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GOOGPT-4 OTO Links + Massive Bonuses

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GOOGPT-4 OTO Links Above –  What is GOOGPT-4 ?

The world’s first artificial intelligence software that integrates the power of Google and GPT-4 to convert any text into websites, images, videos, chatbots, and email leads. Additionally, it can enhance your company’s earnings.

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GOOGPT-4 OTOs Details – All OTOs’ Links Above

OTO1 GOOGPT-4 Bundle Edition

Get complete access to the application, including all of its AI features and a limitless number of functions, such as Development of websites, creation of images and text-to-video conversion, and generation of traffic NFT/Images Generations Unlimited Marketing Artificial Intelligence Prompts, along with Many Others Obtaining a franchise license to sell and profit from this software Access to one hundred thousand credit units (It is important to note that 1 credit unit is equal to 1 word)

OTO2 Edition with Thousands of Artificial Intelligence Prompts

The Creation of Content AI prompts Prompts provided by educational AI Development Prompts The AI in Marketing Prompts Legal AI Prompts AI Prompts for Startups Sales AI Prompts Prompts for Content Writing Provided by AI E-Commerce AI Suggestions Prompts provided by educational AI Assistance to Customers AI Suggestions Staffing and Recruiting AI Suggestions AI-Based Product Management Drives Innovation and Development AI Suggestions Design AI Prompts Prompts for Marketing AI Marketing

OTO3 GooGPT-4 Profit Edition (Purchase Version)

Tutorials on how to get the most out of the GooGPT4 program so that you may start making over a thousand dollars per day without any effort. Tutorials on how to establish your very own freelancing network and Gigs, as well as how to begin attracting high-paying clients to your business. Establishing your accounts and facilitating the development of additional networks in order to capitalize on the NFTs and sell prompts produced by this program

OTO4 Artificial Intelligence Image Creator Edition

Convert any given text into a picture of any given quality. Thousands of image ideas to choose from Credit of 100,000 is included Use Artificial Intelligence to Create Lovely Content That Converts

AI Image Professional Edition of OTO5

(Creator of artwork and thumbnails) Creator of images and NFT (Network for Trading) Image background remover Profit from the OPENSEA NFT marketplace How to Make a Profit Using the NFTS Image Enhancer

OTO6 Artificial Intelligence Website/Landing Page Creator Edition

Creates websites or landing pages of any kind in a matter of seconds. Create high-quality websites or landing pages from whatever text you choose. Websites and blogs powered with AI assistance prompts Images of the highest quality for use on your websites and landing pages Website Builder, for modifying existing websites or creating new ones from start a hundred thousand credits Hundreds of Websites and Page Templates for Landing Pages

OTO7 GOOGPT-4 Artificial Intelligence Traffic and Leads Generator Edition

Generate high-quality email leads in any specialty and in any nation in a matter of seconds. Obtain and distribute leads. Finds you targeted customers who are in desperate need of your services such as copywriting, website building, advertising content, proposal writing, and so on.

OTO8 Artificial Intelligence Video Creator Edition

a film that was created by AI based on the text that was supplied, and it may incorporate animations, stock footage, and picture placeholders. Text-to-speech (TTS) technology that has advanced to the point that it can produce high-quality, human-like voice from the text that is entered. algorithms for natural language processing (NLP) that are capable of properly interpreting and comprehending the meaning of the text that is entered. Video editing software that automatically modifies the tempo, timing, and visual features of a video to conform to the content of the text that is supplied. An easy-to-navigate and simple user interface that enables users to quickly upload, modify, and produce movies from their input text with only a few clicks. The capability to augment the viewing experience by adding music or sound effects to the video may make a big difference.

OTO9 GOOGPT-4 Agency Edition and the ‘Done-For-You’ Edition

Build jaw-dropping, ready-made websites for agencies. DFY Google Adset Banners & Ads Email Sequence with a High Conversion Rate DFY Ad Sets for Facebook; Banners and Advertisements DIY Graphic Design Services, including Banners, Business Cards, Letterhead, and Invoices Create your own websites for online commerce.

Reseller License Edition of the OTO10 GOOGPT-4

You may make a profit of one hundred percent by reselling the full funnel. A simple method for obtaining one’s own goods without the need to wait several months and invest a significant amount of money You may ask for any price you want to sell the complete funnel for.       m

