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First-to-market AI-based technology that turns any text into attention-grabbing songs in three clicks. First-to-market AI-based technology that turns any text into attention-grabbing songs in three clicks. Fully Tested & Proven—Launch Your Own BandCamp, Reverb Nation-Like Music Selling Platform On The Fly Turn Ordinary Text Or Lyrics Into Mind-Blowing Songs Like Never Before Convert Your Songs into 4K Videos and Hook Listeners Unique and innovative tech that composes captivating songs for you or your clients in seconds. Let Customers Beg For Your Premium Services Create Unique Songs using Voice Commands or Keywords

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Hi, I’m John, and I’ll teach you how to increase Spotify listeners and streams for any of your tracks in five minutes utilizing hypedit’s new ad automation program [, Music]. I tried playlist marketing, social networking, and paying a promoter to promote my Spotify songs, but nothing worked until I mastered Instagram and Facebook advertisements. Specifically, these are amazing because they allow you to get your music in front of die-hard fans, and if you bring those die-hard fans to your music, you see very different things happening from just these broad blanket promotion approaches that you get with playlist promotion or social media, so for me, Instagram and Facebook ads are where it’s at; the complexity of the process has always been a huge problem. Effective Instagram and Facebook music advertising require a lot of training. Advertising knowledge is essential.   Pixels, audiences, targeted conversion events, and the Facebook advertising management UI are overwhelming unless you’re an experienced marketer or advertiser. I always felt there must be a better way to make this more accessible for music artists like us, which led to hypedex, music, and ad automation. Someone suggested employing software and AI to conduct these adverts. Chat GPT meets music promotion. I was like, “right on,” and the wonderful thing is that you can now build incredibly powerful Spotify promo campaigns in less than five minutes, and I’ll teach you how to do this for any of your Spotify tunes.   I’m connected into my hyped account, so I’ll go to and log in, then click on promote music and choose the music ad automation. We currently have templates to advertise a Spotify tune, playlist, artist profile, or pre-save. This list will increase, but I want to discuss about this in this video: expand my Spotify track. Yes, please.

Songs Local OTO

I’ll teach you how to use Instagram and Facebook iPod music advertisements to boost your track’s streams. Click select. First, connect to Facebook. I’m linked. When you arrive, this button may state “Connect to your Facebook account.” Click the button and navigate these four drop-down selections. Select your Instagram, Facebook, and music artist/band Facebook fan page here. After selecting all, utilize the pixel in that ad account.   Just click next, and hypedit asks what Spotify URL you want to promote, so I’ll jump over to my Spotify and promote my new release, this man here without you. I’ll add the URL here to promote that one. Just genre in the title. I’m going to put this tune under house music since it’s disco house, and then hype. I’ll make the commercial for us. It has three parts: It’s the cover image, effects, and audio, already imported. Choose an effect now. I’ll utilize disco strobes for this disco house music.   Preview here. I’ll play this and post the audio. Upload 15–60-second audio clips. That’s vital! Your ad shouldn’t play the whole song.

OTOs Linka

You want to offer them a taster so they can stream the entire song on Spotify. I recorded three 30-second clips. On my other screen. One, two, and three, and you can see instantaneously how the program starts producing these movies that will go into the ad over here. In the interim, you may advertise this in another nation. I propose Tier 1 in two nations.   These Spotify nations pay significant royalties. We’ll choose that, and I’ll go next. That’s asking you to find 3–10 artists on Spotify who sound like yours. For this song, that’s Bob Sinclair, DJ, Tonka, Rogers Sanchez, and Martin Soliging, so I’ll just go with four sounded like Odyssey there he is. Once I have all my sounded like artists in here, I just click on generate interests, and the software will automatically find the best interest to target in our ads.   So no research needed. Thus, my response. Music, Bob Sinclair Martin, Roger Sanchez, and Ahmed van Hel were added interests. I like those. Love them.

OTO AIUpsell

If any of these were terrible, you could erase them, but they’re all fantastic, so I’ll just hit “Next Budget.” Daily $5 sounds excellent. I suggest advanced settings next. The software’s automatic settings can be overridden. Most artists should just ignore it. Most artists do best with basic settings.   Just click next. I’m checking confirmation. This confirms all my right-side settings. Our commercial videos are finished. To preview my video and hear it.   The result looks excellent, and if you uploaded numerous films here in one, two, or three, you can flip between them and review each one. All that’s needed is to finish the confirmations at the bottom, save this as a draft, then publish it to Facebook and Instagram.After the program launches, it will construct the campaign, upload all these videos, and link the AI to define targeting. That’s it—automatically. Your campaign started. Congratulations—you’re about to send Die. Heavy song traffic.

Ai Songs OTO Bonuses

This template’s music may be streamed on Spotify, increasing your listeners and streams. After Facebook accepts your advertisements, this will begin. It may take a few hours, but it happens automatically. That’s it. If you want to try our Spotify promo campaign for any of your tracks, go visit hypedit.   Sign in. If you’re new, you receive a seven-day free trial to try different campaigns before selecting. If you wish to keep utilizing this function, I’ve had great feedback. I’m excited to continue because many artists call this a game changer. Give you additional templates and instruction to maximize your Spotify music. I’ll see you next time.

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