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SmartCloudPro is next-generation cloud storage that lets you save, backup, share, and host unlimited files, images, and videos for an unbeatable one-time charge.

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OTO1: SmartCloudPro Premium ($47).

Unlock 30 TB More Cloud Storage Upload Large Files Unrestricted 1-Click Email Sharing of Uploaded Files For Ease of Use, Watermark Preview Files. Set Files/Folders as Public or Private Detailed File Statistics with Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Downloads Upload More Files Daily. More Files Daily ZIP a folder and its files. Preview Your File Quickly Without Downloading It Link Expiration Files Secure Files 24×7 Premium Support for All Issues Commercial License to Magnetize Profits and More…

OTO2: SmartCloudPro Max ($67)

Remove All Limits Unrestricted Uploads and Downloads No Daily Limits—Unlimited Uploads & Downloads 1-Click Upload, Share, and Unlock Unlimited Cloud Storage Multi-File Upload Upload Large Files Unlimitedly from Remote Url Commercial Licence Includes “Unlimited Everything” for PRO Marketers

OTO3: SmartCloudPro Enhance Security Edition ($67).

Iron-Clad Data Protection & Advanced Security 100% Data Protection Password-protecting files/folders adds security.

OTO4: SmartCloudPro Agency Edition ($97-197)

OTO 4 offers two options: 50 sub-users are allowed. Users are limitless. Create 50 or Unlimited and Sell InboxHelper Accounts Our Dashboard Manages and Adds Users Charge What You Want Simple Agency Dashboard

OTO5: SmartCloudPro Reseller Edition ($67-97).

Resell SmartCloudPro for 100% commission!

OTO6: SmartCloudPro WhiteLabel ($197)

The buyer receives 100% Whitelabel code for straight server installation. Add their logo Name it. Pay separately.   m

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Video review for Front End only SmartCloudPro


SmartCloudPro   – Text From This Video

Hi, I’m Jimmy in this video. I want to show you what happened when I reached out to one of the many investment scams out there. I got them from you, you know. They comment on a lot of YouTube investment videos and, I’m sure, many other places. So, broadly speaking, it would seem that most people would recognize the fact that these comments are scams. But the fact that these scammers continue to run these investment scams and continue to put up posts implies that at least some people are falling for these scams.   Otherwise, they wouldn’t be doing it. So here’s a good example of what these investment scams look like: This is the comment that came from one of our recent videos. And, as you can see, it sort of rambles on and on, and then it says that this particular investor was able to make eight bitcoins with just an initial investment of one point: five bitcoins. Just so we’re on the same page right now, Bitcoin is trading for about nine thousand dollars. So what they’re saying in this scam is that for an investment of thirteen thousand five hundred dollars, they were able to get back Seventy-two thousand dollars in just three weeks, and like clockwork, most of these scams go almost right away.   This comment had boards reply to this particular comment with things like, “Well, this is great, and this turned my life around in just three weeks.” And on and on it goes. Now most of us can look at this and say, “This is garbage. I hate scams like this, but some people must fall for them; otherwise,  they wouldn’t be doing it. That being said, if we’ve ever been curious, what is behind these scams? I’ve actually been curious.

SmartCloudPro Local OTO 

Not if it’s legit or not, just how crazy is this scam? So what I did was reach out to one of these investment scammers. Now I actually don’t have the original message anymore since I didn’t take a screenshot of the one that I was replying to. I wrote down their information, and then YouTube must have flagged it as being a bot, spam, or whatever it was. But basically, it was exactly like this post. It was exactly like this post was, and many of the other dozens that I’m sure we’ve all seen. Ok, so the first thing I did was create a fake email address and get a burner phone. And I was also very careful to only email these people using an old computer, just in case when they emailed me back if they had any viruses, spyware, or anything like that embedded in it, it wouldn’t affect my computers, which I actually care about. So. The comment that I was replying to was talking about an amazing investment manager named Gerrald Hamilton, and the comment actually gave Gerrald Hamilton’s phone number, so I want to help.   I went ahead and called the great Mr. Hamilton, and I actually got a quick audio clip that I recorded of that conversation. Now, I did crop out some of the small talk. I asked him where I live. I just made stuff up.” He asked me if I had any investment experience. I said, “Ah shucks, I don’t have any.   I hope to have You know I had a great experience with you. I hope I can make a lot of money. Here’s what that clip sounds like. So I’m just going to make a prediction, but you know it’s trading upside down. I’m going to let you know.

