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Video review for Front End only ClickZee

ClickZee   – Text From This Video

Yeah, hi, welcome to today’s video. We’re going to be looking at a site called Click to Earn, and we’re going to be finding out whether you can actually work from home and earn $50 for every user. You refer to the actual click to earn on the actual platform. Okay, so make sure you stay tuned right to the very end of this video. You’re going to uncover some truths that you’re going to want to know before you actually go and start actually promoting click to earn. So without further ado, Let’s jump across to the desktop, run through Click to Earn, and do a full Click to Earn review, so you know exactly what it’s all about and whether you can earn fifty dollars per user.   Okay. So, as you can see here, when you come on to the Click to Earn website, it says, “Confidently work from home,” and if we scroll down, as you can see here, it says, “Get paid to invite friends, test out free apps and games, and more, and earn fifty dollars.” For every user you refer, okay, and it also says here that you get a $25 bonus after you sign up. Well, that’s a tool order; as we know, this day’s fifty dollars just for every user. You refer to it, so we’re going to dive more into this and go into the back of, um. On the website, find out exactly what it’s all about, how you can actually earn this money, whether it’s true, whether it’s legit, and, I would say, stay tuned right to the very end of this video.   I’m going to uncover some truths you’re going to want to know before you actually go and join Click to Earn. Okay, so it says here, “Start earning right now.” All you’re going to do is sign up, get a $25 bonus when you sign up, complete surveys, and download apps. And uh, to earn real money, it’s available instantly as well. It says, “Okay,” and it says you can withdraw the cash instantly through PayPal, Vimeo Cash, the app, and more. So, without further ado, let’s just jump straight into the back of the website and find out exactly more about it. So you just need to click on the join now button here, fill in your details, and then go and get a free account. Now, once you come inside the website, as we’re here now on the dashboard, click to learn, and as you can see here, I did actually receive my 25 just for actually signing up.

ClickZee Local OTO   

So it says here, “You can invite, invite, and earn. It says copy and paste, copy, and share with your friends and family. So this would be the link, and you would actually copy and share it and use the sharing kit to help you invite more people. But what I can’t actually see here, guys, is any actual tasks to do. Um, there are a few down here.   If we scroll down, it also says giveaways coming soon, rewards coming soon, and slots coming soon. So there’s nothing. Actually, you can actually go and test or anything like that. Um, obviously, it says here that you can spin the wheel for cool prizes every day, and that resets every, uh, three hours by the looks of it. So let’s have a look at exactly what that is.   It just says, “Click to spin; nothing’s happening.” Ah, but it has. I’ve actually got 45 dollars in my account. Now. How strange is that? So, as you can see, guys, this is a bit of a weird sight, as you can see. It also, like I said, doesn’t give you any way of obviously earning other things. It says I’ve now reached level two; click for level two requirements.

ClickZee OTOs Linka  

So it says here that you’ve got to have at least five clicks. You’ve got to invite at least five people to get at least forty dollars in earnings. Okay. Well, I haven’t actually done anything to actually get those forty-five dollars, so I’m not quite sure what that is, and it also says here: uh, richer level, five boxes over the 31st, which is a few days away, and I’ll get a 300 bonus. Okay, post on social media and get fifty dollars if you post YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Tick Tock reels and earn so at the end of the day, guys.   It doesn’t look as if there are any offers on here that you can actually take, and they seem to be just giving money away randomly. So, like I said, I have done a little bit more delving into this. If we go back to the actual home page and we click on payments and then we scroll down, as you can see here, some people have obviously withdrawn, and supposedly it says 633 here, uh, 1560 here, so there’s loads of different sort of payment proofs here, but as we scroll further down, some of them have actually got dates on. This is the 13th of May. This is the seventh of May, so they’re all quite old; we’re now in October, and this one’s the 31st of May.   It doesn’t seem as if we’ve got any more that actually have dates, but most of those are back in May. Okay, so I went and actually checked out when the site actually went live. Oh, this one is October 21st, 2021, okay? So that was a year ago, okay? So let’s go across to the site, like I said, who dot?”

ClickZee OTO AIUpsell  

There are a couple of things that immediately raise red flags: basically, the registrar, Tusco’s Domains Inc., is not a very good name for most of the scam sites that are out there. I actually read that you linked to Tosco’s domains, Inc., and they’re actually on their servers. But if we scroll down a little bit more, it says the company and the date on which the actual website was registered. Okay, and it says it was registered back in, um, June. So, okay, so all of these are payment proofs that say, “May,” and this one says October, like I said last year: they’re all fake, so   This is what you need to look out for, guys, and I’m here to help you. I’m not here to just dish on this site; I’m here to help you actually earn money online. So what you have to do is look out for these sorts of things if they’re saying that they’re paying out. Um, look at the dates. Go and do a little bit of research and find out exactly when the site was actually registered. Well, they’ve only been going for about three or four months, so the chances are that they’ve paid out much or even had that many people join is pretty remote, and, like I said, from the inside of the account, all they get you to do is literally refer other people. Now, they obviously want you to do that, but they’re not actually going to pay out. There’s no way that they can get this money to you because how can they offer to pay you a $300 bonus for every invite? It’s not real, guys; you won’t get paid, I’m afraid, but make sure you stay tuned right to the very end. There’s a set of videos that I’m going to give you where there are legit sites that you can actually go to and get paid, and you can actually earn some money online.   But I tell you now: it won’t be fifty dollars for an invitation. It’s as simple as that, because, uh, they’ve got to be able to make money, and this company here obviously doesn’t make money from anywhere. There’s no way to upgrade. There’s no way to sell ads, and they’re not even giving you any tasks to actually complete, so where are they getting their money from? Well, they’re not okay.

ClickZee OTO Bonuses  

So it’s as simple as that. So this is not going to work, guys, so I would basically avoid a click to earn, um. It’s going to be a scam site. There are going to be people who are going to obviously invite it; they’re not going to know they’re going to share it on social media, and this is where I picked it up from, funny enough. I picked it up from my Facebook group that someone was posting this, and it just looked a bit scammy to begin with.   So obviously, I’m coming down with this video for you, so again, a heads up on this one: don’t go and join Click to Earn, but check out the videos. At the end of this video, where there’s a whole playlist, I’ve listed legit sites that will pay out and, uh, will get you a few bucks every single month. Okay, trust. You found that useful and interesting. If you did smash up the like button for us, don’t forget to watch these videos next, and if you haven’t already, make sure you subscribe to the channel. Hit the notification bell, and you’ll get notified every time we make a new video.   That’s it for today. We’ll see you on the next video.

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