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A.I King   – Text From This Video

Hello guys once again Julius Robin here and Welcome to our another video here at the in the explosion and in this video guys. I just want to share this amazing and press opportunity brought by the King’s life called King AI. If you can remember guys, the King’s life is one of the platforms that has launched their own token. They are currently at the last phase of their prison right now, where each King token is sold at point servicer of four dollars and will be listed on some trip exchanges at a price of 0.01 per token, and aside from that King token, they’re also going to Launch a kind of triple trading robot that would provide accurate trading signals for those who are trading in cryptocurrency. I actually downloaded this video guys the CEO of the things like, as he explains what this King AI is all about, so that we will clearly understand how we are going to make money with this new program. So let us watch this video together guys so that we will know exactly what king AI is all about: King’s life Community. I am your CEO and this video is especially for you, I’m here, to announce the official launch of the king AI, the world’s best and most efficient artificial intelligence trading robot, to provide to you daily crypto trade signals where you have potential to make amazing sums of Money every single day, it’s so easy, it’s so simple, just copy and paste and execute the trays yourself. Every single day you can maximize your returns. You can minimize your risks and you have such amazing opportunities to make profits and make a big big sums of money. Every single day this is trial and tested, and my whole team of Traders and myself copy and paste and execute these trades ourselves every single day. This is the key to my success and now we’re giving back to the King’s life Community. Now, let’s talk about the referral commission structure, we are going to give the biggest and the best commissions the crypto affiliate industry has ever seen. Are you ready? 80 percent?

A.I King Local OTO   

Yes, I said that correctly over 80 percent commissions you receive every time you make a referral. So, every time you get someone to buy and purchase the crypto trade signals, whether it’s monthly yearly or a lifetime, you will receive up to 80 commission. This is truly life-changing. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to really capitalize on your investment and to make money every single day, build your structures, build your teams and get ready. The link will be in the description below for you to capitalize of you to make action and for you to take advantage of this life-changing technology. Ai is the future, and the King AI is at the Forefront of that future. As of this video being recorded, we have over 1.5 million active users and subscribers within the King’s life Community. We are by far by far the fastest growing community in the whole entire world. So please make sure you follow us and join our Telegram where we have 24 7, 24-hour customer support and our Twitter, which is absolutely exploding. We are going completely viral and we are truly taking over the whole of crypto. Now, with the ball run and the bull market, as we can see it’s on its way, I truly believe – and I know this is a fact that this year will be the best year. We’Ve ever seen, I’m so bullish and with the bull run the king token will go to the Moon. Not only is it amazing store of value, a payment method, it is absolutely an appreciated digital asset. So why I say this we’re given 80 commissions to you.

A.I King OTOs Linka 

The remaining 20 will we will be using to buy back the key tokens and to burn we’re going to burn the tokens and buy back the king tokens to inherently increase the price to decrease the supply. So King token will be a deflationary token and a continuously appreciating digital asset. This is amazing for all of you holders for all of you who are going to stake the king token and for all of you who are going to buy the king token for those who are bought in the private sales and the pre-sales amazing. For those who are going to buy when we list on our own decentralized exchange, the King’s life decks amazing. For you, the world is our oyster and sky’s. The limit the king, token’s potential is absolutely massive. It’S astronomical so get ready and stay tuned. For this life-changing token, now the king AI, the payments will be made in King token or you can actually purchase the packages of usdt as well. So let’s talk about the free options. We have monthly yearly and a lifetime subscription it’s 47 a month. What a bargain! This is absolutely such an incredibly cheap price for such valuable and such profitable daily crypto trade signals that you can simply copy and paste yourself and make money every single day as well as this. You can make even more money through commissions through referring your friends, family and colleagues from around the world. So 47 a month is the first option. We give a 48 percent discount for our yearly option, which is 297 dollars for the year and for our lifetime subscription.

A.I King OTO AIUpsell 

A lifetime membership which is 997, so these are the free options you can capitalize and make money through each option. You can purchase yourself and you can refer for your commission structure, guys. We have the biggest leaders, the biggest Network marketers and the biggest investors, as well as influencers in the whole entire world within the King’s life and the King AI. They are biting it a bit and are ready to go and ready to rock and roll. Are you ready to change your life? Will you make this the biggest success you have ever seen? Will you make 2023 the best year yet I believe so. We believe in all of you and we’re the strongest most positive tight-knit Community. The world has ever seen. Crypto is the Future King. Ai is the Forefront of that future. The website kingai.ai, what a beautiful domain name Will beautiful MLM structure we have and guys from further specifics all the other details, any questions you have the description will be below and please join our telegram. Where you can ask any questions you have, there will be a full presentation about the m m structure and guys don’t forget the most important thing. Based upon your turnover and based upon your success rate.

A.I King OTO Bonuses 

We will give extra bonus extra gift packages and even better amazing prizes for the top leaders for the top Network marketers. We will sponsor events around the world, we’re going to be doing big Global events with some of the most famous people with my film crew. My team of photographers to Showcase Your Excellence to showcase the king Ai and this once in a lifetime advanced technology. As I say, these trading robots are the best. The crypto world’s ever seen so get ready and get acting right here right now and take advantage build your teams build your structures. The link for the pre-launch website will be down below. Thank you. So much God bless you all and have a wonderful day, King to the moon and King AI, we’re here to take over. Let’S go so again guys this King AI is another opportunity brought by the King’s life and, as you can see, as of now, they have three thousand and 484 members, and a lot of people are joining from different parts of the world, and this is their referral Program guys we can earn from Level 1 up to level 10. The good thing here guys is that if you can remember what he has just said, they’re going to give back the 80 of their earnings to their Affiliates, who will promote this King AI in the internet and the remaining 20 will be used to buy back the King token, that they have so that it can be burned and if you have not seen that the King’s Light platforms. So let me log into my the King’s life dashboard right now, where you can also purchase in token at a price of 0.004. As you can see, the route, the first round of private sale up to the sixth round, is already sold out and they’re about to start the round. Seven, where a price of King token is 0 004, as you can see, the price of pin token during their first round is point zero, zero one then, second round it becomes point zero, zero, two round, four point: zero: zero: eight round: five: it becomes 0.0016 and round six.

A.I King OTO Product Overview  

This is the last round that has just been finished, 0.002, and the next round will be point 004. To give you more information about this. Let me just click this token presentation so that you will clearly see what will be the price of this token under next round. So again, this is the round one. The price of King token is 0.001 dollar round two, so you can just visit this website guys. Also and click this token presentation, so that you will have an idea and round six has just ended a days ago, and they are now about to begin here at round 7, where the price of King token is 0.004, and there is one more and there is One more round guys round eight, where the price of King token is 0 006 – and this could be the best route to buy token guys, because the testing period is very short and, as you can see, as expected, The Exchange listing price is 0.01. So if you have not seen this before or if you have not purchased skin token, this could be the right time for you guys also to buy King token from this platform before they’re going to list this to some people, exchanges and what’s interesting, also here guys At Twin tokens that they also have their own crypto exchange platform, they have their own decentralized exchange, as you can see so they’re just going to provide liquidity for this imported me and we can directly exchange this thing token, with BNB in this platform. So we don’t need to go to Pancake shop and other decentralized exchange so again guys. This could also be another opportunity if you still don’t have a knockout here at the fin slide. This could also be the right time to purchase the Kingston and also to share that King AI. Unfortunately, they wrote by the King’s life and if you are interested with this guys, there’s a link below this video that will redirect you into this platform the King’s life, as well as in that new platform, the Kings AI.

A.I King OTO Review


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