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TargetAI   – Text From This Video

I actually like it here. I like the highlights. I love the little Bob, and the sports jacket is adorable. This is never me currently. I do not recognise that a lot of them appear to be my cousins.


They resemble my sister or something like that. I do not know who this lady is. I do not recognise her at all. This is an additional one: she’s stunning, she’s outdoorsy, and she loves the hair. It’s a factor. We can zoom right into the teeth, and you can take that for what it is.


is. Okay, as you people can see, consider this. She has a void, yet you recognise it—as well as I did—because my pictures are smiling, so you can see my space or whatever, anyway. She is lovely and attractive, yet she does not look like me. She does not look like me.


She does not have this one, so this lady, to me, resembles her; she appears like she can be like her. If I had a daughter as well as my daughter taking her photos, we would obviously get that hairline with each other a little better, but this resembles it’s going to be my child, um. That looks comparable to me, but she does not; she’s not providing; she’s not valuable. She looks comparable to Priceless, yet I understand she’s not, so I don’t recognise that this woman is. I don’t understand why this set is now available. This resembles a variation of me, um, somewhat.

but not truly. At the exact same time, it’s unusual to claim, but this is additionally, I assume, a beautiful picture. I assume this is possibly one of my favourites. It’s simply not something that I can use because I do not always think that she appears like me. I love the history, um. The blazer is charming, and the make-up is on point. Enjoy the lashes. I believe my eyes are grey now. Men are so like that for me, due to the fact that my eyes are transforming. Colours never ever took place in the real world, yet in AI I obtained hazel and grey eyes um.I simply don’t always believe that she would like it again. She could be my relative; I’m not stating she looks totally different, yet I simply do not believe she looks like she resembles my cousin or my sister. Now this. I believe that she resembles me. I have a photo that stands out.


promptly each time I see this, and I’m like, “Damn, this resembles me.” I, um, dislike the jacket. I hate the jacket. I don’t understand what the background is offering; however, in the real world, I would certainly never have taken a photo before. I do not understand if this is blind. I do not know if it’s because I do not know what it is; however, I would just recognise her, but again, her hair is on point. My eye is on Hazel again, um, this image there. This picture has a great deal of potential. I would never publish it because, again, I just do not like the sports jacket. I assume the colour is horrible. It’s just, yeah. I don’t recognise who this woman is. It looks like she could be a regulatory trainee. She looks very charming, and she looks extremely smart. You go girl once again, look Sim. This looks comparable to me. This appears like


She could also have a cat. This could be me. Uh-Huh hair is constantly on factor period, proclaim to the little widow’s feet that I do not have in real life, and also, you know, we love a great little side, yell

out proclaim to the sides, Cupid cute currently this one. This resembles my face, which has gained weight. My body coincides in dimension, but my face acquired weight, something that this simply means to me.


It doesn’t appear like me, uh, with the lip, which is like, I do not know. If she’s intended to be smiling. Excuse me, I don’t know if I’m supposed to be smiling or if my top lip just got smaller, or if it is intended to. I don’t understand; I don’t know what’s taking place. Possibly I didn’t put on my lipstick properly. That way, I stated, let me not check to make certain my lipstick is on right. I don’t recognise What’s going on? However, I enjoy the hair.


, they I told you all they did was point with these hairstyles fine and also switch it up. Occasionally, it’s long. In some cases, it’s short, sometimes it’s highlighted, and in some cases, it’s black. I love it, lovely lady, um.Not me, though I do not recognise who this is. What I will say is that if you’ve never seen any one of my pictures,


You can’t see it today, and I will not reveal it; however, I am a busy girl. I have big breasts, um, so you know me, and also, this girl and I are the very same otherwise, encounter-wise. I don’t know who this is. I don’t understand what this is. I do not know what this is. She is not my relative, possibly

Perhaps she says I have one who recognises this image. I think the hair is adorable. I do not enjoy the tee shirts; I think what throws, however, is that the make-up gets airbrushed. Okay, the eyes are the same problem that I’ve had regularly; they’re much farther apart; they’ll plant it a lot more than my royal eyes are; and also, this slip location I do not understand what’s going on, and I don’t understand what to assume from that. Obviously, my eyes are hazel, because I have hazel eyes. I think this appears to be a variation of me. My lips are a lot larger. I do overline my lips as well as make them look larger in pictures. I imply these


last truly huge contact with the filter. I always enjoy the filters, as well as how our lips look bigger in reality. I don’t have big lips; they could appear big now since I won’t look for something. I wish that they do since that’s the look I’m choosing, but my lips are truly not that huge, so to see them Look this big in a picture. That’s supposed to be more natural.


Looking does throw me off a little bit. I won’t lie to you; it does, but on the whole, I think this is a charming photo. I do not know what this point is. I don’t know what this is supposed to do. I don’t know what to think about this. I don’t recognise what this thing is right below. I do not understand if that’s meant to be a finger; maybe I’m checking it out improperly, yet it’s something extremely unusual and alien-ish, practically at the base of this photo, and now the more I look at it, the more I get the need to advise myself that this is, um. I really hope that me getting these shots does not make me feel butty.


