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There were rumors at the start of 2023 that email marketing had one more breath to take. Then came the AI era, and everything changed. Companies have rapidly turned to digital channels in the previous year, reviving email marketing with AI!

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Video review for Front End only AiMailer

AiMailer   – Text From This Video

So missive has introduced an email AI function, and in todif you’reay’s video we’re going to overvittmeans,means anworks, it works and a little about the aboutthe opinions of email and AI in this vif you’re ifyohere, new here welcomeproductive.rThis isve thisis a channel focused on productivitand helpingndheng you to find the best one for you, so ifyou’re. Looking for email applications right now? You can find a link to Tool Finder, a list that we’ve provided with the best email apps of the year, Missive being one of them. So, let’s dive into how this AI function works, so here we have it on the screen.   What I have as my massive new command, and for those who don’t know Missive very simply, it’s an email, third-party application, that provides you with a great way to collaborate one email, but also use it as a personal email, too. It’s  really reliable from my own experience for you using it for two years, and the overall experience is generally really nice and of good build quality. You can find a link to it below. You are interested in that, but let’s focus on the AI function, which they’ve introduced. With this, AI, open AI integration, and essentially what you have to do is add the integration here and go into your settings. Find open AI and connect it to your active account; most importantly, you need an API key from open AI. So this is not necessarily true.   Click the pay and use function. This is a click API, and then, naturally, you pay separately. So that is the sort of slightly frictional point at which AI is at the moment. However, once you’ve got it set up with your API key, you’ll be charged through your open AI account. So I’m going to send a few emails in this video, and then what we’re going to do is see how much

AiMailer Local OTO 

We clocked up in terms of our cost; hopefully it’s  not too much, but let’s show you some of the functions here. So the open AI function works now at the bottom left-hand corner. Very interestingly, you can use the prompt here, and essentially what it’s going to do is use a couple of prompts that are pre-created, like “reply positively, “positiveness” to a certain section, “reply negatively,” and the same with that one, and you can fix grammatical and spelling errors, so maybe let’s go ahead. And do that, but what’s interesting is that you can see here that there are a few different templates that are already available through the passive system, which is really nice in terms of improving how you’re using it. What’s good is when you’re actually responding to emails that are inline, and you’re Actually, conversationally, this does it for you, so you’re probably seeing the video as we speak, but essentially, it’s actually doing it for you when it comes to being able to do it instead of giving you like a one-press button and it will actually do so.   Here, I might say something like, “Let’s compose an email about next week’s meeting on Tuesday, the 27th, and move it to Friday that same week, asking if that is okay. So you can do a few additional things like insert the answer on a new line or save the prompt for future use, which is great for contemplating this, especially if you’re setting things up. So here we are, I’ve pressed generate. This is what I’ve got, dear team. I hope you’re redoing. Well, I want to let you know that next time we’re meeting on Tuesday, the 27th, I’m moving.   I need to move it okay, so this is really, really nice, a very simple layout, and really gets you started. So that prompt function works quite nicely as well. What I can do is, if I select this bit of text, please let me know if this is not possible, and we can work on an alternative time. So what it’s giving me is that it’s helping me to fix the spelling grammars, so you can select stuff and help to fix spelling grammars, but in this case I’m not going to improve the selection. I’m going to associate it negatively, so maybe in this case I might go make this more aggressive and assertive—that’s probably a bit more professional—and I’m going to go and press generate.

AiMailer OTOs Linka 

So what it’s going to do is, if not possible, please let me know so we can work it out. That’s okay, that’s slightly more assertive! Let’s play around with this and just say, “Uhoh.” I’ve pressed the wrong button. Make this line more aggressive.   You know I’m being silly now, but I’m just giving you good examples of how this can be useful. Okay, that is not even more aggressive. Buti! I guess it’s slightly more aggressive in the work sense. Maybe I’ll try to keep it toned down.   You can start to see how this is useful, so I’ve done a few different prompts there. Let’s go over to OpenAI and see how much this has charged me. Okay. So right now, it’s not actually charging me anything. However, this is something that I will post in the description below of all of the actions.

AiMailer OTO AIUpsell  

I’ve done in this video and how much it actually cost me, but largely, I think, a lot of this prompting stuff doesn’t cost a great deal. At the moment, for how much it’s going to do: okay, so if you do have an email that you need to respond to using the artificial intelligence, you can go over here and translate it. There. Some prompts naturally mention it.   So one of the things you can do over on the right side is actually bring up the open AI command area. And this is an interesting area because what it will do is help collect across your accounts. Give it a prompt, so I could say, “Create an email for Sarah this week. So as you can see, what it’s going to do is create that in there andEssentially, what I can do is reply with that pretty instantaneously, so you can use the openAI.   Alongside of this stuff, as well as it popping up down here, this was just a snapshot of the technology that is around the mobile AI system right now. It’s very primitive in a sense because it’s just sort of plug and play and you need an open AI key to do this, but it’s a really interesting step forward, especially for email, and to be honest, It’s something that I would have thought would have come sooner with email, but I guess there are some privacy concerns and difficulties trying to implement it with email versus more canvas-based stuff like craft notions and even Menso. Essentially, my thoughts on email and AI are that it’s a great matchup, and this is a great example of how a technology like this can be used on a day-to-day basis. To be honest, let’s see what comes out with the price. But, to be honest, if it’s around a penny for maybe six or seven commands, then that’s a reasonable price, especially if you’re looking to save time and essentially reply to people in a more fine-tuned manner. Again, it’s working out how your personality and the AI are being trained.

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So if you can base all of the emails you’ve sent in the last year on that and get an idea for your voice, then that makes much more sense than using something that is much more generic and sounds a bit more staid. For example, in a year’s time, I think this technology will be much more suitable for the open market to use, but for the moment, this is good. In addition, remember that we’re used to using technologies like this, because, for example, when we use technology like this right now, It’s normally inside the Google Gmail system, helping you to auto-complete a sentence and also replying to people with messages, so don’t be alarmed at the evolution of this artificial intelligence; it’s going to be quite rapid, but something that we’re going to hopefully understand a bit more in the next couple of months anyway. Folks, I hope you enjoyed this feature, and please do let me know what you think of this message’s open AI integration; this was a little window into that anyway.   Folks, if you want to read the full article about this in a bit more detail, you can find it over on the tool finder linked below. Thank you very much, folks, and I look forward to seeing you in a future video. Cheers! Thank you. Thank you. [Music,]

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