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Video review for Front End only AI Core

AI Core   – Text From This Video

Welcome to Cube Core casual videos, but hardcore knowledge like this video, subscribe to our channel, press that Bell notification, and let’s start the video okay, so AI Core review, Namaste friends, and uh. Welcome to your channel, to your record, and in this video we’ll talk about this software called AI Course. So this is one more AI, [__]] here. So this is an AI Core review, and I’m sick and tired of the AI [__]] going on on the internet. You must be tired too, because you might be receiving emails every day in your inbox about AI and this AI, so let’s do this one more time. My mind is spoiled with AI.   Hopefully, this world will appreciate humans. One day you will know the human brain because, no matter how many AIS are there, you are here to listen to a human doing the radio. You are not here to listen to an AI review. For example, if I were a bot or some software was doing this review, then what would you think you would leave the video by now? Okay, so no matter how many AIs you put out there in the world, they cannot replace humans.   Humans made AI, but AI did not make humans okay, so it’s time to make the best use of artificial intelligence. So this is the full form of RT for this AI. Now that you come from America, the UK, or Europe, wherever you come from, you speak your own English. I guess. Okay, tell me one thing: if you have to write the short form for any long word, how would you do that?

AI Core Local OTO  

You will be abbreviating, so how I guess you will have to put dots after every character. Am I right? Maybe I am right. So if you have to write 10 artificial intelligences in short form, then it needs to be a DOT I dot, so they have a DOT after I. Where is the dot after I? Okay.   Do you think it’s a timing mistake? No, it is not a pairing mistake. They do this on purpose, because these people are bastards. Okay, I do these reviews every single day and every single time. I see this mistake or this thing that is being done on purpose.   Okay, so I do not understand how you can allow or accept this into your Society or into yourself?.ou cannot let them bypass this. Let them pass. Let them get by with this. Just because you think it’s a typo or a mistake. It’s not a mistake; they do this on purpose.

AI Core OTOs Linka  

I know it because I see this every time anyway. So here we have the demo video. Let’s play the demo review and get done with this, okay? So it will be like two minutes long. So just watch the demo and video, and I’ll be sleeping, and I’ll be right back. We have some Chinese, so you can change the language, or you can change the language you can see here.   Okay, so just see everything here. I, what is this, and all of this can be done by chat GPT. I guess anyway. So these are some AI images. I guess to generate AI images on chat GPT, you have to buy their paid version. I don’t really log in to charity and all that [__]]. Okay, I’m a real person who makes manual money by making these manual YouTube videos, because that is how you make real money.   Everything else AI will do will make you AI money. AI means fictional money, which will never be coming into your bank account for real. You have them chat, and that’s what you do with this. Only God knows. Okay, so where I watch the video and let me see my breath, I’ll be right back in two minutes once it is done. Understand everything on your own, okay, yeah. Oh, then, you have speech-to-text software, as if you don’t get speech-to-text anywhere.

AI Core OTO AIUpsell 

You can find, I guess, on the internet how to convert speech to text for free, and then you can write a code as well. What will you accomplish by writing? The code tells me, You’re going to make computers. Now, by writing codes and then what we have here, I’m spent. Actually, I’m all spent. I have been doing this for the past two years. I have done more than 1400 reviews in the last two years, so I am already, as you know, spent. I don’t know how much energy I have left in me, and my target is to make 10,000 videos, but as of now, I have only reached 1400. In two years, okay, so this is my situation?   The demo is done on the web. Okay, so I hope you have. You have understood everything from the demo video. This is what you will be getting if you buy this in 17. I guess, and these are those features, and all they got will tell you: how can you make money with us all this, okay?   So if I give you this for free, even though nobody will be able to make any penny weapons, what are you going to do with it? And let’s come back to the Sales page. It says here that it’s time to make the best use of artificial intelligence and Skyrocket your business growth, wolves? First and foremost, everything in this Warrior Plus is perfectly fine. Warrior Plus is this platform where low-quality and useless software is being launched every single day, so the world’s first 201, Google Bard, uh, Palm 2. What is the Palm-powered App Suite that does everything? AI image variation, generator, AI graphic editor, AI product generator, AI texture text, to video; there’s no video here; there’s text to speech or speech to text. What is all that?

