and then we have the accessibility options in here, so, uh, epilepsy selects pre-built disability modes.So, as you can see, you can configure so many things on the inside here. You can set this on by default, um, for a readable experience here, so I’ve enabled all these things. That’s what you just saw on the widget on my website here, and also a visually pleasing experience, so dark contrast, light contrast, monochrome, high saturation.   All these tools will be enabled in your widget if you enable them here. Orientation is also simple here.Mute sounds, virtual keyboard, height images Well, you already saw those, and then this is one of the upgrades, which is customizing a report. So if you want to customize a report, this is the first part, and it worked really simply. Here you have the embed script, which you simply take and add to the domain.

ADABundle Agency OTO AIUpsell  

You add this to the header of your website, and then the widget will automatically be placed on your website, and that’s how easy it is to create a widget. This is literally a one-minute job to add a widget here and enable all the functions, so once you’ve added that to your website, you can decide if you want to run reports for other businesses as well. So, first of all, you can add this to your own website, and then the second part here is to run reports. Are you able to generate reports for other companies?So let’s say you already have a website and you want to rerun a report for that website.   You can do that in here, and, as you can see here, I’ve already run reports for multiple businesses on the inside here. So let’s say I want to run a report for my website here, where the widget is enabled, and what I can do here is I can say I want to generate a report here at the right top, and I’m going to add my website in here and click on “generate,” so now a report will be generated for this website, and when I click on “view report,” I can see the report now here and it says “excellent.” An accessibility widget has been detected on your site. Ideally, this widget should be enough for ADA compliance, but please check with the website accessibility consultant, and then you can download this report now.   Let me download and show you another report, for example, for one of those, because when you click on view report for this one, for example, it will show you some things that are incorrect, and another thing that you’re going to get here is a shareable link that you can share with your clients.Look. This is what they will see. You can send this to clients, and when they download it, the report contains a lot more information.What is happening with their website?   So when I open one of these reports, let’s see if it’s already downloaded. If this is the one now, this was the one for my website. So I’m going to download Report 4 here, and this is the report that they’re going to see now. One of the upgrades allows you to modify this, so you can add your own details to it, but when you scroll down here, they will see them. First of all, is your site ADA compliant? Below is a detailed report on the accessibility and ADA compliance audit of, and here you can see the readable experience, features, and all the things that are missing from their website. You can help them with that by providing them with the ADA widgets.

ADABundle Agency OTO Bonuses

As you can see here, this is the full report. This is everything that’s wrong with the website and then what you should do now. The accessibility and ADA audit report shows you that your website is currently non-compliant, which puts you and your business in major harm’s way as a lawsuit could already be handed your way. Well, this is a report that you got, and you can send this to your clients, and everything can be mentioned here. So all the reports that you’re running will be in here now.   You can also access this device’s settings.This is one of the upgrades, so what you’re seeing now is the report and the shareable link, or you could download it yourself, and then send it to your client and provide your services by saying “hey.”We can make your website more ADA-compliant, and then you can provide them with the ADA bundle. I’m not sure if this is completely compliant, Widget.But honestly, I cannot imagine that somebody will get sued for ADA compliance when they have a widget like this on their website, where all the options that are required for an ADA-compliant website are available.   So that’s on the inside. That’s the second part in here, where you can create these reports for businesses, and then the third part here is the business finder, where you can search for all types of businesses, and this is keyword-based now. When you scroll to the bottom here, uh, you can see here at the bottom that this is a database of 1.4 million or 1 million businesses. What’s this, uh, one million? This is one now there’s not one point four.   Four thousand forty-three, six hundred fifty-four, yeah, okay. Isn’t it a massive database?So you can simply search for a keyword, so let’s say we want to have pizza websites, right? So we’re going to do pizza, we’re going to search for pizza, and it’s going to show us all different kinds of pizza websites that we can reach out to. So you can do this in your own niche, for example, by opening all different kinds of pizzerias. Do you see that all different kinds of pizza websites sell Fazio’s pizza and Italian food?   So when you click on one of these, you can see exactly all the information here. so you can see the email address. You can see the phone number, and you can see the website. So when all the details are in here, you can say, “I want to create and generate a web accessibility report.” When you click on this, it will start generating a report, and this will automatically be added to the second module here. faziospizza.  

ADABundle Agency Frequently Asked Questions

  1- What is ADABundle Agency ?    2- I’m new to this; can I still use it and earn money with ADABundle Agency ? yes you can to use ADABundle Agency and its very easy to use it 3- On which devices does ADABundle Agency work? Yes, ADABundle Agency work on both Windows and Mac. 4- Can I receive a refund if I don’t like ADABundle Agency ? Yes . With our 30-day money-back guarantee for ADABundle Agency , you are completely risk-free. 5- Does ADABundle Agency charge a monthly fee? No, no any monthly fee for ADABundle Agency you can to Pay once for ADABundle Agency and there will be no recurring charges. 6- Do I Need Previous Experience or Technical Knowledge to Use ADABundle Agency ? no, its very easy to use it for beginner, no any tachnical you need for ADABundle Agency 7- Does ADABundle Agency include training? The ADABundle Agency have advenced training for you to knew all things about it  

ADABundle Agency OTO


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