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OneClickLogin OTO Links Above –  What is OneClickLogin ?

It’s inconvenient and insecure to keep having to change your WordPress password every time you forget it. If you’re using WordPress for a membership site, this becomes an even greater issue. To send your item, pay for a course, or pay for a subscription that provides access to regular material updates. Helping someone log in or sending them a password might be a hassle. That’s why we set out to find a permanent solution. Here’s the 1-Click Login WordPress plugin for your convenience. You may forget about using a password manager or a password-keeping program of any kind. Imagine a world where passwords are completely unnecessary. The Magic Links that our plugin generates and emails to you make it possible to access your WordPress site without entering a password. Enter your email address, click the link in the email, and you’ll be immediately logged in. Care to watch it work?

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Video review for Front End only OneClickLogin

OneClickLogin   – Text From This Video

Thank you for watching. This is Robert Plank from the website, and I want to show you how you can set up just one single master login for all of your WordPress sites. By logging into your one single control panel inside the website Remote, you’ll be able to one-click login to any of your other sites. So, I have an account here at Remote.   com. When I scroll down, at the moment, I have five different websites controlled by I have Dropship CEO, Income Machine, and all those. These five sites are all sites on which I have installed software called WordPress, which is free.   Then I got an account at I added the URL, the web address for that site, inside this area here. For example, in Webinar Crusher, I have the plugin, which means remotely, I can see what version of WordPress I have, what kind of plugins I have, and all that kind of good stuff.   The other cool thing about is that I can click on this login link and one-click login to this site. See how I have this black bar here? Now I’m logged into this site. If I ever log down to this site, now I’m logged out of this webinar.

OneClickLoginLocal OTO  

If I refresh and all that, I’m completely logged out. But then I go back to again, and if I ever need to get back into my site called Webinar Crusher, all I have to do is log into, click on login, and now I’m logged in once again to Webinar Crusher in the members’ area. To get remote.   on a new site, it’s pretty easy. Let’s say I wanted to put it on I’m going to add a new site there. Let me try Backup Creator or Blog.   Alright, so when this site loads here, what we’re going to see is that there are these different icons, and on some of these sites, is added. We can click a button to update that. So, extra, let’s do that. Okay, so on this one site, Webinar Crusher, we can update Remote.   com, and now that’s just one of the plugins that was out of date and now is completely up-to-the-minute stuff here. Now we can go here, and we see that okay, so now this Webinar Crusher site has no icons next to it, and we can see from that we have some out-of-date WordPress versions and some out-of-date plugins. We can click on a button and update all the plugins. For example, on Dropship CEO, all I want to do is get this up and running on Backup Creator.

OneClickLoginOTOs Linka  

com/blog. All we have to do is right-click and save this plugin to our desktop. So, I’ll save this and put it on my desktop. Then we just log in by going to install, and we log in to this backup creator/blog. This should be the last time that I have to log into a WordPress site.   Right now, when we log in, we have some stuff that’s out of date, but we’re going to go to plugins, add new, and then upload a plugin. Browse, whoops. So, in our upload plugin, choose file, and then we will browse to the WordPress plugin right there. Now we’ve installed it.   Loops, I have to add my information there. So now we’ve installed the plugin and activated it on Backup If we go and look, we can see that it’s okay, so now it’s almost ready to respond to   We just go here and refresh our website or members’ area. Give it a second here to cycle through our sites, and now Backup Creator/Blog has no icons next, and we can see that now we can update WordPress on this site. We can update the plugins on this site. We can update the themes on this site. The thing that I wanted to show you here is that, once again, we’re completely logged out of our Backup Creator/blog.

OneClickLoginOTO AIUpsell  

Okay, we go to this, and we’re not logged in. There’s a link to log in and all that stuff, but if I go to my members’ area and I click on the login link because I use this special link, now we are logged in. Now we have the black bar here. Now we see that I’m here as Robert Plank.   Now we have the dashboard. Now I can log in again without having to write down any passwords or remember any passwords, and your passwords are not stored anywhere. You just click, and it lets you write it. Once again, I’ll log out of sight. I go to my remote.   com dashboard, give it a second to do everything, and then now we can go and right-click and open in a new tab. Now, if I wanted to open all of these sites, I could hold down the control key and go click, click, click, click, and check out all the one-click logins. I can see from Backup Creator that if I click on the WordPress updates area, I can see that the WordPress version on Backup Creator’s blog is eight months old. Maybe it’s time to update. I can see that there are a few plugins that are out of date.

OneClickLoginOTO Bonuses 

If I wanted to see exactly which plugins were out of date, I could click on plugins and see them in this table. I can even compare Backup Creator’s blog with other sites. I can say, “Okay, Backup Creator/Blog doesn’t have a lot of plugins in it, but Robots Meta is out of date, and WPTouch is out of date. There are a few things, but not too many. I can check out the themes here, and I can see that almost all the themes on Backup Creator are out of date.   So, I can just go and update, for example, just all the themes on Backup Creator’s blog. Click on update, check themes, let it run its thing, and in a couple of seconds, it will go out to already done, and it will go and try to update at least Backup Creator/blog. Now, what happened here? Uh-oh, it failed. We clicked on this, and so now I need to enter my FTP details.   So, you might have this situation. You might have a WordPress blog. You can click a button, and it will update. But you also might have a setup where it asks you to enter your FTP details every time you update a plugin, and sometimes you forget those details. What we can do now is click on “Enter your FTP details in the site settings, and we can just fill them in here.   Once again, the good news is that we never store your password, but you can enter it once, and then every time you run an update, you will never have to enter those details again. It’ll be stored on your own WordPress site. So, here’s my site, Backup, and I’m going to enter the backup for your username. I’m going to paste in my password again.

OneClickLoginOTO Product Overview

Then I’m going to use Backup as my FTP details. I’m going to save those changes and let it go out and do its thing. Now we can see website information saved, which means that even though we don’t see passwords here, Backup has been permanently authenticated via FTP, which means we can go back to our themes, and I said that I want to update the themes on Backup Creator/blog.   See that we have 2011 out of date and 2015 down a date, and we could update everything, but what I want to do is just do a little bit at a time and update the six themes stored in Backup Creator/blog. Update, check themes, let it go out and do its thing, and we’ll leave that. Let this do its thing for a few seconds, and once this is finished, fingers crossed, and it looks like it’s cranking away, but now that we entered the FTP details, success, and now look at this. All of the themes on the site are out of date. So, we can see that when we go to the front page of our remote.   com area; this will contain just your own sites. We can see all the sites that we have at our disposal, all the sites we can one-click login to, all the WordPress updates we have, all the plugin updates we have, and we can just go in and update the plugins on our site, everything on the site. We can update one particular plugin for all of our sites. For example, I can go into my plugins, and let’s say that we noticed that there was an update for, for example, Google Fonts, whatever this plugin is. Let’s say that a huge update came with it, and we had to update it on all of our sites.

OneClickLoginOTO Review 

Let’s say that if we found the All in One SEO Pack, there was a huge update. We had to update just that one plugin on all of our sites. Well, this should be a huge time saver for you because you might not want to update every little thing on your sites. We can just go in and pick and choose what you want to update. Update the checked plugins, and it’ll go out to Backup Creator/blog.   It’ll go out to the other sites you have and update those plugins for you. So, you can update it all at once or just update the plugins you want. Or you can even do some extra activities, like

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