Hot Bonuses Packages GOOGPT-4

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GOOGPT-4 OTO Links Above


Video review for Front End only GOOGPT-4

GOOGPT-4   – Text From This Video

GBT4 has finally arrived. It leaves Chat GPT in the dust; it can convert a dra drawing on a napkin into a functional website. It can even explain to you a joke from a series of images so let’s find out exactly whGPT4PT4 actuallyAIAIan a developer lve stream that not only introduced this multimodal AI but alsowing on a napkin into a functional website. It can even explain to you a joke from a series of images, so, let’s find out exactly what gpt4 actually is open. Ai ran a developer, live stream that not only introduced this multimodal AI. They also ran a demo to demonstrate how it’s one of the most powerful artificial intelligence engines to this day.   It’s no surprise that the whole internet, and Twitter in particular, has gone insane hearing this news chat. Gpd was only released recently with Bing AI. In this video, I’m going to cover what GPT4 actually is and how it’s different from previous GPT versions such as GPT 3 and GPT 3.5. I’ve also gained access to test it out, so I’ll demo some of its uses. Cases too; let’s start off with the GPT4 in comparison to its previous models. It’s multimodal now. This simply means that, unlike previous versions of GBT, which were only text-based, GPT4 can accept and process images as well as text.   I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s an audio component to this as well, but for the time being, Open AI simply did a demonstration showcasing a few examples of their image-to-text processing. The first one is on their website, where they gave AI the difficult task of explaining a joke based on a series of images. This image is of an iPhone, but it’s charging with a VGA cable, and Gpt4 accurately was able to identify all the elements in the photo as well as explain the context of the joke. While this sounds pretty simple, this is something that’s almost unheard of in previous versions of AI, and I guess that recaptcha will now have a run for its money, trying to detect not just bots but artificial intelligence. The second demo is where the real magic happened.

GOOGPT-4 Local OTO  

Open AI showed how you could draw a picture of a website on a napkin or maybe a piece of paper. Then you can take a photo of it and send it to GPD4. You can ask it to produce a functional website. In this case, it was a joke’s website. In just 10 to 20 seconds, gpt4 produced all the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code to reproduce the website, and then it was copied and pasted into an editor and showcased as a functional product. As a developer, I have to say I’m very impressed with this.   This is something not very easily done, and I’ve seen some really cool examples already on Twitter, like Petrio, who was able to create the game Pong within 60 seconds of using gpt4. open AI has also showcased some of the companies that are already working with them to be able to use GPS in their products; these companies have integrated it into their services. One of them is Khan Academy; they’ve integrated it very similar to Chad GBT, but with more customization to work as a personal tutor for those who are learning educational content. Maybe in the future, all our children will be taught by AI, but at least for the short term, it looks like it’s definitely a great assistant to have on hand, whether you’re doing any type of learning. There were lots of statistics that showcased how GPT4 performs better than any other model today, including being able to pass the LST and the bar and being in the top quarter percentile, whereas previous versions of GPT3 were in the lower quarter of that percentile. In addition to being able to also take in visual inputs, it can also produce and handle over 25 000 words of text, which is much larger than previous models. It’s also much more creative being able to edit as well as modify and iterate over technical tasks and writing tasks way more accurately than previous models. As an example, you could ask chat, GPT, or GPT3 to summarize Cinderella, and while it could do so, it wouldn’t be able to do complex tasks such as being able to summarize it where every sentence of each word begins with the next letter of the alphabet, A to Z.   This is a much more complex task, and yet a GPT4 can do this quite easily. GPT4 also surpasses Chad’s GPT in advanced reasoning capabilities. This means that if you’re trying to book an appointment between two people’s calendars with different availabilities, gpt4 can better reason and figure out a time that works for both of them. It’s also safer and less prone to making errors. Openai said that they spent six months making sure that gpt4 is 82 percent less likely to create requests for disallowed content and 40 percent less likely to produce fake news, or at least factually inaccurate responses.

GOOGPT-4 OTOs Linka 

If you’re interested in using it right now, you can do so on chat, GPT Plus, which is the paid version of chat GPT, and if you want to get access to the API, you’ll need to join the API waitlist. I went on to the Chat GPD website, where I’ve got the new model available, the GPD4. It also showcases the differences between each model, with the differences showing in reasoning, speed, and conciseness. Version 3.5 has average reasoning, low conciseness, and quite high speed. The Legacy version is less used and its speed is a bit lower, but GPD4 has very high reasoning and high conciseness, but the speed is a little bit lower.   I’d say it’s because it’s still being pushed down, so it’s currently limited to 100 messages. Every four hours, I first asked it to showcase three different things that chatgpt4 can do in that chat. GBT3, couldn’t it technically still be trained on the same data all the way up to September 2011? And what I found surprising is that it still thinks it’s a version of GPT3, which maybe it was trained against, but it did have the correct answers, which means that it is better at comprehension and understanding. It is better at reasoning, and it’s also better as a language model, supporting more languages more accurately as well.


In my last video, I tricked a chat GPT into thinking 9 plus 10 is actually equal to 20, not 19. I tried to apply this same trick to GPD4, but it didn’t work, which means that, technically speaking, it gave the correct answer consistently. Each time I tried to trick the API, it was not quite available, yet I’ve applied for the waitlist, and hopefully I’ll be accepted soon and showcase. How you can use it for your own business as well as replacing chat.   In the future, with GPT 4 being better almost across the board in all instances, it’ll be interesting to see what happens to the old version of GPT 3.5. Now that we have this available, I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you did, don’t forget to like and subscribe. Thank you

GOOGPT-4 OTO Bonuses


Hot Bonuses Packages GOOGPT-4  

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