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Ai Multi Marketer OTO Links Above –  What is Ai Multi Marketer ?

Email, SMS, and WhatsApp autoresponder powered by artificial intelligence; “send unlimited without limits, getting banned, or having to manually write anything.”

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Product Overview

Ai Multi Marketer OTOs Details – All OTOs’ Links Above

Pro Version of OTO1

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OTO6 Retailer Authorization Version

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Ai Multi Marketer OTO Links Above


Video review for Front End only Ai Multi Marketer

Ai Multi Marketer   – Text From This Video

Hey guys, it’s Tim here, and today I’ll be reviewing GPT Design, which is a product created by a marketer who was sick and tired of creating prompts for chat GPT in order to write all of his marketing content. I’m now talking about email, sales, letters, YouTube videos, Twitter threats, follow-up emails, and so on.Everything that you need inside of a marketing campaign can be done with the help of GPT design. It’s a platform that will give you all of the prompts you need to write the right audience for you inside of chat GPT, so that chat GPT knows exactly what to write.Now, before I show you a live demo, I’m going to explain everything.   I want to mention that there is a link in the description of this video. It will redirect you to my website, where you can find more information about these products. Also, if you scroll down here, you can see the pricing and upgrades available.Click on these tabs if you’d like to check out the upgrades and also some free extras if you decide to purchase this through one of the buttons on my website, alright chat, GPT design. To begin, what is this all about?   You must first create a new campaign, so when we click on new campaign, you must fill out some details in here so that GPT design has all of the information that you can send to chat GPT in order for them to write good content for you.So, let’s say I’m going to do quick funnel, which is a previous product that I’ve launched.Also, this is a quick funnel. I’m going to call this a quick funnel demo, because I already have this in my account, and here you need to write a short description of your product or service. So in this case, I’ll do it quickly.Funnel is a click funnels alternative for marketers looking for a less expensive solution rather than paying hundreds of dollars per month, quick funnels can be purchased for a one-time payment, so this should be quick funnel and my Niche is digital.

Ai Multi Marketer Local OTO  

Marketers and my audience, for example, are online marketers, and then you can choose the style uh you’d like to write in, so this could be anyone here.This is Ryan Dice’s Alex Becker here, so you have many different ones here, Mike Dillards. We have Mike Phil same in here, but let’s use Russell Brunson, because this is the perfect uh-huh style right and the tune you can choose from different ones in here. In this case, I’m going to be enthusiastic because that’s also what Russell is right about. So now that I’ve clicked on Create Campaign, I have my campaign in here.   So, this is my most recent quick follow in here.I believe this was the one, and we now have all of the information we need to begin writing our content in chat GPT.Now, when I click, for example, on one of these items here, when I click on email, I can choose what kind of email I want to write. So let’s say I want to do a promotional email here, then automatically in Here Comes The Prompt that we can use inside of chat GPT. So I can copy this to my clipboard.   I can go to chatgpt, but the first thing that we need to do is tell chat GPT who the audiences are, and that’s what we just did at the beginning. So when we go back here to the previous screen for Quick Funnel, it says to copy the starting instructions. So when I copy this, I go to channel GPT. I paste it in here and hit enter. Take a look at this now.Gpt says: “Yes, I understand your campaign is called quick, funnel demo,” and as you’re a digital marketer, blah blah blah,” and at the end it says, “Please let me know what kind of marketing materials you need, and I will do my best to provide expert advice to help your campaign,” and here it says, I’m going to write in the style of Russell Brunson.

 Ai Multi Marketer OTOs Linka  

So what we did now is teach Chat, GTP, and GPT to act in a certain way like Russell Brunson, and now we can go to our material. I can say I want to write a promotional email. I’m going to copy this to my clipboard. I go to chat with GPT. I pasted that in here, and I was going to have someone write me an email in the Russell Brunson style, which is enthusiastic, which I can send to my list to sell my products. Look at this. It’S writing this stuff. For us, we all know about chat, GPT rights, and what I can do now that this email has been created.   I can copy this email here; I’m going to say copy, and now I go back to GPT design and I can click on Save email, and I can paste my email in here, and now I can save this email. The next thing that I can do is, for example, I want to have another email. You can write abandoned cart emails. You could send a welcome email. So let’s say you want to write a welcome email.   You simply copy this to your clipboard in here and paste it in chat GPT, and now it’s going to write a welcome email in the same style for me that I can save inside of my account by clicking on Save email. Now. This is just one thing here from the list, so now I have emails, but I can do way more. Of course, let’s say I want to create a sales copy. Then I click on sales copy, and here I can choose if I want to have a descriptive, persuasive, or one of these options. I click this, and it’s now changing the information in here.

