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What is EVA by Synthesys ?

It’s Epic Video AI [EVA] and it’s a text and image to-video engine run by Synthesys Technology.

EVA boasts the capabilities to bring your imagination to life – in the form of video…

EVA by Synthesys Demo


Important Info About EVA by Synthesys

Welcome to a fascinating look at the power of Economic Value Added (EVA) in driving business innovation. In this article, we will explore how EVA, a financial performance measure, can play a vital role in enhancing organizational decision-making and promoting sustainable growth. Through the innovative EVA framework developed by Synthesys, businesses can gain valuable insights into creating value for their stakeholders and achieving long-term success. Join us on this journey as we uncover the transformative potential of EVA in reshaping the business landscape. Have you ever wondered how businesses come up with groundbreaking innovations that propel them ahead of their competitors? In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, innovation is key to staying relevant and competitive. One powerful tool that businesses are using to drive innovation is Economic Value Added (EVA). In this article, we will explore the power of EVA in business innovation and how it can help you take your business to new heights.

What is EVA and Why is it Important in Business Innovation?

EVA, short for Economic Value Added, is a financial performance metric that measures the value a company generates in excess of the cost of capital used to generate that value. In simple terms, EVA helps businesses assess their true economic profit by deducting the cost of capital from their net operating profit after tax (NOPAT).

Why is EVA important?

EVA is important in business innovation because it provides a clearer picture of a company’s performance and value creation. By focusing on economic profit rather than accounting profit, EVA allows businesses to make better decisions about resource allocation, project evaluation, and business strategy. In essence, EVA helps businesses identify areas where they can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and drive innovation to create value for shareholders and stakeholders.

How EVA Drives Business Innovation

Now that we understand what EVA is and why it’s important, let’s explore how EVA drives business innovation.

Aligning Incentives

One way EVA drives innovation is by aligning incentives within an organization. By tying performance metrics and compensation to EVA, businesses can motivate employees to focus on creating value rather than just meeting short-term financial targets. When employees are incentivized to think long-term and prioritize value creation, they are more likely to come up with innovative ideas and solutions that drive growth and profitability.

Identifying Value Drivers

Another way EVA drives innovation is by helping businesses identify their key value drivers. By analyzing the components of EVA, businesses can pinpoint the areas that have the most significant impact on value creation. This insight allows businesses to focus their efforts and resources on optimizing these value drivers, leading to increased profitability and competitive advantage.

Making Strategic Investments

EVA also plays a crucial role in guiding strategic investments and resource allocation. By evaluating projects and initiatives based on their potential to generate economic profit, businesses can make informed decisions about where to invest their time, money, and resources. This strategic approach to investment ensures that businesses are focusing on projects that have the highest potential to drive innovation, growth, and value creation.

Implementing EVA in Your Business

Now that we’ve explored the power of EVA in driving business innovation, let’s discuss how you can implement EVA in your own business.

Set Clear Objectives and Targets

To successfully implement EVA in your business, it’s essential to set clear objectives and targets that align with your overall business strategy and goals. By defining key performance indicators and targets related to EVA, you can communicate expectations to employees and empower them to contribute to value creation and innovation.

Train and Educate Employees

Implementing EVA in your business requires a cultural shift towards a value-driven mindset. To ensure the successful adoption of EVA, it’s crucial to train and educate employees about the principles of EVA, how it is calculated, and how it impacts decision-making. By providing employees with the knowledge and tools they need to understand and leverage EVA, you can foster a culture of innovation and value creation.

Utilize EVA Software Solutions

In today’s digital age, there are many software solutions available that can help businesses implement EVA more effectively. EVA software solutions can automate the calculation of EVA, provide real-time insights into value creation, and facilitate decision-making based on economic profit. By leveraging EVA software solutions, you can streamline the implementation of EVA in your business and maximize the benefits of this powerful tool for driving innovation.

Case Study: EVA by Synthesys

To illustrate the power of EVA in driving business innovation, let’s take a look at a case study of a company that has successfully implemented EVA in their business – Synthesys.

Company Background

Synthesys is a leading technology company that specializes in developing innovative solutions for the healthcare sector. The company has a strong track record of delivering cutting-edge products and services that improve patient outcomes and enhance operational efficiency for healthcare providers.

Implementing EVA at Synthesys

Recognizing the importance of EVA in driving innovation and value creation, Synthesys decided to implement EVA in their business. They set clear EVA targets aligned with their strategic objectives, trained employees on the principles of EVA, and invested in EVA software solutions to streamline the implementation process.


By implementing EVA, Synthesys was able to make more informed investment decisions, optimize resource allocation, and drive innovation across their organization. The alignment of incentives with EVA helped motivate employees to focus on creating value, resulting in a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. As a result, Synthesys saw a significant increase in profitability, market share, and shareholder value.


In conclusion, Economic Value Added (EVA) is a powerful tool that businesses can use to drive innovation, enhance performance, and create sustainable value. By focusing on economic profit and value creation, businesses can make better decisions about resource allocation, project evaluation, and strategic investments. Whether you’re a small startup or a large corporation, implementing EVA in your business can help you stay ahead of the curve, differentiate yourself from competitors, and drive long-term growth and success. So why wait? Start exploring the power of EVA in business innovation today and take your business to new heights!



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