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IRIS OTO: Hello, everyone and welcome back, I’m really excited about this device. IRIS OTO This is the iris flip from uh Consumer Cellular and a couple of very interesting things so number one IRIS OTO . This is a flip phone, of course, uh and we’re going to go over the specs in just a second. But first I want to answer your frequently asked questions. As always, you have frequently asked questions and they’ll be answered there um, but this device is the best Kos device that I have ever used and because it’s fast, it also has more RAM.

I believe it has 1 gig of RAM uh instead of the 512, and it just makes the phone fly. It’S just very fast and very useful. Now, when it comes to the hardware of the device it does have, a USBC does have a 3.5 mm headphone jack. A 5 megapixel camera which is pretty decent.


I will showcase a sample right now of that 5 megapixel, camera and uh again. It just has a very good processor, the qualcon 215, and it does extremely well when it comes to uh. You know a lot of the usage of the device, but um I’m really excited, because because this device also brings Kiva, which is Kos virtual assistant, and that allows us to do amazing things like voice to text. So here we have a new text and let’s say that you’re trying to use it right there. You can of course use the keypad with T9.

As you see right, there is uh predicting my uh behavior um, and if you want to use the voice assistant, you you just press um and right, there is going to listen to what ever you’re saying and, of course, it’s going to trans transcribe it as best As possible, I’m not close to the microphone, so the performance may not be as great uh but yeah. Essentially it’s going to try to do that and it will. You know, try to release whatever it thinks it is. It needs to be really close to your mouth, but again it it works and it has the ability to transcribe whatever it is that you are going to send it. Of course, you can also send let’s say a group text message message automatically like right: there.

That’S one number and then another number and boom right there group text message without the need for you to change any settings and it will do so automatically. The camera, like you saw, is pretty decent. It does have a music uh Gallery. Then it has video. You have Google as well right there for searches, internet Kai store, Kai weather um.

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The browser is nothing amazing, but it will get you out of a pinch if you’re looking for something specific and of course you can also ask uh the assistant. So, for example, I’m in Denver so did the Denver Broncos win yesterday and right there. It will search and tell me that the Broncos did win yesterday against the Champs and right there. You have the Kansas City Chiefs and, as you see I’m scrolling at 249, the Broncos won so very good for the Broncos uh. Then you have P LP right there, which is an app that I downloaded from from the store.

It’S a podcasting, app and you’re able to download your podcast and listen to them on the 2780, for example, which I have right here, which is a little bit of a smaller device. Uh does have half the ram as far as I’m understand so on this device. Some apps Crash from time to time and you have to kind of restart and go ahead on the iris flip. It’S definitely definitely faster and nothing crashes. Because of that generous one gig of RAM that I I’ve been able to at least tell uh, with the help of a couple people that yeah 1 gig of RAM seems like what the documentation on the FCC and all the websites uh tell us.

It is. But the most interesting thing about this device: besides QR Code Reader, you know – and it has like the notes and utilities – and a couple games here and there for you to play the most interesting about this device – is that it has an eim card. This device actually doesn’t come with a regular SIM card. It comes with an eim, it doesn’t have a SIM card slot, which is rare, especially for a flip phone. It’S the first time that I’ve seen that but right there you have eim number one and you can add um a second one.

You can scan a QR code, you can download directly. It’S super easy to set up and I didn’t have any issues honestly. I actually really enjoyed the process of setting it up and it was just very seamless and very uh very easy to do. You can also Create a Sim pin in order to lock it and you know not have your information stolen. Of course, you have the other regular things like language.


You have Spanish and English it’s available right now only for the uh American Market, but you can unlock this device and probably technically take it out after 60 days of usage, as far as I saw from the policy so 60 days of usage on this Consumer, Cellular Has a $ 15 plan so about $ 30 and boom right there you’re good to go close to go home open to answer call on the lid. You have input methods in English. Of course, predictive you can have a dictionary. You can also have Spanish and again it’s it. Just it just works and it has a lot of good things.

Then you have the store, which you know it’s going to load pretty quickly and again. It just very, very well used very nicely kind of like refreshed, like the animations are just the fastest I’ve ever seen on Kos and, as you see right there like when it goes pretty fast. Just kind of like has the ability to uh do and you can download you know many different things like maps and yada y y and all of that good stuff um. It does not bring uh certain applications from default so like, for example, uh you’re not going to see these pinned uh so, for example, the maps or the YouTube. You can also deselect these and put them back uh, but YouTube is essentially not super functional, and it’s only if you want to really watch a video.

I wouldn’t definitely recommend it uh, but you have maps and, and the maps are the same as always in Kos. It’S not going to follow you right away, you have to allow the location, and it will give you directions and stuff that is in your area and tell you how to get there. Um Starbucks, of course, is not doing it. St R Buu CK Starbucks right. So I was trying to look for Starbucks right there in my area and it’s going to give you results, um of course right now it’s not calibrated, so it thinks I’m in Las Vegas, but I’m not and of course like, then you can get directions so, for Example, let’s say I want to go to that specific location.

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Uh you can, you know, go to that specific location, get the details where it is, and you can ask it to give you directions to it and it will. You know kind of like give you like. Okay, you can choose it on map or your location and after a while, of course, it will give you the location and then step by-step directions to there. It does have Transit and it does have other. You know.

Nifty features that you can use, especially for the maps I’m going to close it out, but again it works and it’s it’s very, very useful um the email function I wouldn’t use, but if you need it uh, it’s definitely there for quick checks or things like that. Then you have the clock with alarms and all of the other features it works essentially just like, like regular kyos device. However, it’s just way faster. It does have this uh specific key right there and it’s for favorites, so you can load your favorites and essentially contact them quite fast um and it does have a speaker and a couple of the other features that you expect from a flip phone. But again the first eim card device.

You probably could flip um between this, no pun intendent there and a smartphone. If you need it to you know for for a season, especially a smartphone with an eim card, you will load it on the eim card on the phone on the flip phone. For a time whenever you want to go and distraction free and then you would load your sim card uh eim card on a different device, so, for example, if you’re trying to do an iPhone or maybe an Android device, if you’re going on a trip, then you Take it for a trip and then, when you come back, you switch the SIM card again so again, very very excellent device. I’M really excited about the um different things that will come out of this device and hopefully the future of flip phones and Kos Al together. Hopefully, we can see more companies being uh interested in getting us voice to text and browsers and good compatibility.

Uh, sadly, no is not very interested in that or updating their devices uh. But this one right here, the iris flip from Consumer Cellular comes from a company called start. Usa um. I think it’s a very, very good proposition. It also has a Micro SD card uh and a couple of extra Nifty features.

If you have any questions about this device or any of the other devices that I have reviewed, make sure to uh leave those in the comments below, and I will be interacting with you guys. Thank you for watching. Thank you for your support. As always – and I hope you have a great day –

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