Ai Multi Marketer OTO AIUpsell 

Look at this. This is impressive, so it says right near Russell, Brunson style sales letter for quick funnel following this format, a hook, a sub headline, a pain, solution, features and benefits, use cases.Who is this for three step? The clients need to be guaranteed and called to action. So what you’re seeing right here is what’s being used when you create sales copy.   So I’m going to copy this to my clipboard, and I go to ChatGpt. I pasted that in Here and Now, chat GPT is going to ride this Russell Brunson style enthusiasm and is going to ride the whole sales copy. When we look at the solution, features, and benefits, here’s the pain.This is everything we just told chat gbt to do, so I’m going to stop generating it and then copy it here.Look.   This is a complete sales letter, and I’m going to go to GPT design and save my copy, and I’m going to click save, and you can also click here on additional comments, so you can say make it longer, shorter, or more.So let’s say I want to have a shorter one. I can copy this here. I can go to PT and say, for example, “Here, I want to have a shorter copy. For example, if I do this, it will generate a shorter copy for me, and a GPT design will save you a ton of time when creating your copies inside of chat GPT.

Ai Multi Marketer OTO Bonuses 

As you can see here, I can go to a podcast, and then it gives me podcast IDs. I can copy and paste this into chat GPT, and of course, you can do it all manually; you don’t need chat, uh, or GPT design to create this content with uh GPT.However, it will save you a ton of time because you don’t have to think about what to write in your check. Gpt. Look at this when I go to my original creation for quick, funnel here. When you click here at the top, it says view all outputs.   When I clicked “look at this, I got my ideal customer profile. My pain points, my blog post Here I got my email. I got my advert. I’ve got my sales copy in here.   I got my YouTube video script. Everything has been created in literally a few minutes with the help of GPT Sign, and one of the things that I forgot to show you here is the customer profile. This is also a really cool one.You can see what happens when I click on save.This is the customer profile that is being created automatically with Chat GPT with the info that I provided to GPT Design, and now every time it writes the same thing again, it tells Chat GPT, so your projects are being saved inside here.

Ai Multi Marketer OTO Product Overview  

All of your campaigns will be saved in this location.So when I go to the viral dashboard, I can click on view all outputs. I can see my lead magnets in here. I can see the emails that have been created for this product, and I can simply copy them and paste them into my email. So now I can manage all of my campaigns within GPT design, which I think is fantastic.   I think it will save you a ton of time because you get all the input and all the prompts that you need in order to write the content in a specific style for your specific audience, and you can manage everything inside of one dashboard. I hope this review was useful, if it was. Please hit that thumbs up also; if you haven’t subscribed yet, consider subscribing to my YouTube channel; hit that notification bell; and again, check out the link in the description for all the details. Thank you so much for watching; I hope to see you in my next. One talk soon, cheers

Ai Multi Marketer OTO Review

Ai Multi Marketer Frequently Asked Questions

1- What is Ai Multi Marketer ?    
Email, SMS, and WhatsApp autoresponder powered by artificial intelligence; “send unlimited without limits, getting banned, or having to manually write anything.”
2- I’m new to this; can I still use it and earn money with Ai Multi Marketer ?
yes you can to use Ai Multi Marketer and its very easy to use it
3- On which devices does Ai Multi Marketer work?
Yes, Ai Multi Marketer work on both Windows and Mac.
4- Can I receive a refund if I don’t like Ai Multi Marketer ?
Yes . With our 30-day money-back guarantee for Ai Multi Marketer , you are completely risk-free.
5- Does Ai Multi Marketer charge a monthly fee?
No, no any monthly fee for Ai Multi Marketer you can to Pay once for Ai Multi Marketer and there will be no recurring charges
. 6- Do I Need Previous Experience or Technical Knowledge to Use Ai Multi Marketer ?
no, its very easy to use it for beginner, no any tachnical you need for Ai Multi Marketer
7- Does Ai Multi Marketer include training? The Ai Multi Marketer have advenced training for you to knew all things about it

Three Hot Bonuses Packages For  Ai Multi Marketer


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>> Hot Bonuses Package #3 <<

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