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You can use these 300 motivational videos to get viral traffic, grow your social media, or sell them as your own and keep all of the money you make. Get access to 300 inspiring movies with PLR rights right away. You can use motivational videos to get more traffic, grow your social media following, or sell them for a lot of money. As those are encouraging movies, it fits and covers all niches. You have full private label rights to these movies, which means you can change them, sell them, use them as they are, etc. The movies are great for Youtube shorts, reels, Instagram stories, etc., and have been shown to go viral! You can use this package in a lot of different ways. For example, you can use it as a bonus, a lead magnet, a viral traffic generator, as part of your product, as part of a package, to build a social media following, or sell it as is. The possibilities are endless! The largest collection of motivating movies that you can buy right now. 300 videos with rights to resell! Go popular on social media today! => You can sell this package as is and keep all of the money! Full Private Label Rights Included! 30 days to get your money back

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Motivational Videos Pack OTO Links Above

Video review for Front End only Motivational Videos Pack

Motivational Videos Pack   – Text From This Video

We’ll be utilizing four tools, including chat GPT, to teach you how to create inspirational videos on YouTube. Recently, I’ve started making an effort to attend to the gym, and I’ve found that watching motivating videos on YouTube may help keep me on track. Keep your hopes from remaining just that. It won’t be a snippet of an interview with some b-roll, music, and subtitles added on top. I’ll demonstrate the simplest approach to creating such films utilizing four distinct programs. The first is the chat GPT platform, and the second is the web-based video editor Everything we need to create the film is conveniently located in one spot. YouTube is the domain name, and Google is the fourth tool (for reasons you’ll see in a minute or two). Let’s go to work on the video. The first step in creating a motivational video is locating the footage or interview segments that will serve as the basis for the final product. Some folks may take many different compilations and combine them into one larger video. As an obsessive admirer of David Goggins, who has conducted several interviews and produced numerous podcasts of which I am unaware, I prefer films in which the interviewee is featured alone for the duration of the whole piece (say, 10 minutes). I haven’t heard this one yet, so I could go to chat GPT and ask, “What are some of David gogan’s best interviews?” From there, I’d get a list of five interviews or podcasts in which he appeared, along with a summary of what was discussed. For example, “Here’s one that I haven’t actually heard yet right which is the Rich Roll podcast um.” o watch every single one so finding the content is probably one of the easiest Parts but the lengthiest parts so what we could actually then do is go back to chat GPT and as you can see here I prompted it with what are some of the highlights from David Goggins interview on the Rich Roll podcast and it actually gave me five highlights from this interview and this is interesting because it gives me specific things that I can then start searching for and you’re like okay but how do I search a YouTube video well this is pretty cool so we’re actually going to copy the link to the video and I’m going to open up new page and type in YouTube and we can head over to this website and then I’m just going to paste the Earl and click go and then as you can see here it’s actually pulled the entire transcript from the video and this one’s really long because obviously it’s a two hour long video so there’s a lot to say but the interesting part here is that I can then actually start searching for things so in Chrome if I hit command F we’ve got the text box that pops up and David Goggins runs Ultra marathons right and so I could start searching for keywords like that searching for Ultra as you can see we’ve got seven different points where Ultra the word Ultra

Localized Bundle of Inspiring Videos OTO

comes up, and when I click on it, the video jumps to the precise time and place where that word was mentioned—in this case, at 1:51—where I can then quickly browse to find the part where, say, David Goggin begins talking about the thing I’m looking for and then cut it where it ends. This is a great way to quickly find sections of the video we want to turn into a clip. be one of the tools we’ll use is because we want to go to Google, and I’m going to leave this one up to you but you’re going to use Google to find a way to get the video onto your computer wink wink wink wink wink you know what I mean and then once I have my video in my downloads what I’m going to do is then head to and by the way I’m going to link everything that I mentioned in the description down below then what After choosing the podcast and clicking “open,” you can see that the timestamp from YouTube’s transcript has been used to import the audio into Veed.   com, you can quickly find that specific area, and once you’ve found it, you basically just want to cut it out; for example, I know I want the beginning of my motivational YouTube video to be at 12 minutes and 11 seconds, so I’ll place it just at 12.8; then we’ll click on split; and finally, I’ll right-click delete and delete the Gap; and finally, I’ll start right here.