I do not understand that this is I have a hunch that it does resemble a variation of me. The mouth area is giving a strange um. I do not like that again; I do not understand who this is. I do not know what this is. I do not recognise who this is now. This switcher, I think, is incredibly charming. This image is giving me a throwback to high school. This is not just how I looked in secondary school since my make-up was not to this degree in high school; however, she looks charming. She absolutely looks charming, okay? This is one more

one that I feel like If I had a daughter and my little girl looked just like me, this is how she would look. I enjoy this photo. She is beautiful. She is an attractive female and also

I say she due to the fact that she is not me. I do not recognise who this woman is. Okay, currently this appears like a version of me: it’s offering Mike Zuckerberg the black turtleneck. I actually do like black turtlenecks. That’s amusing, um. I do not know if it appears like me, yet it

doesn’t. I think perhaps the grey eyes are simply tossing me off. Maybe the cheekbones toss me off a little, but this is not dreadful. It’s simply not something that I will certainly publish. So, let’s rewind quickly. As we take a look at this fish in the


reality that, um, I said that we were seeking careers; we’re trying to find experts, something that I would have the ability to, if I intended to, include a photo in my return to something of that sort. Now, for anyone who assumes that all of this bosom is expert, I have huge busts, as I recognise we do, if I could do a turtleneck at 90 degrees. I would certainly, because you intend to cover all of that signature. Okay, . I will show some cleavage in my purse, in some cases however professional. Not, I imply, come on currently. This is method too attractive method method too hot for, um, a professional setup, from my viewpoint, um.I honestly don’t believe that this resembles me. I do not think this looks like me. I do not like the lip colour, and the sports jacket could have been cute if she had a shirt under it. I think some people do go for it, like the hot expert look proclaims to them.


That’s not what I was looking for. I was living for going for like actual professionalism, or I think I clicked with expert and elegant things like that. Shelby’s cleavage is not trashy due to the fact that I do show cleavage. I simply think that there’s a time and an area for whatever, and if I’m going to


At work, you don’t intend to hold your breath out, undoubtedly, depending on what your occupation is, yet a lot of people like I Work Incorporated. So it’s all right, um! No, I don’t understand what this is. I do not understand who this is now, but this image is okay. I do not assume that is an expert; I don’t know what’s going on with the lips; however, it’s fine. It’s okay.

photo. I don’t understand what this is. I do not, I’m going to stop, so you men can make this appear like me. I obtained, I think, a version of myself. I don’t believe this resembles me currently. This appears to be me. I do not believe that this is an expert. It has quite a bit of bosom in the mouth area. It’s similar to what is completely going on. Also . The make-up look is simply a bit significant. I don’t recognise who this was, and I’m also not going to discuss the


list. I do not know who this woman is. This is cute. This is a charming little photo rescue. This is adorable. I like this one a great deal, but I don’t understand who that is. I could not use this even if I intended to. She is stunning, yet she is not me. In my eyes, I like charming. I don’t, I think she looks like a variation of me, but not rather, perhaps my relative, I went from a triple D as well as I’m currently a comedy. I don’t understand if I had a bust reduction in the past five minutes, and also, this is what’s taking place. Like, can you tell me what’s going on below? Also, my face appears to have very lengthy hair. My eyes obtained a whole lot more. I suggest my eyebrows got a lot a lot more bushy.They didn’t change it up; they


didn’t switch it up. They really did not obtain anything different from me. I really did not have different eye colours. I really did not have different dimensions—nose, various dimensions—lips, different size breasts, various dimensions—cheekbones—like they didn’t switch it up for you, woman, fine, gorgeous. I do not recognise that this is necessarily like I’m just saying that’s simply not me again. This looks like me; it’s just not professional. I despise the coat, not me. This is giving Garfield as well, and I’ll push up a photo of Garfield. If you don’t understand who Garfield is, yet not just does her face appearance stuff and her face appear like she gets 10 extra pounds, but the eyes are offering


signs like come on now, come on currently,” “they’re doing me dirty at this moment,um,” and “all of these buttons look different. Does this look like the exact same person to you? Does this resemble the exact same individual to you, like what happens worldwide? Does this appear to be the exact same individual to you? This reminds me of when I’m somewhere right, as well as that I’m a brownish-skinned lady, and also, let’s

claim that if I carry a black, I don’t also need to have any type of garment. Yet let’s say to make it a lot more comfortable, I carry a black t-shirt, and there’s an additional brown-skinned girl, a black lady, that strolls by. We need to be sisters. We need to be siblings; we have to be connected. We are now like that, uh, when I’m at the store and I’m by myself and an additional black girl is at the counter. Allow’s claim I would recognise it happened recently, I


Go to Macy’s I’m taking a look at something on a little glass counter. I’m talking. I’ve been there by myself for a minimum of 2 minutes. The lady strolls up and goes entirely now. Why are we together? Because we were black due to the fact that we’re both similar skin tones, however not also the very same skin we’re both similar skin. We automatically understand each other. Do all black individuals recognise each other? I simply uh. This is what is given. It’s given, oh, as long as there’s darkness, they look alike and dislike it. Yeah, as well as here we go with Garfield, hi there partner, hi there woman, hi beefy, face no, no shades to the women.


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