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Storify OTO Links + Three Hot Bonuses Below

Storify OTO
Storify OTO

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>> OTO Bundle-Deal Edition  <<


>> Front-End <<

>> OTO1 Fast-Pass Edition  <<

>> OTO2 Pro Edition  <<

>> OTO3 Reseller Rights Edition  <<

>> OTO4 Whitelabel Rights Edition  <<

>> OTO5 Monthly Edition  <<

>> OTO6 Bundle Deal Edition  <<


Storify OTOs Details – All OTOs’ Links Above.

Frontend Storify COMMERCIAL – $37

  • up to 90 seconds (users may create tales that are up to 90 seconds long) up to 30 tales per month (users may create Stories that are up to 30 Stories per month)
  • Analytics (users may view impressions and conversations related to their stories)
  • Add a thumbnail (which enables people to do so for their Story)
  • Include audio in your story by uploading an existing audio file.
  • contribute text (users can contribute text to their stories) and record audio in the browser.
  • Highlight (users may choose to highlight particular passages in their tales)
  • Social Share (immediate social media sharing of your tales)
  • Quotes (users may include quotes in their tales)
  • Users can add definitions to their tales. Users can also contribute photos to their stories.
  • Adding Lists

OTO 1 Storify PRO – $67

  • Creating longer tales is possible with Storify Pro; the maximum length is 180 seconds.
  • No Logo: With this upgrade, users are able to delete the Storify logo from their stories.
  • Background noises may now be added to tales by users thanks to this change.
  • URLs: Storify Pro allows users to include URLs in their tales.
  • Call-to-action (CTA) Buttons: Storify Pro also comes with CTA buttons that can help boost purchases and engagement.
  • With Storify Pro, users can check comments on their stories and interact with their audience.
  • Images that can be used in stories that are royalty-free are also accessible through Storify Pro.

OTO 2 Storify Reseller Rights – $97

  • Users who buy this upgrade will earn 100% of the commissions from every transaction they make.
  • Sales Materials: Storify offers all required sales materials to resellers, including email swipes and sales websites.
  • Customer assistance is available to resellers from Storify to help with any problems that may arise.
  • Users that wish to sell Storify software for a profit should take advantage of this OTO.

OTO 3 – $67 Storify Whitelabel Rights – $297

  • Rebranding: Users have the option of rebranding Storify with their own name and brand.
  • Access to Full Code: With this upgrade, users get complete access to Storify’s code so they may modify it anyway they see fit.
  • Customer assistance: Storify will provide users with customer assistance to help with any problems that may occur.
  • For users who wish to create their own brand and market Storify as their own product, Storify White Label Rights is the perfect upgrade.

OTO 4 Storify Monthly – $27/m

  • Longer tales: Users of Storify Monthly may write tales that are up to 300 seconds long.
  • More tales: With this upgrade, members are now able to publish up to 45 tales each month.
  • Embeddable Web Player: Access to the embeddable web player, which makes it simple to share and embed articles, is available to subscribers.
  • Background noises: With this patch, users may include background noises in their tales.
  • Password Protection: Users can use password protection to restrict access to their tales so that only certain individuals can view them.
  • Images without Loyalty: Storify A library of photographs that are free to use in articles is also available to monthly subscribers.
  • For individuals who desire even more adaptability and possibilities while writing tales, Storify Monthly is a great upgrade.

Hot Bonuses Packages Storify

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Storify OTO Links Above –  What is Storify?

Industry-leading features that have never been provided before are abundant in the Storify review. A ground-breaking, artificial intelligence (AI) based interactive content production solution that increases consumer engagement while combining human voice with interactive feed is available now. Storify includes a step-by-step video tutorial that walks you through the entire procedure in no time at all. Storify Pro is as simple to use as 1, 2, 3. Start by recording audio using the online interface, or upload already recorded audio. Link, the next section allows you to quickly add interactive links, social media accounts, photos, and more. And tell everyone that you’re nearly done.

Share your interactive audio via a URL on the social networks of your choosing to enthrall your audience. Add a unique touch to your marketing channels using Storify oto’s premium, revenue-boosting capabilities to increase your ROI. With the ability to contribute their voice in any language, storify upsell enables company owners to provide their marketing materials a more individualized touch and increase ROI in a practical way. Help customers connect directly with your company and have a dialogue; statistics show that more than 88% of marketers rank interactive content as the top factor for increasing engagement and conversions.

Everyone should use Storify upsell oto. email marketers, coaches/trainers, proprietors of small businesses, bloggers and vloggers, and many others. We developed the storify download so you can quickly start adding a personalized touch and connecting with a large audience through interactive audio. We want to reassure you that our 100% money-back guarantee is at your side even if you have the tiniest uncertainty. If Storify doesn’t live up to your expectations, we’ll give you a complete refund, no questions asked.

See The Demo

Product Overview

Storify The Features

In-Browser Audio Recording Direct audio recording is possible with Storify using the web interface. Additionally, users may contribute their own audio tracks to utilise in their Stories. Users may quickly make audio material with the help of this capability without the need for additional recording software.

Social profiles, images, and more interactive links Users may quickly add interactive links, social profiles, photographs, and more to their Stories using Storify. Because it enables users to make their Stories more dynamic and engaging, this feature increases user engagement. Complete Stories with Text and Quotes Text and quotations can be added by users to their Stories. Users have the option to add context, commentary, and other details to their audio material with this function.

Highlight Specific Elements in Stories Users of Storify can highlight certain passages in their Stories to attract attention to particular ideas. This feature makes it simpler for listeners to traverse the audio files and concentrate on the Story’s most crucial elements.

Clarify stories using definitions Users can provide definitions to their Stories to clarify specialised or difficult vocabulary and ideas. This function improves listener understanding and expands the audience for audio information.

Update Stories with Pictures and Lists Users of Storify may add lists and photos to their Stories. Users may use this feature to incorporate visual aids and arrange information in a way that is clear and simple to comprehend.

Facebook Share Users only need a few clicks to instantaneously post their Stories on social networking networks. Users may utilise this tool to advertise their content on well-known social media platforms and gain a larger audience.

Analytics tools are made available to users by Storify and reveal impressions and interactions with their Stories. Users may use this tool to monitor the effectiveness of their content and obtain knowledge that will help them produce better content in the future.

Thumbnail Add To make their Stories more aesthetically appealing and boost click-through rates, users may include a thumbnail. Users now have an easier time producing attention-grabbing content that encourages engagement thanks to this functionality.


Hot Bonuses Packages Storify

>> Hot Bonuses Package #1 <<

>> Hot Bonuses Package #2 <<

>> Hot Bonuses Package #3 <<

<<<=== All The  Bonuses Above ===>>>


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