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On May 31, 2023, we’ll debut our Badass Class System. We’re giving away $20,000 in cash prizes throughout our 7-day launch. After 6 months of development, we are happy to unveil our epic marketing training technology. Are you thrilled? Okay, then. The approach behind $100,000,000 (yes, one hundred million) customer testimonials is the one thing everyone wants after buying hosting, autoresponders, traffic tools, and every shiny commodity under the sun, according to hundreds of consumer surveys. The first AI-powered entrepreneurship educational SAAS is Badass Class. This one is perfect for your pupils. It’s the “missing piece” of every beginner, intermediate, and advanced marketer’s online revenue and problem-solving search. Explodely for 7 days at $47.0 Before we get to $97 a month, one-time fee with epic sales contest. Yes, our funnel delivers $4450 maximum, and your consumers and subscribers will agree. On May 31, let’s make history and win your share of the prize pool! If you need anything, just ask!

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Badass Class   – Text From This Video

[Music] Bentleys’ interiors are sumptuous. You should be comfy. If someone told you, “I used to drive a thousand miles tomorrow,” you’d answer, “Yeah, sure, 4am, sound, okay, great.” Looking back over Bentley’s history, you’ll see that their cars are also adept at driving quickly. Bentley’s early history included multiple race victories and speed records at Brooklands and elsewhere in the 1920s and 30s, as well as six Le Mans triumphs, including a first, second, third, and fourth place result in 1929. Simply put, if you had money before World War II and wanted to race, you went to Bentley. In Brooklyn’s Trophy resurgence, you’ll see Bentley after Bentley. In 2003, Bentley won a lemon, and the two most recent models of Continental GT have raced worldwide for a decade. Bentleys, as comfortable as they are and as fantastic as they are on a cross-continent voyage, are meant to be driven. “Well, it’s too big or too heavy to be any fun to drive,” you would think of a Continental GT. A number of pre-war bentleys They were 15 feet long and weighed roughly as much as a small home, yet they drove well [music], [music], [applause], [music]. As the name suggests, the Bentley Continental GT v8 features a four-liter twin turbo v8 instead of a six-liter twin turbo w12. As you can expect, this Continental is neither the quickest or most powerful. It’s 550 horsepower. 635 for W12. Only 770 Newton meters of torque. Compared to 3, the w12’s 900 Newton meters nought to 62 take 4.2 seconds. in the W12, which tops out at 198 mph. Rather than 207, but listen to that noise. It’s comparable to the W12. I know that seems crazy, but I think it’s subdued rage. It’s not an in-your-face v8 roar like the w12, and it might not have the same torque as the w12, but honestly, from 2500 rpm.

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It’s like a wave that keeps rising and you can’t escape. Since it’s not a Kia, it’s also fuel-efficient. Picanto, you’re right, however when you’re traveling, half the cylinders will switch down in 20 milliseconds, which is five times faster than blinking. Everything else? It may contain 9090 pounds of carbon fiber, but it’s still a hefty car with wood, machined metal, and leather. [Music] The road car’s larger brakes are shared by the heavier Mulsanne and W12 Continental GT. 420 millimeter discs with 10 piston calipers are in front, while 380 millimeter discs with four piston calipers are in back. Aluminum double wishbones and a multi-link arrangement in the rear with three-chamber air springs. The 48-volt electronically operated anti-roll bar, standard on the W12 but optional on the V8, is also on this model. The body is super-formed aluminum heated to 500 degrees, while the chassis is steel and aluminum. The v8, with 2165 kg, is 79 kilos lighter than the w12. In some respects, the w12 is the cruiser, while the v8 is more of a bruiser with the steering, whether in comfort, bentley, or sport. Really light. I guess it’s because it’s not too hard. Despite its numbers, it’s still a Bentley. You shouldn’t be manhandling the wheel, even at high speeds. It’s light because the brakes are powerful and handle the car’s weight.

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Incredibly. It’s suspended. There’s a lot of movement in comfort mode. It’s pillow-like! You think, “Well, actually, with 22-inch wheels like this car’s got.” You think “Wow.” These are. Sports have less suspension movement, but this will impact hard. You have more support across the car, but vitally, you still get a lovely, comforting bit of roll that doesn’t suddenly turn into anything. That’s unforgiving, inflexible, and unpleasant. It’s still a Bentley. I’m most astonished by its acceleration. Since that’s ludicrous, it rotates at high speed. Considering this car’s weight, the nose merely tucks in and dives into a bend. You’d expect it to flip and roll about.

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However, it doesn’t. After driving swiftly or sportily, you might start to grasp its high-speed agility. Music surrounding you? Each Continental GT’s interior has more than 10 square meters of crown-cut walnut, and it takes more than nine hours to handcraft and fit the inlays. Additionally, each continental gt’s wood originates from one tree. Bentley called diamond leather quilting, where each textured diamond is formed with 712 stitches. Because of it, every continental interior requires 1. miles of thread and a 500- to 650-point checklist before being approved off. I’m not going to compare this to a Rolls-Royce Ghost because it’s not. However, Bentley develops each new car with its motorsport pedigree in mind, and that mix of luxury—not just technology, but true niceness, power, and performance—is unique. The V8 is perfect. You’re musical.

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