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Here are the 5-Day “Create Your First Offer with AI” Challenge OTO links. 1,2,3,4,5 Get The 5 OTO Links With A Discount And Huge Bonuses OTO 5-Day “Create Your First Offer with AI” Challenge You will receive Massive There is one 5-Day “Create Your First Offer with AI” Challenge Front-End and five 5-Day “Create Your First Offer with AI” Challenge OTO Editions.+ bundle deal + coupon code

5-Day “Create Your First Offer with AI” Challenge OTO Links + Massive Bonuses

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5-Day “Create Your First Offer with AI” Challenge OTO Links Above –  What is 5-Day “Create Your First Offer with AI” Challenge ?

5 days of learning how to use AI to create irresistible offers, choose the right niche, write a Million Dollar Pitch, drive free traffic to your offers, and guide ChatGPT to write powerful sales copy in the style of famous copywriters. All while overcoming chronic inertia and launching your first or next offer!

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5-Day “Create Your First Offer with AI” Challenge OTO Links Above

Video review for Front End only 5-Day “Create Your First Offer with AI” Challenge

5-Day “Create Your First Offer with AI” Challenge   – Text From This Video

[, Music, ], Hey guys, this is Andrew Darius, and you are in for a treat. I just came back from the hike, and I came up with an idea that will benefit you in two main ways. I was reviewing a lot of feedback yesterday on all of our community groups. What are people struggling with: what they really want to do, what is important for them, and why? Working today on the high mountains, I was actually thinking about what it is. What do you really need to start succeeding?   What you need to kind of grow on an amazing scale is your business. I have had a business for many, many years, and right now I just checked the numbers, and my revenue just passed more than double eight figures, which is pretty cool and what not everybody knows, but part of this over seven figures of revenue was done in small, tiny books, and what I will do is save you money by not spending what I spend. I spent well over a hundred thousand dollars over the years. All the ghostwriters who wrote my books, and those books cover many different subjects, You will not believe I hired a lot of voice-over artists to voice over those seven-figure books.   Usually, each of those books had like 50 articles combined into the book. Then it was voiced over for many audiobooks. So as a book, when audiobooks are an upsell, and I was sending those books for people to use,  I had a framework, I had the process, and I was doing it, and when I was walking today, it actually struck me that now you can do all that with AI, and before you say, “Okay guys, we have a thousand problems, five thousand problems,” Who cares? You really need to have a book that is readable and for very many processes. Do your thing; ghost writers are good writers about any subject.

5-Day “Create Your First Offer with AI” Challenge Local OTO 

Will it be right if they don’t? They need to have a process of research, so how did it work in the past before AI? They researched the internet by simply searching Google and finding everything they could or enough about. The subject usually has one problem, and then they go out and write for me, and then I go out with visible I had articles done from the book, and I had those voice artists doing this because all kinds of strange dishes I may post on this page later on what it does, but you’re surprised, not internet marketing, nothing without wealth, and things like this and almost simple books. I made over seven figures doing it, but now we can do all of this with AI, and what’s important is not just an AI.   This is a framework. It’s a process that I use to work with freelancers, both on the writing part and then recording, which is actually less work. It was like a framework to record it, which you can also do now with AI, but what’s most important is writing. So writing a book with AI is not just putting your prompts in; you need to take them right from them. You need to have a process for how you progress with prompting, such as what is fair, what is next, or how to do each and every step, including research, which is really just research and copy-paste, and now, with a gpt4 chart with a web plug.   Is it even possible for you to do that? You can ask the character to go out to the web and search for you, and then make all those steps like transitional bullet points and outlines. I will cover it all in training. So this is a cool part that I can do for you. I can save you from doing what I was doing, which was spending over a hundred thousand dollars on freelancers just to write it and then to record it, and I also spent extra money on English editors to fix what they wrote. Now all is well with them, but most importantly, you will learn frameworks and the process of doing it.

5-Day “Create Your First Offer with AI” Challenge OTOs Linka 

Most of the time we don’t need a longboard, like a very short, simple book, like maybe 20 pages or 15 pages of me, like, 10 steps or 15 steps. Maybe you can do it in one session, so my goal here is to actually have you write this book in one session. How cool is that? So I will not only be teaching about how to actually write this book, but you also need to have a process and framework. How to actually do something with this book doesn’t matter if you want to sell it as a cheap product, as a product creator, or as a service book, like a front-end or a tripwire to your higher offer. It worked for anyone’s service.   What is the best part of a tweet? This is this system, and the second part actually came from me kind of participating against that kind, because I was not fully participating in the Chinese secret mastercast. It was Western, Branson, and Pedro. I was too busy to actually participate live or even kind of follow replays every day because I had my own launch, plus I am kind of mixing my work time with different offices. Last week the actual office was great, with a spa, pools, and everything, but it kind of distracted me from working. It’s hard to work with you in a pool.   It’s just for stories. When you see those people staying on laptops in the pool, it’s not really working that well, right? So I was distracting the pool with activities and so forth. So last week was supposed to be my work week, and I kind of worked a bit, but it was mostly relaxing, so this week I kind of upgraded my big office. I decided to kind of hide in this big, huge, humongous game, and it has also made me think about how to help people have a better side, hustle, grow a business, and so on.