AI Core OTO Bonuses 

So I guess it’s something I think is not matching with the demo that we have seen here, whatever they are promising you to get on the sales page, and then what we have is let AI automate your daily tasks, such as [, __ ]. So let the robot be your wife, okay, because you are trying to, uh, make your life miserable by, uh, putting AI in your ass every day. Okay, let me give an example of AI before we continue with this review. AI is into everything these days; for example, Siri on the iPhone How do I do it?   How do I do this? How do I do that? Okay, and then you have Google Assistant. Okay, you have Google Assistant, then you have, uh, Google Mini, and Amazon Alexa Alexa Amazon. Okay, let me give an example:   There was a time, as in not a long time ago, but a few years ago, a girl was depressed. She was in, I guess, depression, so a mental problem, okay, and she asked Alexa how to do suicide, so Alexa told her that, uh, you know, you can go to, I mean, you can have poison or maybe jump off the building, blah blah blah. So Alexa told her these options, and then, uh, the girl asked, What’s the easiest option? Okay, so Alexa said, Go and Slaughter yourself with a knife. This is what Alexa guided to that girl, and Alexa gave her all the steps on how to, you know, Slaughter your own neck with your knife, and that girl did it because she was in trauma and depression and all that, and that girl died because of Alexa. What is Alexa? It’s an AI. Congratulations on your decision to give access to these things to your kids.

AI Core OTO Product Overview 

Your kids are literally in danger if they survive on these things. Hey Alexa, switch on this and switch off that foot. Are you disabled? Are you so disabled that you cannot walk to the switchboard from your couch to manually switch on your light, box, and everything? Okay, I get it that you have the remote control for the television for,  uh, switching channels. It makes sense that you have to switch between 100 channels.   That makes sense with Netflix and YouTube. Isn’t that okay, but for goodness sake, can’t you go and turn on your light bulb with your fingers? Can’t you switch on and off your air conditioner with your fingers? I mean, air conditioning can be done from a remote, but I’m talking about normal things now for which you use these Alexa [__, ] Alexa, then Google, home Google mini, and that you do not understand the consequences that your kids and your grandkids are going to face with this nonsense technology. First, there will be the mentally disabled. Their thinking.   Power is being reduced with the use of AI, for example. You came here somewhere in the demo. You saw that it can write AI code. So if chatbots or robots start writing the programming code, then what will be the need for programmers? Then nobody will be able to learn programming. You need a very analytical, very active, and very critical brain, and  you have to think to create logic, die diagrams, flowcharts, and everything else.

AI Core OTO Review 

So if you depend on some [__]] AI to create some programming and code for you, then how will your kids become some programmer or ethical hacker so that they can contribute to the Cyber industry and make something good or get something better? So your Generations are going to be mentally paralyzed, as well as physically, because physically, as in, you’re putting AI into your assets, as you know right now. Your doors are also opening through AI. With your remote control, your windows are also opening. Your curtains are also handled by your remote control, fan, and bulb lights.   Everything is handled by remote control. Are you physically paralyzed? If you, let’s say, somebody is disabled, it’s good for them. If she or he cannot walk downstairs or cannot walk there, You know they’re physically challenged or don’t have hands or legs; it’s understood by them, but these Technologies are being used by people who are 100 percent fit and fine.   So what they’re doing is eating Peas on the couch and farting all day, then ruining their generations to come. I don’t care about you. I care about your generations to come; you will die, but I care about the kids you will give birth to. They will have your own genes if they have your jeans. They will be born like a bum, dum dum bum like a dumb bum like you, because using [, __ ], some AI, physically and online means uh.

AI Core OTO Reviews 

You know, in this software thing and offline means in Hardware things, if you use AI offline, you’re making yourself physically disabled, making yourself lazy, and online means your mental brain power is being reduced every single day because now you don’t want to think you don’t want to You don’t want to innovate; you are brain disabled, and this will impact your kids and your grandkids. Not taking me seriously. I don’t care; I’m saying all this takes an extra two minutes in this video for your generations to come, not for you. We might be enjoying AI so much, so much, so much, but you don’t see the bigger picture, which I can see is going to happen after 100 years. You can’t see right now; don’t you see the effects of all these things on your kids?   What do you think is happening in America? Every single week, whatever you do, somebody takes the gun out in here and, you know, puts it in their hands and shoots people. Why? Because of video games, I also played video games in my childhood. When I was a boy back then, I learned that I was playing a video game in which we had to race the cars.   Then it was about being safe. You know you have to drive the car safely. You don’t have to hit anybody; you don’t have to kill anybody; otherwise, your game will be over if you break the rules. If you hit someone on the car, if you break your lane, then you have broken the rules. Your game is over. Restart. Nowadays, in games, you have to kill.

AI Core Local OTO  

You have to break all the rules. You have to kill as many people as possible; you want blasts, blah blah. So the point is that your kids have been playing these games since childhood. For them, the real world outside is also like a video game in which they can go and do da da. If you are feeling bored, no problem; continue with the review.   I only wanted to save your generations to come. It’s not a problem if they live or die. Okay, so 100. This, and that I’m not interested in any of this too much to read. Let’s see what we have here. We have some.   What is this high-converting marketing content? All of this can be done by HR GPT for free anyway, and then what is this step one, two, three, and what has this thing got to do with making money? I told you I would give you access to this software for free. How will you make money with this? Do you have any ideas?

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