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Video review for Front End only Domain Nova


Domain Nova   – Text From This Video

Hello and welcome to my domain Nova review in this domain Nova review. I’m going to take you straight inside the members area, and I’m going to show you exactly what you get with domain Nova. I’m going to show you exactly what it is. I’m going to show you exactly what it looks like as well, so going into the members area here, you’re going to start here from the dashboard, and from the dashboard here, you can see that I have one site set up. I don’t have any blog campaigns set up, and I don’t have any articles. You can set all these up within domain Nova, and I’m going to show you here what the site creation is. So you would first come into the site creation process and create a site.   You can create your own site with a subdomain that adds the domain Pro dot live after it, or you can come in and do your own domain name. If you want. So let me show you how this works. So if you click create site and say, I just want to do a subdomain name,” I can put, “Um, I’ll just put the main hosting dot,” or you can do a custom domain name.   You can add your own custom domain name as well and download a template. Do that, but um, let me go ahead and just do the regular subdomain, and I’ll just hit submit. I’ve already got one in there based on my name, but um. Here, you can see the second one that I put in and how easy that is. So if I go to this site here, you’ll see that it created a site without me having to do anything to it, so let me go over opening up a new tab and, um, there’s my site. So, as you can see from this site, just from me creating the site, it’s giving me this site where someone can come in and purchase domain names from, so they would just come in and enter a domain name and hit search, and it will then search for active domain names. These domain names are available to purchase right now, and it tells you the price, and it’ll give them the option to buy each one of these, and then what they’ll do is click on the buy button, and then they’ll be taken over to a registrar called NameSilo, where they can buy it, but the really cool thing about that is when you completely set everything up with a domain name.

Domain Nova Local OTO   

I’m going to show you how to do that here in a second. When you set everything up with the main Nova, when somebody clicks on this buy button, you’re going to have an affiliate link in there. So then, whenever they go over to name Silo here and they buy this domain, you’re going to get credit for the sale because your affiliate link is going to be affiliated with that sale. So name Silo, you’re going to be getting commission from name Silo for doing so, and the same goes with web hosting. You can do this with web hosting too, and the really cool thing that I like about this web hosting page is that everything is broken down. It’s really, really simple; it’s really easy to see.   I really like this page. You can use this as a comparison page. You can send people to this page as a comparison page to compare popular domain hosting platforms, and it’s really really there, and it really has the popular ones on here. A2 Hosting and Siteground Hosting are popular ones. Bluehost is a popular one, and it breaks everything down. So I really like this page. I really like the fact that you can send people to this page, and the same thing works here if they click on the buy button.   You’ll get the commission, and I did set up the A2 hosting. As you can see, look down here in the lower left-hand corner as I hover over this, and you’ll see that I can set up that affiliate link. And you see my name attached to it, and that just goes to show you that whenever somebody clicks on it and buys something from A2 Hosting, you are going to get credit for that sale with A2 Hosting. So it’s really, really cool. So let me go back over the domain Pro, and we went through the site creation, and there’s a bunch of site settings here that you can do here as well. Let’s go ahead and click on the edit button, and you can choose your logos. You can choose your contact emails.

Domain Nova OTOs Linka 

You can put site content here. Um, we’ll just put this as my content and opt-in forms; you can put opt-in form codes on here, and meta titles made of descriptions are favicons. So let’s go ahead and submit that, and then let me go over to Pages. You can add your own pages. You can add   This is where you put in your affiliate links. So, as you can see, I put in one affiliate link, but there are tons of affiliate links that you can put in here. You can put in the name Silo News”: API Uh, there’s Siteground,  all of these hostings that we saw on the hosting page. So on this hosting page, you can put all of those affiliate links there, and you would just go to each one to apply to get your affiliate URL, and it shows you how to do that. It’ll say click!   Please click here! You click the here button or the here button, and it’ll take you over. So if I click that, it’s going to take me over to the Siteground affiliate program. Click join now” and fill in the form, and I’m not sure if they have to approve it here, and some of these may have to prove you. I’m not 100 percent sure on that. But that’s what they’ll do. Take you directly over to get yourself set up with the affiliate and banner ads.

Domain Nova OTO AIUpsell

You can put banner ads here. It’s really easy to add. Just click add banner ads,” and you would put in your site here and then banner ads position. You would put it wherever you want the banner ad to appear, and it gives you the pixels as well, so that you can see the size of the banner. You need to put in the banner image, upload the image to them, and then you put in the link, hit save, and it’s done very, very easily. This is where you create your blogs and articles.   So if you click blogs, no campaigns, you call it create blog.” Same thing with articles: click articles. Create your own article, put in your articles, and that’s it. That’s all there is to it. Everything is pretty much done for you, except for setting up your affiliates, putting in your pages, and managing your blogs. That’s the only thing that you need to do with this, and it’s really really easy to set up, and you just give out your website; like I said, you could put in your own domain name, which is really cool, and make it look like you’re a company, which is really cool. So obviously, there are tutorials in here for you to do, um, there are two, four, six, eight, ten, and eleven tutorials in here that’ll set you up, but I really did go through the gist of it, and you really don’t need to do anything more than what I’ve just shown you to do and get bonuses.   There are some really cool bonuses in here, as well as actual Warrior Plus products that you’ll get for free. So it’s really neat, but I’m not going to click on that because it does give you the download links. If you click on bonuses, there are a ton of bonuses under there, and I was really impressed by that as well. So I hope you found my domain Nova review helpful to you. If you did, please give it a like below and subscribe to the channel, as I’m going to be coming out with more reviews just like this one in the near future.

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