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AiPuzzles OTO Links Above –  What is AiPuzzles ?

In addition to 1,000,000+ pre-made puzzles and scrambles with FULL PLR license, you may “PROMOTE” the world’s first ChatGPT4-powered cloud-based platform that generates unique puzzles, riddles, and scrambles book.  

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($37) AiPuzzles Unlimited

All Pro-equipped PLR Puzzles & Mazes Extra Templates Unlimit yourself. No Watermark

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Professional & Fully Cloud-Based Platform User-Friendly 3D Animated FlipBooks Creator Software Never Seen Before Image To FlipBook & eBook Adding PDF to FlipBooks and eBooks FlipBooks and eBooks: Adding Feature Text 100+ High-Quality Ready-to-Use Templates 60-Second FlipBooks Embed FlipBooks On Your Website Even Inbuilt Cover Creator Has 100+ High-Quality Premade Layouts & FlipBook Covers Millions of PLR eBooks Multi-niche eBooks Content Generator Feature Commercial License No Limits Freely Sell Unlimited FlipBooks & Earn Like The Big Boys Unlimited One-Click Download Step-by-Step Training And more…

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Makes Professional Fiverr-like marketplace Domain Customization SWA Profile List Your Services Charge More Add Customer Reviews Brand Your Marketplace. Connect Payment Methods Automatic Google Market Indexing

AiPuzzles Reseller (OTO4 $67)

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AiPuzzles Whitelabel (OTO7 $97)

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AiPuzzles (OTO8 $27)

100% MJML & Cloud Platform Unlimited Voice, Email, and Video Campaigns Inbuilt Sending Domain + SMTP + Dedicated API 99.4% Open + Inbox Assurance Voices & Videos in Email 100+ DFY ROI-boosting email templates. Video autoresponders Pay Once, Profit Forever Without Limits Commercial License Included “Campaign Automation” m

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AiPuzzles OTO Links Above


Video review for Front End only AiPuzzles


AiPuzzles   – Text From This Video

Welcome to Fonda! So what is this game? It’s a free-to-play game on the scene. It’s an AI-generated puzzle game. So let’s try it out.


So we’re going to do a number of moves, and then we got to, “Okay, so you just got to get that,” so we had three moves and we could play a tutorial, okay, so we got to get there without hitting something [music]. Oh, okay, then we would go down, and we would do it alright. So, let’s restart and see how this goes. So, how do we do this one? Then, let’s go open up the holes, [, Music, ]?


Okay, all the holes count as okay for the whole stop. You can’t keep getting holes, okay? I wonder if I could do that better, but that’s fine, so that moves on, and if I hit that one, it goes up the whole. Oh, cool, and press enter. Yes, okay, so the whole point of this game is to make the fewest moves possible. It looks like something, so I don’t know what it is.

AiPuzzles Local OTO  

So I said four as I was saying, “Oh, how good are your puzzle games? I’m not very good, but I always play the hardest. So let’s go expert; that’s always fun, all right? So here we go. We got to dive into Nando’s world, which generates okay, and there’s a new season, and I’m level one, and there’s okay.


So, first one: what are you going to generate for me here? Let’s see, so it’s always going to be different, is what I’m getting at, because AI generated, but they will always be able to do. It is what I’m guessing [music], um, [music]. All right, so let’s restart off, let’s see, and you can copy cold, so other people can help you, okay? So if we do that, we hit it that way and go one more time, which will help me.


Oh, okay, yeah. I figured this one, not all the hours to restart, so you do look [, Music]. Maybe this way, no, because I was looking like that—no, ha ha ha ha. I should never be an expert. So if I go, “Hmm [music], what have I not tried?” and then, like that, I’ve got to get in the middle somehow.

 AiPuzzles OTOs Linka  

So if we go like that, I’m going to hit that guy, and now he’s going to stop me. But what’s going to get me to that point? [Music] Maybe if I did something like no, I can’t get it,” that would be frustrating because that thing is always going to be hit. So just something like that, I can hit that one down: [music]. I don’t think that’s going to help me any because then I hit that one sideways.


It did. That’s how you do it. Oh, I did 12 moves. I got XP4, jeez. That was a lot, though.


So that way, I go back to the lobby and get our next one, because we could do that better. I guess it would have been fully up, but we did okay. Now, what’s his target going to be? [, Music] I had to think about that one for me. I should never be an expert; that’s what makes you think more. Oh, maybe something like that’s not it.

AiPuzzles OTO AIUpsell 

Let’s hope we go that way, and if we go that way, we might come here and fill that one up, and we’ll hit him that way. There we go, 17 moves. Jeez, has a lot, uh? I had no starch for that one, but at least I’m beating them. Oh yeah.