SmartCloudPro OTOs Linka  

I find it so easy, all of it. If you’re too, I hope you’ll wait until then. If I get out, though I want you to look, I know that I am today, but I’m not going to if I buy it a hundred and right. Yeah, well, you’re putting that date in it. Thanks again; I have one 800. Five, OK. Promise me you’ll be happy. But OK.   Now just to be clear: if we give this guy five hundred dollars, he can return eight hundred seventy-five dollars per week because apparently he day trades Bitcoin seven days a week and apparently he’s never wrong. Thankfully, he’s got these amazing investment day trading signals. OK, now that he said all of that, I asked him if he could email me the math so I could review it with my wife. He said he would, and then he explained that my minimum investment had to be at least two thousand dollars. I said I was super excited to get started. Email me and send me the investment proposal. And if he could send me something verifying that he was legit, and he did. First, he sent me his certificate, and we can see that the great Mr.   Gerald Hamilton is an expert in advanced trading technologies. And he received this certificate from Modulus. Now, one of the first things that jumps out at me is the fact that this particular certificate expires in twenty-four seven, and he got it in twenty-seven. This means that this particular certificate Last thirty years, Now, just to give us a point of comparison, if we got our Series Seven license, which is what we need to be a stockbroker, that Series Seven lasts two years before we have to renew it. This one lasted 30 years. So that’s a bit suspicious, and now I’m actually curious.

SmartCloudPro OTO AIUpsell 

If this company were a real company, it turns out they are a real company. It looks like they provide some of the technology behind different trading platforms, but there is no indication that they actually give out any certificates. I’ve actually called them a few times. I tried reaching out to the CEO of that company to let them know what these people are saying—that they’re getting a certificate from there—but he hasn’t come back to me. Ok, Then onto the email itself, So this is a screenshot of the exact email you sent me. So first he said he needs some basic information. Simple enough. And then, if we invest it, this is the math he gave me. Two thousand dollars a day: We would earn 10 percent a day, which is 200 dollars a day.   This time he cleaned it up and said that he would only be trading five days a week since there are five trading days in a week. So a thousand dollars a week? OK, now this is where he loses me. He then applied that thousand dollars, which I thought was a week, and I assume he took that as a mistake and is pretending that it’s somehow going to be a thousand dollars a day. So he multiplied it by 30, giving us a profit of thirty thousand dollars a month. Plus, we get our two thousand dollars back. So we invest two thousand, and we get thirty thousand a month.   So, needless to say, this is all garbage. Sure. Some people do day trading, and some people actually make a good living doing it, but it’s not easy to do, and there’s no simple way of doing it. Certainly nowhere near what this guy is talking about. And generally, today in trade, you need a lot of money to make very little money. Consistent, OK, So I go ahead and tell this guy that I’m interested, and I give him my phone number, and he starts to call me, and he calls and calls and calls. And most of the time I don’t answer, although sometimes I do pick up. And he explains to me that all I needed to do to start with a two thousand dollar investment was to send him two thousand dollars in Bitcoin. So I ask him: “Couldn’t I open a fidelity or some other online trading plot, some online trading account, and given that log-in information?

SmartCloudPro OTO Bonuses 

No, it needs to be sent directly to him in Bitcoin. There’s nothing that says it’s not a scam, like “Send me! No untraceable currency So I tell him that I’m afraid that this isn’t legitimate, afraid we could lose money, and I ask him: Is there some way to prove what you’re doing? He says I’ll send you some of my Bitcoin traits. So this is what he sent me in this screenshot. This is from him. He tells me that these bitcoin trades are trades that he’d made the day before we spoke, and we may first notice that, first of all, these are not bitcoin trades.   Second, these trades were made back in February, and third, these are all buy orders. How do we know these were even profitable without the other side of the trade—go, buy it and sell it, or sell it and buy it? You can’t just give me buyers and tell me you made money on every one of them. So I called them out on this, and he said,Oh, my mistake: I sent you the wrong trades, and I’ll send you the right ones. He then sends the new ones.   Once again, these are not Bitcoin trades. These are currency trades. Now I have a guess as to why he keeps showing me currency trades. And that’s because there are many different currency trading platforms that allow us to practice trading in a simulation account. So if you ever wanted to practice day trading to see if you could actually make money, at least day trading currencies, there are a lot of platforms that do it. That’s what I’m guessing. This is Well, this went on for a few days, and finally, I called him out on the whole thing being a scam.

SmartCloudPro OTO Product Overview  

I said everything was fake. I said it all seemed fake. And he started yelling at me. He said who I was missing: a great investment opportunity to make thirty thousand dollars a month for just two grand to Day, and then he hung up on So if you see anything like this, please ignore it or report it to YouTube or whatever. But either way, don’t contact them unless you want to get harassed and you’re interested in having a good laugh. But don’t do it now. If we’re looking for a more legit way to invest, I actually did a video or a walkthrough of eight steps to analyze the stock. It will not make you thirty thousand dollars in a month from a two thousand dollar investment, because that is not the way investing really works. So if you’re curious, perhaps that could be a good next video for you to watch. I’ve got a link right here.   I’ve got a link in the description below, and I can say that if you follow that process, it is a good, steady way to better understand a company and try to determine if it’s a good investment. If you’re curious, click here or below. Thank you so much for sticking with me all the way to the end of the video. I really appreciate it. Stay away from the scams. I look forward to seeing you in the next video. Thanks.  

SmartCloudPro OTO Review


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