Inspiring Video Bundle OTOs Linka

to click fit so the timeline fills the width of my screen and so now I’ve got as we can see a just under three-minute YouTube video so this is essentially the foundation of my motivational YouTube video right it’s the clip from the interview so now there’s a few things I need to do first of all I want to add some background music some subtitles and also make sure I add some b-roll because if you add the b-roll it will help boost your audience retention on the p The reason we’re using V is that it comes equipped with everything we need to create subtitles for podcasts; for example, after clicking Subtitles, I can choose the language in which the podcast was originally recorded by clicking Auto Subtitles. Language: English I Simply select create subtitles and wait for veed to finish generating the subtitles, which can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the length of your video. As you can see, veed has finished generating the subtitles for my video and they are now visible on the screen. while we edit the remainder of the film to make sure everything flows reasonably well, so Styles To begin, I’m going to switch to a typeface that I prefer; specifically, the Proxima Nova typeface is one of my favorites since it is widely used and looks great; examples include Instagram and Tick Tock. I don’t like it when subtitles are too blatant; I prefer them when they’re pretty subtle, since not everyone reads subtitles.

AIUpsell Bundle of Inspirational Videos

ne wants the subtitles to be there, but when they are, I like to use the Shadow the drop shadow effect so that they stand out a little bit regardless, as you can see there is some like black shadow behind the white text and then you can kind of place them wherever you want; most people, however, position them in the middle of the screen. for my subtitles except every now and then we have two things in the transcript first of all we’ve got cuss words and swear words which can be things that we want to remove or at least what’s the word parental advisory at least bleep out not bleep out but you know hide the text misspell them so that we can’t read them straight up even though goggin says them in the video and then we also have some mistakes so what we can do here is actually go and just edit and change the text on the left which is our subtitles um as we would text anywhere else so if I click on this one if I find this one right here live created me to be this F dot I can just go and change that just like so and as you can see that’s now reflected um and so you can go and do that on your subtitles if you wish every now and then when you get words in Orange it’s because it wasn’t 100 sure of what the word was at that time but otherwise this is one of the most accurate subtitle automatic subtitles out there the AI is pretty precise so that’s step two I’ve now got the subtitles out of the way now what I want to do is go to audio, and now I’m going to click on search, and we’re going to search the stock audio, because I want to find some background music for this video, and I think that a problem with a lot of modern motivational YouTube videos is that the motivational music is too intense. It’s either too cringy, too corny, or just too like heroed, save the day, whatever. [Music] That’s a really nice one, in my opinion. [Music] The beauty of video is that it already has stock audio and stock footage, which we’ll see in a second, built into the editor, so I don’t have to go to a different platform and search for it. I think this one might work, so I’ll click on it and add it to my project.

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day is being vulnerable; it’s stripping myself to the bare minimum and letting folks in on the truth about who I am and how I function. I also don’t like it when the subtitles span across two lines; I’d prefer to keep everything on a single line. To achieve this, I could either make the window wider or, in the subtitles, type “breaking myself down” and then “absolute rock”; then, after the latter, I could delete the space and add a line by clicking Enter until the text spanned two lines. I’m thinking about going to the stock video site and typing in “look someone in the eyes” because it suggests to do so. Okay and here we go got eyes literally just find one like one of the First videos click on it again and it will be automatically added to my project and then what I can do is just drag it above uh the Goggins video I’m just gonna move my timeline a little bit bigger and let’s see we know look somebody in the eyes right here okay I’m gonna make this a lot shorter that’s how I fixed it. can watch the whole thing and have everything happen that David Goggins describes, but the issue is, we get judged so rapidly (okay, let’s look, he says judge so quickly; let me just say judged right or what we might be is Judge uh, that might be you know).

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