That’s a lot harder. How beginner would have been. I guess I want to do First. I want to be able to puzzle and go back to him.


I guess, let’s see, oh, there we go. I could do that one better. Can we redo that one? Oh well, that’s fine, yeah. I definitely.

AiPuzzles OTO Bonuses  

I think I could get that one. I almost got a full star for that one. What are you going to try right now, Amanda? What is it going to be? Okay, um?


That was not it, no matter. What’s going to do that? If, unless I do this, and then it turns me, oh, see here, someone else is playing because you’re playing my puzzle, okay, that’s cool, and if I go back this way, was it playing that because I don’t think I could help it? Oh, if it goes something like now, because there’s zoom, you solve my puzzle already. Man, I suck at these games. That’s a hint. I don’t want to get a hint.


No hints are fun. That’d be the SLs. I don’t want to call Sos. I could get a hint, though I don’t know how they left me a hint. The only thing I have to think of is getting to that center.

AiPuzzles OTO Product Overview  

It’s frustrating [, music, ], um, hmm. That goes that way, and that goes that way. I’m just somewhat there, and there we go. That’s how you do it. 10 moves sweet, leveled up.


Take it, start with that one, and play other puzzles. Okay, we got one more. We almost got it. Oh, they’ll have to hit that one sweet all right, so we got ta. Go back to that because I do want to get all stars in these [music]. Like I said, the puzzles are, I want to say, simple; I’m really struggling, but they’re basic.


If you know what I mean, there are holes now, which should let me do that. Yep, five puzzles solved now. I should tell you how many moves you’re supposed to do it in. Oh, it’s so close. So let’s go check this out. Look, it generates, so I did the max I could for today, and then I had to just play other people’s.

AiPuzzles OTO Review  

So let’s look at this hint. What does your hint say about reaching the glowing tile? What reached a glowing tile with three moves? Okay, so let’s play my puzzle all right. I reached it and then reached, “Oh, I didn’t get it. So three moves is what I need, and then there are about two moves. Oh, thank you, person.


I did it. Okay, we solved it, and then I got almost all of them. You made dude, and then, so what so? This is one way. If you absolutely cannot do it, someone else will.


Let’s try doing this first one again. That goes too far. I don’t even know if my best is 12. There has to be a way to do this quicker. Someone else is playing with my puzzle. Man, am I just giving people free stuff?

AiPuzzles OTO Reviews

Can I suck that gets me trapped and then go down there, [music]? Someone gave us a try to solve my puzzle. Don’t blame your person; if this is not enough, then [music] all those holes. Maybe I don’t know how to do this one. Maybe if I did something like that downward, that one would go that way.


But now I’m like that. I didn’t So we have to get that one down. Let’s go back to the lobby very quickly. I think I can do that one. So the goal is to get that one down.


If I did that, all right, so something like this goes down to the side. There, I didn’t have moves. I beat my thing sweet now. If I go back Oh, you craft the way, so I put that one a little better.

AiPuzzles OTO 

Let’s try playing someone else’s game, all right? This person’s going to keep going. Oh, let’s try going like this. We go one step too far. It looks like we should do something like that.


Then, um, [music], there we go. I can’t move because I’m kind of stuck there. I would go too far, but I can’t go because it’s doubled up there. We go. We hit that one then! Oh, do you think that’s the way to go now that we’ve come from here? Move that one, no [music], all right, down this way!


That’s why I agree, and then there’s a movie there. Oh, maybe we have to do that. First, let’s try that one. Go like that over here, and then there we go. I did a nine. I don’t know how he actually


This might be helpful for him, plus three XP, so I’m going to leave a hint for him. Now we got ta. Do one more; that’s my last one. I think yeah, this was a case that’s not too bad for it being rarely generated. I don’t think it’s so bad. Oh [, Music, ].


Let’s try to think of this one for real that bounces out. I’ve got them all on the wall. Oh, you see, this would be simple; it’s not! No, it has to be something like that. Go down and we go up, and then, like that, one step closer, and they’re still stuck in the walls.


[Music] If we do this one first and then go like that, we’re all trapped here now. Oh,  so close. We have to get them all up there. Maybe so, if I did something like this, I would find someone there, come back here, and then hit that guy there [music]. Let me get underneath that guy, because now that I’m stuck here, I don’t think that’s going to help me any because I need to go all upwards and onwards, and then here I go up, go up again, and hit those guys like that. That guy, like that now [music], that one down, if I get him all down, maybe I can get back in that spot.

OTO AiPuzzles 

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