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CloudFusion OTO 1, 2, 3, 4: Two FE offers and four One-Time Offers are available. CloudFusion OTO 1 is Elite Version, CloudFusion OTO 2 is Enterprise Version, CloudFusion OTO 3 is Agency 100 Licence Licence, and CloudFusion OTO 4 is Premium Membership Version. There are additional down sales. Complete information >>>


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All 4 CloudFusion OTO Links Below


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OTO 1 – CloudFusion Elite ($77)

OTO 2 –  CloudFusion Enterprise – ( $97 )

OTO 3 – CloudFusion Agency 100 License ($67 )

OTO 4 – CloudFusion Premium Membership Monthly Deal ($77/M)


FrontEnd Details

The platform permits the upload of an unrestricted number of files, including videos, images, and other forms of media, with no quantity limits imposed. This feature allows users to efficiently manage and distribute a wide variety of multimedia content.

The platform provides users with unlimited monthly bandwidth, making it possible for files and films to be accessed by a large audience without interruptions caused by bandwidth limitations.

By creating a maximum of 50 channels, users can effectively categorize their content, allowing them to organize their files and films.

The software enables the management of files and videos for up to fifty distinct businesses or clients. This characteristic makes it an ideal solution for freelancers and businesses with multiple client partnerships.

In addition to videos, the platform can store and manage a wide variety of file types. Users can effectively manage various file types including photos, PDFs, documents, and audio files, making this a versatile solution.

The platform prioritizes the rapid and efficient distribution of information, a crucial element for sustaining viewer engagement and boosting lead generation and sales.

The use of high-definition (HD) sales and training videos enables the presentation of these materials on web pages, websites, or members-only areas, thereby providing a refined viewing experience for one’s audience.

The secure delivery of digital goods enables a streamlined and dependable transaction process, ensuring the prompt and secure distribution of these items to customers.

Lead Generation and Affiliate Sales: Leverage the platform to effectively generate leads and boost affiliate sales by offering complimentary items and affiliate perks to your subscribers.

Private file sharing enables the secure exchange of information with clients, customers, and team members, thereby protecting the confidentiality of vital data.

The incorporation of inherent SEO management elements enables the optimization of file-sharing websites, thereby increasing the material’s visibility on internet platforms.

Data Security: The implementation of 128-bit SSL encryption and the use of OTP-enabled login ensures the highest level of security for users’ files and information.

Cloud-Based Platform: The platform operates solely on cloud infrastructure, eliminating the need for domain registration, web hosting, and installation procedures. Consequently, the configuration process is streamlined.

The platform demonstrates regulatory compliance by adhering to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ensuring that your data handling practices adhere to these regulations.

The customizable drag-and-drop business central dashboard provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface for managing files and processes efficiently.

The platform is designed to be user-friendly and requires no coding, design, or technical expertise, ensuring that it is accessible to a wide range of users.

The platform provides an integrated contact management system that enables effective connection management, thereby facilitating effective communication and collaboration.

Business Cloud Access enables users to access their data from any location and at any time, thereby enhancing both flexibility and accessibility.

The provision of file security and recovery services allows users to experience a sense of serenity through the use of robust measures such as 128-bit SSL encryption, login authentication enabled by one-time passwords (OTP), and the availability of a 30-day online backup and file recovery function.

The implementation of a single dashboard management system enables users to effectively manage all their company files via a centralized interface, thereby eliminating the need to use multiple applications.

Effortless File Management involves the facilitation of multiple file sharing, thorough full-text searches, and convenient file previewing, thereby streamlining the file management process.

The Elegant Video Player includes a built-in video player that is compatible with high dynamic range (HDR), allowing users to present their films in a sophisticated and visually captivating manner.

Accurate statistics: Track the performance of your files with accurate statistics, enabling a thorough understanding of the effectiveness of your content.

The program is equipped with thorough video training that guides users through each step, allowing users of varying skill levels, including novices, to employ it effectively.

Utilize the five-day-a-week, around-the-clock customer support services to ensure prompt assistance whenever it is required.

A commercial license enables the provision of these services to customers and the generation of revenue.

High-demand services consist of those that are in high demand, such as secure file exchange and digital product delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Other than videos, is it possible to submit files in other formats?

CloudFusion enables users to upload a variety of data types, including images, PDFs, documents, and audio files, among others. This system’s inherent adaptability enables efficient management and sharing of numerous types of content.

Is there a limit to the number of channels that may be created to organize content?

Users can create a maximum of 50 channels, allowing for efficient categorization of their files and videos. This feature facilitates navigation for the user and their audience when accessing the content.

How secure is the platform for the exchange of confidential information?

CloudFusion offers an extensive selection of security features, including 128-bit SSL encryption and login authentication enabled with one-time passwords (OTP). This feature provides optimal security for your files and data, ensuring their safety even during the transmission of sensitive data.

Can files be accessed from multiple locations?

The Business Cloud Access feature makes it possible to retrieve files at any time and from any location. This feature improves the level of adaptability and usability, allowing mobile users to efficiently manage their content.

How user-friendly is CloudFusion’s interface for those who are unfamiliar with the platform?

CloudFusion was designed with an intuitive interface, eliminating the need for users to have coding, design, or technical skills. The product includes comprehensive video tutorials that guide customers through each step of the process, accommodating individuals with varying degrees of knowledge, including novices.

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