5-Day “Create Your First Offer with AI” Challenge OTO AIUpsell 

So this is the first part of it, and the second part of it is really how I came about doing it and how you can get it for next to nothing, which is also exciting for you. So again. Last week I was kind of following, not really in real time, Russell Brownstone and Pedro. It’s a challenge master class, and I was watching replay kind of skipping looking for the gold nuggets, and I found like an amazing gold nugget right there, like a super amazing, good nugget, and this gold nugget will cause you to get it for like next to nothing. So here’s the home theater, so I’m hiding here because my wife is there, so I can hide it in this home theater in this room for a second of this, and so what?   What I’m saying is that, because I was watching this part of it, this time secrets to class, I found one gold nugget, and I want to test it immediately. I will own and spend thousands of dollars on Pedro’s course. I’m looking for this one nugget, which I want to test with you guys, and this is where the second party of the tweet is instead of charging 297 for five days with me. It’s not a one-day, two-day, or even three-day trip like this last time. It’s five days live with me, teaching you everything you need to know, so I will teach you how to make this book, which will be a readable book, actually a readable book.   Another book that is kind of like generated Nobody will actually read it, so you will be able to not only have his body, but we will also teach you the entire framework and process that is needed for that, right from coming up with ideas, and actually the AI is creative camera ideas. So I will spend the day Maybe oncoming great ideas, because you know it’s very important to have one idea that works, so we spend the day creating new ideas for whatever book you want to deliver. After the day, you should be able to have an idea of what you want to do. I will give you many examples of books.

5-Day “Create Your First Offer with AI” Challenge OTO Bonuses  

Actually, I did, and what I will do Actually, I will film the table with all the paper agreements I signed with copywriters to transfer those rights to me. You will see an entirely big table with agreement after agreement after agreement with fiance and physical agreements, which I signed with people that pay for each of them, and then we’ll be handling the situation of how to sell this book. We’ll be talking traffic. How do you get organic traffic to your book?   I know many of you are starting to uncover a lot of organic traffic on the last day of his five days. Challenge, we’ll be talking about how to publish it on your website, and I will give you a link to a free panel builder. I just came up with this idea when I was on the hike, so here is the timeline. I will actually launch this like a product launch before actually delivering it. On June 15, 14 to June 20th, you’ll be able to get it by buying the ticket to the five-day live challenge with me, and on June 25th, June 21st to June 25th. Five days, five days every day between one and one-half hours, we will have this challenge every day we offer in our Facebook group.   If you cannot watch live because it’s a difficult period of a challenge, all recordings of the challenge will be in their Facebook group. So, essentially, you are getting a ticket to the challenge. Science will be live on the Facebook group, and, at the same time, Europe is recording for the duration of a challenge lasting a few days. I think three days after the challenge, we didn’t even read the group or do the video. This video is probably from April, right?

5-Day “Create Your First Offer with AI” Challenge OTO Product Overview 

So, essentially, you will have this live, plus you can watch it if you miss it, but only for a limited period of time, and now you are not paying $297. You can check on this page how little you paid—nearly nothing—to spend the entire five days, and that is the only reason I am doing it for almost no money. So I would guess the only money I will collect will go to actually my stuff and the people who will be running behind the scenes and helping me with it. So probably, I don’t know if I’ll get anything ready for it for myself. But the main point is: I’m saying it’s so inexpensive to pass this golden nugget.   I get from this secret challenge master class, so this is what I’m doing here right now, right? So guys, if you think the price that you see on this website is like a no-brainer for five days with me and with recording for a period of time on the Facebook group, just buy it. If you don’t want to learn it, just go and don’t buy it. It doesn’t change my life. You spend this small amount of money for this because most of your stuff is mostly for me to test, so I’m giving you so much value. So much value is a thank you for helping me test this golden nugget.   So I decided to make this minimum price to have some money for my staff, but you also want to wait out for some weirdos and people who are just always looking for free stuff because you need the thing. Free stuff is good, but it’s not great. So, essentially, you will get 297 value easily, if not 5000 value, or even 10 000 value for all. You will learn a lot on this five-day challenge. So, thank you very much, guys, and thank you for listening. I just get it, and I see you on the challenge.

5-Day “Create Your First Offer with AI” Challenge OTO Review 


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