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Video review for Front End only UnlockedAppAI

UnlockedAppAI   – Text From This Video

What is going on? Everyone is welcome to Semi Laptops’ official YouTube channel. I’m the YouTube host Drake, and in today’s video, we’re going to be taking an even deeper look at our website here, looking at even more services, and we have even more awesome video reviews from some of our great customers, which we will show you later on in the video. Without further ado, let’s get into the video, and we hope you guys do enjoy it. So we just want to take the time to thank you guys for the support on our most recent video, in which we also detailed our website and whatnot to great customer satisfaction, and that video is doing so well. We had even more video reviews of our service, which we’ll be showing you guys toward the end of the video. However, before we do that, we do have a few things to address.   So first thing. Obviously, if you guys do not know by now, some unlock phone is one of the best same unlock home websites in the world in which you can factory unlock your SIM card for use with any carrier in the world. Because we want to give all of our customers 100% customer satisfaction, we do need to go over our refund and trust policy. Basically um. If you guys don’t know, when you guys unlock your phones, you will go and check your IMEI number. It is either clean, blacklisted, or in finance.   Now, blacklisted means that the phone has been reported as stolen, or it is just not clean or  brand new. I’m — yeah, has no issues with it, also a finance IMEI banned. This is a big one. In some cases, this is if the phone that you have is not all the way paid off and you have unpaid bills. That is called a finance IMEI, and it is in the same category as being blacklisted. So if you have a phone that you’re trying to unlock and you still do not have all the bills paid off on it, then it is not a clean time yet, and because of that, usually we would not offer a refund.

UnlockedAppAILocal OTO   

However, since we do want 100% customer satisfaction, it is possible to make an order with the incorrect IMEI or something like that. We are able to give you guys a coupon code that you can use in order to fix your order. However, we cannot give a refund unless it really has to come down to it. So because of that, like I said, just make sure that you guys are double-checking your IMEI status, because, of course, everyone makes mistakes, and we all do know that, so just make sure that you double-check everything before processing your order to avoid any issues. We’ve had a few issues with that in the past, and we just want to clear that up for everyone to make sure that your IMEI is in the correct status when you order.   Otherwise, you will get an email that says that your order was not able to process correctly. You know what they failed to order, so that is basically what we needed to get across. You guys know that sometimes the IMEI numbers do get messed up on some of our orders. However, we do want nothing but the best view, guys. That is why we decided to go ahead and give you guys a free coupon code and voucher so you can clean up any mistakes.   Ss do plate. You guys, we’re going to move on. We’re going to look at the website here. Take a look at a few things, and I’m actually going to give you guys an example of the IMEI problem that we’re talking about. So let’s get right into it, and alright guys, let’s get to our website. Like I said, it is calm, and once we get to our website here, what I’m about to do right now is show you guys.

UnlockedAppAIOTOs Linka 

What’s the most common mistake when it comes to unlocking your phone with your IMEI code? So, as I said earlier, there are different things for blacklisting and making sure you have a clean eye before ordering, and this is mainly the most common mistake that we gave here, so first we’re going to go to shop here on the website, and once we get to the shop page, we are going to go down here to t-mobile unlock, and once we get here to the t-mobile unlock page, this is basically where the issue happens: that the army is blacklisted. However, people do not know that it is blacklisted. So, basically, I’m going to make an order with a blacklist on the I. So I can show you guys exactly what happens here.   So I already have my, I mean, I’m ready to go. We’re going to paste that in here, and now we’re going to put clean Mei now for this one. There are two different things: clean, mei, and finance on the ice. If you have a finance IMEI, that means that your phone is not yet paid off, so to make it clean, you’ll have to pay it all the way off. However, if you still have unpaid bills, then they are financed and will cost you extra. However, we’re going to put cleaning on me out here; the purpose of the video and model is the iPhone 6 and 6s, plus I’m going to put that right here now; we’re going to click unlock it now, basically right now.   What I’m going to do is finish all the process, and then I’m going to show you guys exactly what happens when it comes up. Our guys, this is the email, and this is what it looks like, um. So, as you guys can see, you have a processing failure notification on email, and this basically means again that the IMEI is not clean. Now, like we just said, this issue happens a lot, but we do like to satisfy our customers. If this issue happens, we will work with you to correct it. Anyway,  that is basically it for the email. What happens is that if you have this problem anyway, guys, that’s going to do it back to the video and okay.

UnlockedAppAIOTO AIUpsell  

So, as I said earlier, we have some awesome reviews from our customers who gave their complete feedback about our website and our services. So let’s get right into it with the first one. Here, I spent loads of money on a brand new iPhone 6s just to find out it was sim-locked with Sprint. I had tried over and over to find a service that would successfully unlock my iPhone. I found no way online until I found a SIM-unlock phone for a reasonable price. They factory-unlocked my iPhone, and I was able to connect it to AT & T.   I would recommend the service to anyone. The process was fast, and the communication was amazing. Thank You. Sim-unlock phone: as you guys can see, the woman was very happy that she was able to unlock her iPhone. Like I said earlier, we unlock any phone worldwide.   So, no matter what country you’re in or what carrier you’re with, we can unlock it for you with no issues at all. Let’s go onto the next review, hi. I just wanted to say thank you because, because of you, some hallmark phone unlocks came. I got my Rogers on lock, and now I’m using my iPhone seven times again. As we just said, another very happy customer going to unlock your phone found our website, and she was able to easily unlock her phone without any issues.

UnlockedAppAIOTO Bonuses 

She’s very grateful for the service, and rightfully so, as we do provide the best possible service. We can. Let’s move on to the final video. Today I found out about similar phones via YouTube videos, and it’s not the easiest way for similar Samsung Galaxy. Note. 5.   So I understood that it would take up to 15 business days or so, but listen. I only waited for a few days to talk to them via email to see the frequency of their support line, and yes, they do respond, and they respond pretty quickly, indicating the legitimacy of the service. Now I’ve tried it a few times and still get the same result. It responds fast and frequently, so I just waited patiently, and I think, around eleven to twelve days later, my iPhone saw them a lot, as you guys can see there. That mail is very happy with this service.   Like we always say, patience is key, but we do reply to customer service very quickly. So if you have an issue, then we can go ahead and solve it. There quickly. We’re able to talk to you guys and work with you guys to fix whatever issue or unlock any phone that is possible, so those were all of our video reviews for today’s video. Thank you for watching today’s video on the Semi, Lock, Phones YouTube channel.

UnlockedAppAIOTO Product Overview 

If you did enjoy it, please leave a thumbs up, as we would greatly appreciate it. Also, be sure to check out the full website. Obviously, the link is a semi-Lochbaum communication. You can find the link down in the description below as well as links to our Facebook pages and whatnot. You get to keep up with everything SIM-unlocked.   That’s going to do it! Thank you for watching. I’m signing off. I am Drake, your YouTube host, and we’ll see you guys in the next video.

UnlockedAppAIOTO Review


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