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PinAI   – Text From This Video

Everyone’s back. I’m testing five banana devices today. Today’s video (intro music). I’ve had several banana gadget requests from YouTube. I looked at them recently to see what I thought. See the five participants.   Three slicers, two non-slicers. The Banana Bungee hangs bananas to keep them fresh and clears counter space. Company emailed me. Reminding me that there’s a small hook in here, and that many people have discarded it. It’s simple. We’ll see. Banana bobber follows.   That’s it. Thin plastic. It cost $8 to create but just a few cents. This lets you peel bananas without shattering them. It’s for youngsters and banana peelers. Fascinating name. Three peelers here. Prep is gradual.

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Cost $5. You may peel the banana in parts. Fruit should work too. The banana container has no lid, so it’s not a long-term option. Next comes in an As Seen on TV packaging. It wasn’t promoted on TV. $10 banana slicer.   Looks barbarous. See that. That’s weirdly gratifying too. This slicer has the smallest slices of my three, making it suitable for dehydrating. They also recommend it for cucumbers. Also, I’ll try. Hutzler 571 banana slicer.   This remark seems odd. The comments are often a joke, but this one seems straightforward. Place your banana and push. This slice seems the broadest. Let me start with the Banana Bungee Gadget number one in the kitchen. Is this a banana bungee with an eye screw?

OTOs Linka

That clips into the cabinet above. First, I drill a pilot hole here and insert the eye screw. It’s solid. Now. Clip a few through the bunch. One’s there. It’s working. I’ll remove two bananas and leave the rest hanging to see how it holds up. All good. Let me pull a banana for my first test on another device. Right on! before the banana slicers. I’ll peel using the Banana hopper.   Bananas galore Simple gadget. That’s all here. Very easy. Banana sizes vary. I don’t recall removing the label here. I suppose not. However, pressing it into the banana and moving down its length should peel it. I’ll test several larger and smaller ones. All right. We begin.   It clearly entered into the banana. Is that it? Let’s see. No smashed ends. Nice banana. Try again. Press it into the peel and follow along.

OTO AIUpsell

Boom I’m improving. Now, yes! Please continue. This is nearly enjoyable, and   Boom I’m devouring bananas. With three slices, I’ll do six bananas. The Banana Bopper will do six bananas, three apiece. These bananas will bounce me down. That sounded bad. Banana four? I’ve got a few smaller bananas.   This works better than expected. Banana Bopper, this exceeded my low expectations. Banana Pierce: Banana peel slides. Reveal my peeled banana. Six lovely bananas The Banana Bopper is outrageously expensive.

PinAI OTO Bonuses

The Banana Bopper peels bananas fast without mushy ends for $8. If you can afford $8, the Banana Bopper is an excellent product. Now, slicers. Where to start? First one. I ordered I bought a progressive Prep Solutions banana slicer initially.   We can’t do a full banana, but let’s see what we have. I see To avoid interruptions, the banana goes inside. I feel it. That final one didn’t fit. Though gimmicky, it worked. Let’s try a banana. I’ll demonstrate.   This is it. It rises through there when pushed down. The banana bends, creating an issue. Everyone starts at the opposite end. Last one dislikes it. Measure this opening. 1/4-inch thick. Dehydrators aren’t that huge.

PinAI OTO Overview

Dehydrator usage is thick. Cereal could be better. I guess I’m not convinced this is the greatest choice, so I’ll try others. I’m ready to test this strange banana slicer. I’ll test a few sizes here after reading Amazon’s weird reviews. Just place the slicer on it and pray the banana isn’t too curled like this one. You only have to select the appropriate angle and push. Wow, that was fast.   Let’s check out these thick slices: 1/2-inch slices. I’ve never cut a banana faster. It deserves credit. Try a bigger banana. This one may fit better. Let’s go. Boom, doing that feels gratifying. It’s stupid, but   An enjoyable thing Like a watermelon cutter. I did when you pressed down the whole watermelon slice in one second. It’s similar. Okay, two more bananas to slice, then a few more things before I finish. The crudest. It’s also horrifying.

OTO Review

Almost artistic. As such. It’s required. I’m unsure. Try it. Wow, Banana slices were ejected.   How will a banana bend here? (Laughs.)  The banana jumping off is hilarious for some reason. But look! It’s already gummy. Bananas are there. Start from the straighter side. It may be messy. Now what? With what?   No idea. I’ll have to clean this before doing another banana. I’ll simply rinse this one off between bananas. I’ll try quicker this time since it’s full. We’ll see. Speed test: That’s bad.

OTO Reviews

Dropped something. Measuring these slices. Much slimmer. These vary. Thinnest slice: 3/16 inch. All three slices, German Bananaschneider $10 Hutzler’s thick one. Prep solutions: small, medium, and big.   Some functioned better. Two additional fast banana-free testing. Bananaschneider should do cucumbers too. Try it. Can a cucumber fit? It’s unfit. This cucumber isn’t even huge. Allow me one pass through there.   Let’s see, No way, At least not this cucumber. A little, feeble cucumber? No standard-size cucumbers. It’s blocked. Bananaschneider is bad for cucumbers, while the final Prep solution test is beneficial for strawberries. Now that’s logical. Try it.


Test it on strawberries. Yes, Prep Solutions works on strawberries—maybe better than bananas. They’re well-cut too. All right. Based on my limited encounter with them today, number five would be the Bananaschneider or FireKylin, which I’m not sure about. I feel this. One requires cleaning between usage because it gums up. Despite the difficulty, it makes the thinnest slices. It’s faster.   Number four: Prep Solutions progressive banana slicer. It’s ineffective. Strawberry works better, but this is another. That’s not faster. Third, the Hutzler 571 banana slicer. It’s silly, particularly the jokes. It works. It’s fast. This isn’t a dehydrator, but it works wonderfully for bananas. The Banana bobber, unexpectedly effective and handy, is number two.   The only reason it’s not number one is because it’s $8 and probably a $0.50 piece of plastic. Maybe $0.10. It works when you have one.



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