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ClipsReel OTO

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ClipsReel OTO

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The ClipsReel OTO  –  What is ClipsReel ?

With the help of the cloud-based movie maker ClipsReel, you can create gorgeous videos from any blog post, URL, or e-commerce product page like Amazon or Shopify that you can use for marketing, advertising, or just about anything. All you have to do is paste a URL or some content into the programme.

The best parts of your clip are automatically selected by ClipsReel, which quickly produces a captivating film. Your movies can also have logos, music, captions, automatic voiceovers, and much more. Then, press to download or share in a matter of seconds to begin generating unrelenting traffic from Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.


OTO1 – ClipsReel Unlimited – $97

  • Make countless videos
  • Numerous Social Media Platforms; unending Publishing
  • 10 New Templates for Videos
  • Every Month, New Templates Are Added.
  • 30 minute Full HD video creation
  • – ReelMerg Join many templates or videos together
  • Square or Story on TrimReel Video Production
  • BRAND NEW Animations
  • NEW Styles for Video Transitions
  • Share on TikTok and Instagram
  • Account Manager for Priority Video Rendering + Priority Support
  • ONE TIME ONLY: e-learning platform Acadeable offers UNLIMITED video courses
  • Course Manager, Instructor Dashboard, Drag-and-Drop Lesson, Student Dashboard, Public Instructor, Invoice Print & PDF, Course Player, Course Progress, Course Video Resume, Quiz & Lessons, Course Purchase Report, Messaging System, and Much More are just a few of the features offered by Acadeable.

OTO2 – ClipsReel PROFESSIONAL – $67

  • 100+ Languages Multilingual Video Translation in One Click
  • Voice-Overs in 20 Languages, Multiple
  • NEW Voice-Over Accents: Fifty
  • Make picture videos
  • Produce videos for Facebook
  • Produce videos for YouTube
  • Make Instagram video content
  • Make videos for Instagram Stories.
  • Make promotional videos
  • Make video advertisements
  • Make promotional videos
  • Create videos for LinkedIn
  • Produce explication videos
  • Make instructional videos
  • Create videos for e-commerce

OTO3 – ClipsReel agency – $47 ( No Reseller Dashboard )

  • Licence from an Agency with White Label Rebranding
  • Licence for Exclusive Resellers
  • 6X Stunning & Powerful Video Commercials on the VideoClientsFinder App for Virtual & Team Members
  • Custom PayPal Checkout Integration on the DFY Advertising & Marketing Agency Website
  • Include Highlighted Examples of Services Offered
  • Allowing clients to schedule appointments and adding client testimonials
  • Includes 5 Years of Web Hosting
  • Make accounts for client reviews.
  • Templates for DFY Client Contracts
  • Each and every Web Page is Written with Content

OTO4 – ClipsReel PlayerNeos Pro – $47

  • Make specialised video players that may be embedded anywhere.
  • Add Countdown Timers to Your Videos to Create Scarcity
  • Add enticing call-to-actions and buy now buttons.
  • Add menu buttons, timed pop-ups, and logos Choose From ENDLESS Eye-Catching Player Designs to Get Around Chrome’s and Firefox’s Annoying
  • Auto-play Disable Problem
  • Customise the text and branding
  • With Just One Click, Add Custom Autoresponder Forms to Your Videos
  • Add Social Sharing Icons for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to Go Viral

OTO5 – ClipsReel Sonority Pro – $97

  • Commercial Voices Licence
  • Commercial Permission for Music Tracks
  • Next-Generation Artificial Intelligence Music Track Synthesiser
  • 15 professional voices are available
  • Produce Original Music Tracks for 15 Different Genres
  • Multiple voice-overs and music tracks can be combined.
  • 50+ Sound Effects for Adding Sound
  • Create many voiceovers for $50 per week.
  • Create 50 music tracks each week, unlimited.
  • Unlimited Video Production – $50 per week
  • Create voiceovers with a long pause between each 1,000 characters.
  • Make voluminous music tracks
  • Keep your music tracks and voiceovers in the cloud.
  • Download your music tracks and voiceovers.
  • able to work with all video software
  • No requirement for API keys
  • No Wavenet or Amazon Polly
  • No intricate voice code modification for SSML
  • 16 voices. 10-language list Supported
  • Make and Sell ENDLESS voiceovers
  • Make and Sell ENDLESS Music Tracks
  • Make and Sell ENDLESS Audio Tracks
  • Make and Sell Waveform videos WITHOUT LIMITS
  • Characters in Voice Overs, Unlimited
  • ALMOST ENDLESS Music Track Length
  • Produce Multilingual International Voice-Overs
  • Sonority Cloud offers UNLIMITED audio file storage
  • ENDLESS Voiceovers in Multiple Languages
  • Priority & Fast Track Support + Rendering Priority
  • Americans (4), Australians (2), Britons (2), German (1), French (1), Hinglish (1), Chinese (1), Spanish (1), and Vietnamese (1) were the top languages spoken.

OTO6 – VideoReel Unlimited – $37

  • Commercial Usage Licence 50 Renders Per Week, Unlimited
  • Make lovely, brief films
  • Instant Preview-able through Drag & Drop Numerous Animation Styles in a Video Editor
  • 75 video templates are available.
  • 50 Legacy Templates are available.
  • 25 intro video templates are available.
  • 25 outro video templates are available.
  • Get the video file.
  • Edit and Save Templates
  • Making voiceovers automatically for videos
  • Support for English, Spanish, French, and Hindi
  • Pick from Millions of Pictures
  • Pick from a huge selection of background music
  • Your YouTube videos should be posted
  • Up to 25 YouTube Channels Can Be Linked
  • Save your videos.
  • Mobile app ReelApps
  • 12 months of dedicated support and updates
  • Included: Detailed Training (Video + PDF)
  • Unlimited True HD 1080p Videos Unlimited Videos 100 Unlimited New Video Templates for Fresh NEW Templates One Hundred New Premium Templates
  • 50 brand-new templates and limitless NEW intro videos
  • Free Outro Videos Forever – 50 New Templates
  • For a Year, 10 New Premium Templates Will Be Added Each Month.
  • Unlimited ReelMerg – Unlimited Longer Videos TrimReel: Unlimited Animation Styles and Video Resizing
  • Numerous Styles of Video Transitions
  • Unlimited sharing on TikTok and Instagram
  • Have fun with Fast Track & Priority. 14-day money-back guarantee, support, and priority rendering

ClipsReel OTO Bonuses

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Video review for Front End only

ClipsReel Review: Features

Regardless of Using Duplicate URLs, Unique Videos

Even if you utilise the same content URLs, you never have to worry about having the same video as another ClipsReel user since this A.I. is always learning.

The technology has been created to produce unique videos for each entry it gets. So that your films will be distinctive to your viewers, you may develop with confidence in this manner.

Standard Rendering Outputs, Square, Stories

Sincerely, I think ClipsReel is the final video editing programme you’ll ever require. To make it simple for you to share your video on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, SnapChat, Stories, and other platforms without difficulty, ClipsReel has been created to provide you a number of dimensions and formats you may export to.

Easy Auto-Storyboarding

You’ll be able to see your video precisely as it will appear before you post it by utilising a storyboard. You have complete control over every feature and fine detail of your film from beginning to end thanks to ClipsReel’s inclusion of this option. Always receive the video you desire, with no unpleasant surprises or hiccups.

100,000+ Photographs

For every project, ClipsReel is equipped with an amazing collection of high-quality photos. Find the ideal visuals quickly and easily for your projects to spice up any movie you produce. Not to add, by not having to buy these photographs separately from expensive stock image websites, you’ll really save tens of thousands of dollars.

5.100 million+ video clips

Everything you might possibly need to make your own video masterpieces is available in this video library. Any video you make on ClipsReel will stand out from the crowd and assist to engage your audience in a novel and refreshing way since you have access to over 5 MILLION video clips.

650 Instrumental Tracks

Even if video is effective on its own, adding background music may increase its impact. To give your films that unique touch, they include all the background songs you may possibly need. To add, simply click, and you’re done! Additionally, ClipsReel and your Sonority account are integrated. Yes, you can quickly and easily import all of your own musical compositions and artificial voiceovers.

A font library with more than 1,000 professional fonts

You may use ClipsReel to search among more than 1,000 professionally created typefaces that are available in a simple collection. You’ll be able to customise your films in a way that demands to be watched repeatedly using carefully chosen fonts! Prepare yourself for a surge in traffic to any product offers you may have when this occurs!

25 Voices & Accents for Text-To-Speech

We all understand that one of the most effective methods to add audio to your videos is by employing text-to-speech software. What if you want to sound more authoritative, though? or possess a voice that resembles someone from a different nation?

By providing 25 alternative voices and accents for any conceivable situation, ClipsReel addresses this issue. If you don’t want to chat, there’s no need to. Simply upload your screenplay into ClipsReel, choose your voice style, and then sit back and watch the magic happen!

Ten Personalised Video Templates for Quicker Creation

Even while ClipsReel makes making films simple, they still wanted to make sure you could generate outstanding videos right away.

You’ll not only save hours on your video production responsibilities by having access to these 10 customizable video templates, but you’ll also be able to use the platform to create a dynamic, enticing film in just a few short minutes.

Create videos on ClipsReel that prominently feature your business or brand. In order for your prospects to get to know you, gain your trust, and consider doing business with you now and in the future, upload your logo and/or watermark. Let’s move on to my ClipsReel Review’s next section to learn more about ClipsReel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does using Clips Reel need any specialised technological knowledge?

No. Although you will need to be familiar with the fundamental computer functions (such as clicking and using a mouse), learning ClipsReel won’t take long at all. It was created with novices and non-technical users in mind.

How quick is ClipsReel for making videos?

Depending on how engaged you want to be, but it’s not unusual for you to reduce the hours it takes to create a film to just a few minutes. A lot of the work is done for you by the A.I. After that, you make a decision on the finishing touches for the video.

Will this function without any programme that I have to download?

In no way. Running in the cloud is ClipsReel. Thus, everything functions flawlessly on our incredibly fast and secure servers. To utilise the platform, all you need is a web browser and access to the internet.

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